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  1. Everyone should be following Jamelle.
  2. I saw the initial one with Skinny Pete but I won't watch anymore. I'm really excited for this.
  3. Speaking of crimes: The whitewashing of the Bush Administration is absolutely disgusting. Everyone involved with the Iraq invasion should be in jail. And Obama's greatest sin was letting the Bush Administration skate on their crimes.
  4. Sure, removing him from office would be nice, and well-deserved since the only thing Trump seems to have interest in is looting the country for his own financial benefit. We all know Republicans won't vote to convict. But holding public hearings and trials will be very important and beneficial. Show the administration's crime. Get them on record. Get testimony on record. And force Republicans to vote on it. That's what we are going for.
  5. Next time she is up for reelection I hope Feinstein gets primaried out of a job.
  6. The teleprompter was too far away. He was squinting like Mr. Magoo
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