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  1. Can't wait until the government awards a 100 billion dollar grant to some Federalist goon named something like Harlington Dempsey-Smyth III to make a vaccine. Of course his only experience with medicine would be stealing percocet from his stepmother's Hermes bag and sharing it with his prep school pals.
  2. It's a rotten organization from top to bottom. It all starts with Snyder. So long as he owns the team, nothing will change.
  3. I saw a few reporters dropping little nuggets like that. Just stop teasing and give us the news already! I wonder if it's related to that cheerleading scandal from a few years ago. Dan Snyder is a horrible piece of shit, so nothing would surprise me.
  4. Wrong. It's very clear in the Bible that Jesus wanted to cut capital gains taxes.
  5. Anytime Trump tweets something like that he gets thousands of responses from Ben Shapiro-listening incels saying shit like "Epic. Freaking epic sir." What a time to be alive.
  6. Obviously the Trump administration has horribly mismanaged this crisis. But their are a ton of governors and mayors out there who are doing just as terribly and deserve to lose their jobs. I hope we actually get some accountability, but I'm not holding my breath.
  7. I think this will be the best part of a Biden presidency. He is amenable to changing his platform when presented with new and better information. It's great to see.
  8. Damn bro. You'll be our eyes on the ground when this thing goes Waco.
  9. Hey, look. Another White House official breaking the law with no repercussions.
  10. I used to really enjoy reading Sullivan's blog. It was an interesting intersection of art, politics, and culture. He didn't espouse his race science then. But once he went back to writing columns, it's been nothing but calipers and Calvin Candie.
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