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  1. I bought a PS4 at launch and a One shortly after. Upgraded the PS4 to a Pro when it came out and the One to a One S for the 4K Blu Ray functionality. Bought a One X when it came out I sold the One S and the PS4 Pro Last month I sold the One X in preparation for the Series X because I will use my PC this year. 360 I went through 4 I think. Original Pro, Falcon revision, Elite, then a Slim.
  2. First Gaming System Owned: Commadore 64 given second hand by my aunt in 94 First Console played: NES, given by my cousin to borrow in 96 First owned: Sega Genesis, given as a Christmas present in 98 First Bought with my own Money: Xbox in 2003.
  3. Exactly. If PC games can be developed to play on 100's of different configurations, I don't see how it can't be done easily on a scaled back system with the same same architecture.
  4. The whole build. Card was $1029. PC building would be a lot more fun if our dollar was still at par.
  5. Pretty much my system, but I only have a 2080 Super and it was $3k CND https://ca.pcpartpicker.com/list/CZQWcq
  6. That Xbox looks exactly like my cable company supplied router/modem
  7. It's the smallest things that can get you hooked on a sport. My friends are into soccer and last year my buddy agreed to join my fantasy football league if I joined their Fantasy Premier League and I got hooked instantly. I am more into that now than fantasy football and ended up winning our 18 team league last year and I couldn't have named 1 player before hand, but researched like crazy. I have watched pretty much every Liverpool game in the last year. I wish NFL had something similar to that setup.
  8. I wonder why EA hasn't brought back MVP. MVP 05 was amazing. Then Sega bought the rights to counter EA buying the NFL rights, fucking everyone over for both NFL and MLB games
  9. It was unbelievable how useless they were. I had to look up a video on Youtube. I could honestly come up with better directions with a pencil and piece of paper in 5 minutes.
  10. Upgraded my CPU to a 9900KS @ 5.1 Once I can get an HDMI 2.1 card I will be set for 5+ years, hopefully.
  11. https://www.codstats.net/profile/pc/Rbk23%231921/ Can type in your gametag and see very detailed stats. I didn't realize the PKM is by far my most effective weapon.
  12. Found a mixture of settings to get to 4k/60 with a render resolution of 1800p with my 2080 Super. Pleased with how it looks.
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