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Soon to be in a gaming drought/help


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I'm like...40 hours into Elden Ring? Made it to the Capital at a relatively low level (~70ish), had since started traversing around trying to get stronger. I have a weird materials gap to bridge (I have upgrade materials that I can't use until I upgrade further) and I left off in Nokron (beat the Mimic Tear boss, haven't found the ashes yet). It's been long enough since I played it that I'm dreading jumping back in and trying to orient myself again.


I forget where I left off in Metroid Dread but I'd estimate I'm about 70-80% through it, right around when you get the ice missiles (I forget if I have them yet). I think I dropped it at a tough EMMI section. Another game I really want to get back to, but the thought of it sounds like a pain in the ass.


I have the Hitman trilogy on PS5 and I really want to play it but the amount of content almost seems overwhelming, and I never seem to have enough time to truly learn/understand the maps the way they need to be in order to make the game fun.


KOTOR is burning a hole in my Switch, especially since it now has KOTOR II (which I never played, and having the cut content restored sounds awesome).


Always itching for a new game, especially something fun and goofy.


I don't know what to play this summer lol.

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Some additional context:  I've been crazy busy with school and starting a new job; after next week I only have one class in July (down from two each term since September), then I have no classes in August. My new job also has a robust summer Friday schedule which gives me six additional days off this summer (two each in June, July, August). I hope to binge the rest of the summer.

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On 6/12/2022 at 10:20 AM, Chris- said:

Always itching for a new game, especially something fun and goofy.


I've suggested this before (it won't take too much time to complete, but it's fun) and fits right in the "fun and goofy" category. 




It's all platforms so check it out wherever you want. 




Also in the fun and goofy genre. And finally:







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