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  1. Barstool is a cesspool. Their readers are a the venn diagram overlap of date rapists and the "are you triggered??" extremely-online bro.
  2. What kind of weirdos do gender reveal parties?? I don't get this trend at all.
  3. First the AVClub was devastated, now Deadspin. I spent a lot of time on those sites reading some incredible writers. It's sad what happened, and even sadder when you consider that this didn't have to happen.
  4. I hope Roth and Magary will find a place to keep doing their podcast.
  5. This sucks. They had a great collection of writers and commentators. Another successful publication fucked over by blood-sucking capitalists who provide no value to society whatsoever.
  6. Deadspin made money. They got fucked over by vulture capitalists trying to do a pump and dump.
  7. Gase is a horrible coach who should have never been hired.
  8. As more millennials start to get elected, it's just going to be the same ol' same ol'. A Democrat does something embarrassing, they will resign. A Republican does something illegal, they will stick around for as long as they want.
  9. Trump exists in the safest of safe spaces: he only watches Fox News, his aides print out tweets full of praise for him, and his crowds are filled with MAGA chuds who would praise the reanimated corpse of Benedict Arnold* if he promised to own the libs and deport the browns. I'm glad he got a taste of the real world for a change. *His fans, of course, would have no idea who that is since they get their news and history primarily from Facebook meme pages.
  10. It'd be so funny though. He'd post videos of his pitch side by side Obama's, with a weird quote from some random person and outrageous lies. "Yasmine Bleeth said it was the most regal pitch she'd ever seen. Thank you." "Lenny Dykstra said that I could have been a Hall of Famer if I wanted. But I wanted to make deals instead!"
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