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  1. Report: Lionel Messi to Buy Ownership Stake in MLS' Inter Miami FC, Join Team in 2023 SYNDICATION.BLEACHERREPORT.COM Lionel Messi is reportedly coming to the MLS. According to <a href="https://twitter.com/DTVTotal/status/1526326156286386177">Alex Candal</a> of DirectTV Sports...
  2. World Cup roundup: Italy knocked out by North Macedonia in dramatic finale | World Cup 2022 qualifiers | The Guardian WWW.THEGUARDIAN.COM Italy missed out on the World Cup finals again after losing 1-0 at home to a late goal from Aleksandar Trajkovski for North Macedonia, who now face Portugal
  3. Wow. I am surprised but not surprised. Barca’s finances are complete mess and with a league imposed salary cap, it had no room for him. He needed to take a hug cut which obviously he didn’t want to do Wonder if it is too late for City to back out of the Grealish deal. It’s either City or PSG. I can’t think of anyone else who can afford him
  4. Report: Cristiano Ronaldo transfer to Man City 'done deal' for Juventus star SOCCER.NBCSPORTS.COM Cristiano Ronaldo has reportedly asked for a move away from Juventus, as the legendary forward did not start for Juve in their Serie A opener on Sunday.
  5. Naomi Osaka Quits the French Open After News Conference Dispute - The New York Times WWW.NYTIMES.COM The four-time Grand Slam tournament winner wrote on Instagram that she had suffered from bouts of depression since 2018 and will “take some time” away from the tennis court.
  6. Non-sanctioned Floyd Mayweather-Logan Paul boxing exhibition won't have judges, but knockouts will be allowed WWW.ESPN.COM There will be no judges ringside for the Floyd Mayweather-Logan Paul boxing exhibition Sunday and an official winner will not be announced, but knockouts are allowed in the non-sanctioned match and...
  7. Remembering ESPN SportsCenter reporter Pedro Gomez - ESPN Front Row WWW.ESPNFRONTROW.COM ESPN is shocked and saddened to learn that our friend and colleague Pedro Gomez has passed away. He was 58.
  8. You - the coach/manager - get one challenge each game/match. You can challenge whatever you want - there are no limits on what you may challenge. But you only get to do it once. No automatic challenges based on scoring plays, time, etc. One voluntary challenge to any call you want. And if you waste it or don't use it? Tough bananas.
  9. While not recent news, I personally wasn't aware of SB 206, a California bill dubbed the "The Fair Pay to Play Act." The bill allows student athletes at public or private schools that earn more than $10M in media rights revenue (Division I) to profit from their name, image, or likeness. It would not allow the NCAA or anyone else to stop a student that is being paid from participating in athletics nor would it allow schools to change their scholarship. Schools would still not be allowed to pay athletes. The bill has already passed through the CA Senate, and is now going through the state assembly. If it is signed into law, it would take effect in 2023. It's back in the news thanks to some supportive tweets from Lebron. I've long been in favor of college athletes getting paid, and anything that takes power away from the NCAA is alright in my book. It could be an interesting world if CA schools are the only ones where athletes are allowed to get paid. I imagine other states would follow, but there would likely be holdouts. Imagine the recruiting dynamic if you know you can get paid directly if you go to USC but Alabama still has to pay you under the table.
  10. https://www.upi.com/Sports_News/2019/10/28/Tiger-Woods-wins-Zozo-Championship-ties-PGA-Tour-wins-record/8341572262355/
  11. Backstory: A California bill, if passed, would allow collegiate athletes to make money off the use of their name, image, and likeness. Some pro athletes have said they support the bill: Tebow says no, he could have gotten a lot of money of his shirts but he didn't want it because college football is all about pride of the university and where you and your parents wanted to go: The pushback: "[Raiders running back] Josh Jacobs famously lived out of a truck with his four siblings and father while growing up in north Tulsa, and didn’t start at Alabama until his junior season. Meanwhile, Alabama reported a $10.9 million surplus in the athletic budget for the 2018 fiscal year, which is actually down $5 million from the year prior." I don't know how rich/poor Tebow's parents were, but I know both his parents went to UF, which meant he could benefit off legacy admissions. Seems like he doesn't get much of what these athletes grow up in, the amount of money college football makes, and many who are supporting him have no idea how many college athletes have no scholarships/small scholarships and don't get free rides or anything close to it.
  12. I want to cordially invite D1P to the Copa America Brasil 2019. The tournament starts tomorrow at 8:30pm eastern. First game is Brasil vs Bolivia. Bolivia is terrible right noe I expect a slaughter. It is available on ESPN+ and Telemundo. I recommend telemundo even if you don't speak spanish since I have no clue if ESPN's broadcast team won't be committing crimes against humanity. The Saturday features Venezuela vs Peru which finishes group A's matchday 1. The 2nd game on Saturday is Argentina vs Colombia (<3) which starts Group B's match day 1.
  13. He's done this before so I'm seeing a lot of skeptics in the tweets.
  14. This will only be my second year of watching F1, but I'm excited for the season to start this weekend. Drivers have been shuffled all around, including two drivers in top teams (Leclerc in a Ferrari and Gasly in a Red Bull). Red Bull switched engine providers (from Renault to Honda) which could push them in either direction. Renault supposedly put a good deal more money in this year (and certainly paid a pretty penny for Riccardo). Racing Point was over performing their budget while in the process of going bankrupt, and now have more money behind them. Alfa (formerly Sauber) were also over performing with Leclerc driving, and now have fan favorite Kimi alongside a new Italian kid. Speaking of which, there are now 4 new drivers, plus one returning. This is all happening after a significant rules change that may or may not change the racing, but will likely have some effect on how well everyone performs, especially at the beginning of the season. It seems there are a lot of variations on the front wings in particular, and I expect some pretty rapid development cycles through the early parts of the season while everyone copies the designs that seem to be working. Last season had (at least for the first half) an exciting battle at the very top as well as some real infighting in the midfield. With all the shake ups this year I'm hoping for an even better season. In particular I'd love to see one of the mid teams to step it up to Red Bull at least, and I'm hoping that Leclerc can really give Vettel a run for his money. I've also been watching the new netflix documentary series. While little of it is new information for anyone that was paying attention last year, it's kinda fun to get a better sense of some of the characters behind the scenes. Anyone else excited for F1 to start up again?
  15. https://deadline.com/2019/01/bob-costas-leaving-nbc-after-40-years-sports-olympics-1202535909/
  16. I cannot find any details, but this note was published on Deadspin a few hours ago.
  17. https://www.cnn.com/2018/12/03/football/tottenhan-fan-arrested-banana-aubameyang-arsenal-spt-intl/index.html
  18. Tonight is UFC 226: Stipe Miocic v. Daniel Cormier for the HW Title. Anybody watching other than me!?
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