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I'm pleased to report that Inuk is in "excellent health" for an 11 year-old Alaskan malamute

Commissar SFLUFAN

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Today Inuk went to the Arlington Animal Hospital for this annual check-up with Dr. Bharathi R. Jones and it gives me great pleasure to report that he's in superb condition for an Alaskan malamute of his age.  In fact, Dr. Jones said the only thing she had to take care of was a little bit of wax in his ears.  All of his vitals are well within normal parameters and his weight is a perfectly acceptable 91.8 lbs which is ideal for a male malamute of his size.


Thusly, I give full credit to myself for being an outstanding caretaker of this fine canine specimen!

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3 hours ago, Rachel said:

Give credit to the dog walker who is the one who really takes care of him 


2 hours ago, Rachel said:

Your roommate then


1 hour ago, Rachel said:

Damn so Inuk really be out here taking great care of himself. Congrats Inuk!!!


says the soulless harpy who abandoned poor innocent waffles

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