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Anyone here completed a part time degree, working full time?


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I’m starting to become interested in completing a Masters, but I’d have to do this alongside working. I think, with discipline and blocking out time, it’s feasible…but I’m always open to hear the horrors that others have endured.


I’m sure it’s not relevant to you, but it’s part of future proofing my skill set for (hopefully) future progression - Masters and then a UK teaching qualification in leadership, so I could end up being one of those twats with this in his email signature:


gamer.tv DipHE, BSc, PGCE, MA, NPQSL

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I got my MBA (double major Accounting and Finance) at night after work. The only hard part was balancing my work schedule so I could attend every class. Besides that, it was fun and I found it very rewarding. I met my wife, made some new friends and remain close to a couple of professors. 

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2 hours ago, Chris- said:

I am doing it now and it is indeed tough; you more or less need to accept that one (if not multiple) things in your life will fall by the wayside. But it is doable. 


You fucking stuck up piece of shit college boy, hope you rot in hell dirtbag.

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I worked full time all throughout school. I also was married and had kids during my university days. I really enjoyed night classes when I could take them. Felt like a more serious bunch as it was a lot of people going back to school later in life.

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