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Go play Wargroove


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Go on.

Why are you still reading this? Go play it.




What? You want more info?






This is the best turn based strategy game I’ve played in years (not counting XCom). The only complaint is that, minus the commander units, every faction is basically the same with no actual unique units (just semi-unique sprites). There doesn’t seem to be a pro or con to playing different factions in the non-story modes (again, just the commander units and each one’s special ability). It’s basically a fantasy-style Advance Wars. :sun:

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How is this compared to Advance Wars and Fire Emblem? Advance Wars 2 had this ridiculous difficulty spike somewhere in the campaign and I never bothered finishing it because of it (or I just suck, which is more likely :lol:).


Fire Emblem (GBA) I had a lot easier time with but also never finished. Mostly due to relying on characters who didn't get much better (Marcus I think?). So it was just mismanagement on my part.

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