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Let’s try and guess what Best’s Mom is cooking him for dinner


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1 hour ago, stepee said:


its more than enough for a family of four


1 hour ago, best3444 said:


Why don't you get on discord anymore? I'm on my second playthrough with 9S in Nier Automata.

Dude please talk to him on discord. He’s been crying all week. 

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39 minutes ago, Jason said:


Why would his mom tell you to fuck him?

She’s a super freak super freak she’s super freaking out 

21 minutes ago, best3444 said:


:| You work 24 hours a day?

No, he just doesn’t want to talk to you

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31 minutes ago, stepee said:



Im tired after work and just watch tv and play switch idk

Best is living with his parents so he has unlimited energy now because he doesn’t have to do shit. His Mom does everything and when I say everything I mean everything.  :fap:

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17 hours ago, Keyser_Soze said:

@Greatoneshere What is your opinion of Brit Marling? Do you think she's good? Bad? Do you wish she was in more movies?


I like Brit Marling. I've only seen her in a few things, but I've liked everything I've seen her in and she also co-writes many of the things she's in. She's talented. I haven't seen The OA but her films have been solid, and she works with good talent. I haven't seen The Keeping Room though. :)


It will be interesting to see where her career goes because she's not a typical Hollywood blockbuster actress.

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