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I've been streaming my Resident Evil Marathon...

XxEvil AshxX

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RE2 Remake

RE3 Remake


Now, chronologically speaking, it's time for Code Veronica, and omg the cringe... THE CRIIIIIINGE! I remember this game being cheesy, I played through it a few times back on Dreamcast, but haven't really touched it much since. And holy crap... this game is bad. I mean it's not terrible. The controls are as awful as I remembered, but the acting!! It's just so... bad. It's almost too bad to even be entertaining now. Almost.


With all the other games having had remakes, CV is technically now the "oldest" and it really shows its age. I've been dreading this playthrough, not just because of the dated setup, but also because there are no difficulty adjustments. I played through RE0 thru RE2 on Easy because I'd played through them multiple times before and had infinite ammo and stuff unlocked, so it was just for fun. RE3 Remake I played through on Normal because it was my first time playing it. Just beat that one, excellent even if it was pretty short.


After I grind through this one, I'll get to carry on with the other Resident Evil games in my library in chronological order....


Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil Revelations

Resident Evil 5: Lost in Nightmares

Resident Evil 5

Resident Evil 5: Desperate Escape

Resident Evil Revelations 2

Resident Evil 6

Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil 7: Not A Hero


The one thing that's really noticeable, even more-so now with RE2 and RE3 being remade, is that the character designs for Chris, Jill and Claire are all over the place. If RE8 does include Chris, it'll be yet another character re-design for him. Although I won't mind that one as much, since i absolutely loathe "Tree-Neck Chris." I did like Jill's look in Revelations, not as big a fan of blonde Jill in RE5. Of all of them, I guess Leon's been the one that's been the most consistent, but he's only in RE2, RE4, and RE6, and now I guess if RE4 gets remade they'll make him look like he did in RE2. Claire got like, three or four different character models in Code Veronica alone lol. There's CGI Claire, cut-scene Claire, close-up cutscene Claire, and gameplay Claire. Ironically enough, the only one that looks decent is gameplay Claire. The question is, will RE4 Remake's version of Ashley still look like Gollum?


I don't know where I'm going with this... I'm pretty sleepy.

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5 hours ago, Keyser_Soze said:


Yeah talk about a wasted opportunity. Your viewer count could be like at least 2 by now!


It's two more than i have!


6 hours ago, gamer.tv said:

Do you have a link for the stream at all? After finished RE2make recently, I'm tempted to have a crack at REmake as I've never finished it, but the half of the game that I've played before, I've enjoyed (to a degree). 




I just checked and all the videos i've recorded so far are still on there. The first RE0 clip will expire in 3 days.


Fair warning though, i do not claim to be good at gaming.

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49 minutes ago, Rodimus said:

Also RECV how are you playing are you playing the PS3/X360 version. That is slightly different. Or the PSN fir PS4 download of the PS2 version?



I am playing the Xbox 360 version of CV on my Xbox One X. I could never play it on my 360 because it was always really dark, and the in-game video settings are literally "adjust the brightness on your tv" which I'm not going to do because my TV is calibrated. Luckily, since it became back compat on XBO, it's actually playable now, at least for me.


Unfortunately, that doesn't change the fact that it's a horrible port. It's actually a port of a port, because it was taken from the PS2 version of the game which was ported from Dreamcast. Since the PS2 was less powerful, it was a downgraded version. The fact that they call it the "HD" version is a joke, because I had the Dreamcast version of the game and I used to play it on a PC CRT monitor via a vga adapter and it looked 10x better back then than this "HD" version does now. That's not rose colored glasses, either. On the CRT I could literally read the text on the back of Claire's jacket, but in this version you can hardly even make out what the emblem looks like. It just had higher resolution textures.


I sound salty because it bothers me lol. I hate that the only version to have survived into modern consoles was the shitty port.

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Cool!  I'm watching now, I've never played Code Veronica.  Which of the games you've played is your favorite?  I've tried to play REmake a few times and it seems like it would be really great, but I keep getting completely stuck early on and having no idea what to do.  I tend to be very bad at puzzles in games, but particularly the obtuse ones in RE games.

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39 minutes ago, ShreddieMercuryRising said:

Cool!  I'm watching now, I've never played Code Veronica.  Which of the games you've played is your favorite?  I've tried to play REmake a few times and it seems like it would be really great, but I keep getting completely stuck early on and having no idea what to do.  I tend to be very bad at puzzles in games, but particularly the obtuse ones in RE games.


Thanks for watching! Hope my rambling wasn't too annoying.


It's really hard to say which is my favorite. It changes over the years. REmake has a special place because it's very nostalgic and I was a huge fan of RE back on PS1. The new RE2 and RE3 remakes are also great, of course, and RE4 is RE4. Hell, even Code Veronica was my favorite once upon a time. If it comes down to sheer number of playthroughs, the nod easily goes to RE4. I've played that game soooo many times.


BUT, I have to say, if you want a good RE experience, don't overlook RE Revelations 2. It's actually really good, especially if RE5-RE7 aren't really your thing. It plays a lot closer to RE4 with updated controls. Out of all of the Mercenaries modes in all the RE games (that have them) I've put easily the most time into Rev 2's Mercs mode. It's actually really fun.


My advice, play REmake on Easy, and use a guide if you get stuck on a puzzle. Some of them can be pretty obtuse, and they lean a lot on the gamer's recollection of the original and the understanding of how RE games work. For example, if you've never played an RE game before, you might not know to open the book you just picked up. You might be running around trying to figure out where to use a book when what you actually need is the medallion/key/whatever that is stuck inside the book.

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I'm starting to remember just how unforgiving Code Veronica can be. Lots of backtracking plus respawning monsters does not make for a swell time. I really don't want to have to restart this one but I fear I might have wasted too many resources wandering around trying to remember where everything goes.


Right now I'm still playing as Claire trying to escape the island and all I need to do is get back to the plane. Then I'll finally be done with like, the first third of the game. Smh. I still have to play as Chris going through this area as well. If I can make it to Antarctica I might have a chance.

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9 hours ago, Dre801 said:

Steve got on my nerves.  His voice actor was awful even by old school RE standards. Jesus.


Yeah he's probably one of the worst characters in the history of RE. To make it worse, they tried to play off some kind of emotional moment when he and Claire fly off in the plane, like all of a sudden Claire's gonna forget that the kid's a whiny douche.


15 hours ago, Xbob42 said:

I remember I was desperately low on health and ammo during an airplane sequence and damn near had to restart my game, but somehow after enough tries I won the encounter with the fucking knife.


I'm having the exact same problem here, and it's a problem I've had in the past with this game. I get to the plane and just don't have the resources. It doesn't help that this game is frustratingly cheap. I think the last time I played through I had to scour the area for every single explosive arrow I could find, then just spam the shit out of it during the Tyrant fight.


I think what's got me at the end of my rope with this game right now are the cheapshots. I wasted so many health items from either stun loops or getting slapped by a fucking bandersnatch (the thing with the long rubbery arm) literally the second I load into a room. On top of that are the respawning zombies. Respawning zombies aren't anything new, but they usually have a trigger event that usually only happens once. While wandering around, at least a few of the areas I went through had zombies respawn multiple times. This sucks because bullets and green herbs sure's shit don't. It was like Capcom forgot what made the previous games more of a strategy. There's not much strategy when you get to choose whether you're going to waste ammo, or waste health. It wouldn't be as big of a deal, if like I said, there weren't so many cheapshots. You WILL have to heal yourself, regardless of how good you are at avoiding monsters. There are areas in the game where one or more zombies are standing in a path that's just too narrow to avoid. You're either shooting them or taking a hit. 


I tried to refrain from killing zombies as much as I could, because it didn't matter, they'd respawn eventually anyway. The problem I had was that I was going through too many healing items trying to avoid them that I eventually had to start killing everything I came across or else I'd die. So then I was out of both ammo and healing items.


I know it sounds like I'm complaining about every classic Resident Evil game, but this is literally the only game I've ever had this problem with.


UPDATE: I read about an infinite green herb glitch you can do at the very beginning of the game, so I started a new file and gave it a try to see if it would work. It did, so I ran with it for a while. I was killing all the zombies with my knife to save on ammo (plus with the infinite herb, taking a few hits here and there wasn't a big deal.) I killed all the zombies in the graveyard, and the courtyard where you first met Steve. I then went to the room where you have to put all the metallic items in the security box, did the thing in there, and was on my way back to the cemetary to use the fire extinguisher. ALL of the zombies that I had killed were back, in both the courtyard and the graveyard. Less than five minutes after I had killed them. That's why this game can go fuck itself and I'm running the rest of the way with the infinite herb lol. I'm not even sorry.

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