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Video shows Roswell, Georgia cops flipping coin to decide whether to arrest woman. UPDATE: G-G-G-G-G-GONE!

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"I was appalled," Roswell Police Chief Rusty Grant told Channel 2 Action News.

For the first time, Grant spoke out about the April incident, saying he learned of it two weeks ago from an internal department source.

"I've been a law enforcement professional for almost 40 years and, again, I was appalled to believe that a police officer would let a flip of a coin be the deciding factor in whether to issue someone a citation or, more importantly, take someone into custody," Grant said.


The police chief said he has concern for other police departments as the incident gets national attention.


"The reality is someone will see this story in the state of Washington, and this weekend, someone is going to get stopped by a Washington state police officer and someone's going to make a comment about, 'Hey, did you flip a coin to decide whether or not I get a citation?'" Grant said.


Okay, so I think A was Atlanta and R was Roswell, not Arrest/Release, based on what the officer said, "Atlanta or Roswell?" I saw that because the video shows arrest/release, but I don't think the letters meant that.


Unless I'm just missing something? The whole use of an app is so freaking stupid.

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7 minutes ago, sblfilms said:

Amazing what actually gets a police officer fired.


It's pretty mind boggling that despite how awful what they did here is, that cops have done infinitely worse (out right killing people for no good reason) and gotten off essentially scot-free.



While I resist the generalization, I totally empathize with how people get to the point of just hating cops.

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