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So I actually watched all of this and now I no longer need to play the Witcher 1. I'm excited to hear his take on the second and third Witcher games, since I've actually played them, but I'm most excited for him to be done with the Witcher because he absolutely needs to do an Outer Wilds video.

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Just wanted to point out that IS (or at least was) possible to keep Berengar alive in the fight against Javed. I busted my ass doing so before playing Witcher 2 to see if anything would happen. Unfortunately his behavior indicated to me that he wasn't supposed to be able to live :p . I forget exactly what he says (It's been quite a few years since I played), but he just stays in the area and when you interact with him he says like one or two words. I also did this legitimately, no hacks or anything. :p 


Also, nice video. I didn't think I'd watch it after seeing how long it was but I did. I look forward to seeing the next two!

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