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  1. Jesus how much are your property taxes? Mines like $230 a month
  2. For selling in the box outside the shop? It takes 20% off the prices unfortunately
  3. Damn, I often play when I am on night shift. In the other games, it became 24 hours when it was upgraded
  4. Caught a Coelacanth tonight. Also didn’t realize CJ was on my island so I sold it at Nooks and cost myself 7 grand
  5. I want to try and not cheat too much with the price predictor and scoping out others islands, aside from a small community like this one. I figure at some point money will become basically irrelevant and the insensitive to collect fruit, fish, bugs etc won’t be there anymore.
  6. My afternoon price is 533. I unloaded half mine yesterday for 141 and the other half for low 500s on someone’s island.
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