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Trump to pay $2M in damages for illegally using the Trump Foundation to help him intervene in the 2016 election

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Surprised I didn't see this on the main page? Or am I just going blind? :p 





In her decision, however, the judge didn't impose one of the outcomes the attorney general's office sought: a ban on Trump and his children serving on the board of any other New York nonprofit. She also declined to order Trump to pay punitive damages.




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4 minutes ago, Mr.Vic20 said:

And yet he clearly is above the law, because all he needs to do it pay out from his ill gotten gains and carry on as he always has. On to the next grift! 


Yeah it's soft, but apparently there is also this bit I just read about which is a bit better:



The reason: The president had agreed to submit to extra monitoring of any future charitable activities in New York, so that “the conduct which engendered this petition should not occur in the future,” the judge said.

If Trump does ever join a charity board — or starts a new charity of his own — the charity must fill a majority of board seats with people who have no relationship to Trump. It also must hire a qualified attorney, submit to audits and agree never to pay Trump or his company for any services.
“That’s a pretty significant statement about a lack of trust of the president’s capabilities,” Hackney said, given that Trump is — in most other respects — one of the most powerful people on Earth. “It’s truly astounding.”



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1 hour ago, osxmatt said:

The fact we live is a world where the President operated a charity, which was effectively a slush fund, and it hardly makes a blip is amazing.


Sad, and amazing. 

If only they found this in his buttery emails THEN you might see a blip. For now it’s just par for the course on a typical Trump Day

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