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The Origin "Big O" - you too can own a powerful PC with a near obsolete twist!


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Didn't click the link/TL;DR:


Its a high end PC case, with either a PS4 or Xbox crammed in as well. Why now? This might have been mildly cool a year ago? Either way, you'll pay a lot to enjoy this novelty! 

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2 minutes ago, Mr.Vic20 said:

You know, one wonders why they would have an Xbox option at all considering a high PC can mimic an XB1X !


To a certain extent.  Still too many games are not cross-play, so you'd still need an Xbox to play multiplayer with friends that are on Xbox.

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There was a video of someone that got it early to test.


The first unit he received was damaged during shipping so the PS4 Pro didnt' work.


The 2nd unit he received, after 30 minutes of playing the PS4 Pro, it shut down for overheating.


Not exactly the preview video you'd want being shared as a first impression.



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2 minutes ago, Mr.Vic20 said:

That's fair! 


But yeah, with next gen right around the corner, anyone that is gonna spend this money on one of these, would rather wait for a next gen variant.


Really odd timing.  I guess a proof of concept to see if there is any actual market for it.

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