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Tim Tebow comes out against California bill allowing college athletes get paid, Tebow gets pushback from some pro athletes


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Backstory: A California bill, if passed, would allow collegiate athletes to make money off the use of their name, image, and likeness.



Some pro athletes have said they support the bill:



Tebow says no, he could have gotten a lot of money of his shirts but he didn't want it because college football is all about pride of the university and where you and your parents wanted to go:



The pushback:


"[Raiders running back] Josh Jacobs famously lived out of a truck with his four siblings and father while growing up in north Tulsa, and didn’t start at Alabama until his junior season. Meanwhile, Alabama reported a $10.9 million surplus in the athletic budget for the 2018 fiscal year, which is actually down $5 million from the year prior."



I don't know how rich/poor Tebow's parents were, but I know both his parents went to UF, which meant he could benefit off legacy admissions. Seems like he doesn't get much of what these athletes grow up in, the amount of money college football makes, and many who are supporting him have no idea how many college athletes have no scholarships/small scholarships and don't get free rides or anything close to it.

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My only worry about college athletes getting paid is that I'm afraid that it will serve to to further widen the gap between the very big media schools and the next tier.  That said, it's a problem that can be solved and shouldn't stand in the way of students being compensated.

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Tim Tebow's spent the last 3 years trying to play professional baseball. The Mets have promoted him up to AAA, even though he's currently age 31 and there's no real indication that he's actually getting better at baseball. He's currently hitting .163 for the season. All of his ABs the last 3 years could've gone to an actual baseball prospect trying to actually develop scraping by on the pittance that you get paid in the minors, having never had an NFL QB's salary. Would Tim Tebow argue that using his popularity from another sport to continue to stay on a AAA baseball roster isn't selfish at all?

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14 minutes ago, sblfilms said:

I would rather remove restrictions on making money from things like endorsements than to have schools directly compensate players.

Every player should be allowed to make endorsements. If some local car dealership wants to pay a few players a couple hundred bucks to show up, where's the harm in that? I think schools should compensate players, but short of that, let them earn endorsement money.


Tebow is full of shit. I can't stand that guy.

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