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  1. Uh... I guess I have had The Last Remnant for years and never played it? How did that happen? I guess I can buy it on the Switch and not play it some more.
  2. I will get this. Then play it for like 20 hours and never finish it. I will still get this.
  3. The second episode will only be the Knights of the Round cinematic with Mime materias equipped on everyone.
  4. Did NOT see this one coming. I am there day one. Hopefully my friends from PSO (Dreamcast and Gamecube) will being onboard. it's been a loonnngggg time coming.
  5. I got this from Cheapassgamer.com: http://www.cheapassgamer.com/redirect.php?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.microsoft.com%2Fen-us%2Fp%2Fxbox-game-pass-ultimate%2Fcfq7ttc0khs0&pid=14174088 My Game Pass was expiring in August this year, and my Gold would expire in March 2020. Did the $1 and now everything will expire in July 2020. If I had extra money I would have looked for a discount on another year of Gold before doing this. From my understanding, the $1 also gave me the PC Game Pass until 07/2020. Feel free to make a new thread or change the topic to include this if you like.
  6. Came in to say this... but i still haven't played it.
  7. Hoping that someone has had this issue and remembers how to fix it... I've Googled most of everything I can think of and nothing is working. I initially built this PC about 11 years ago and put a retail copy of Windows 7 (Pro, I think) on it, and when Win10 was available for free to upgrade I upgraded Win7 to 10. Then about a month ago my motherboard crapped out on me so I recently put in a new mb, cpu, and RAM and reused everything else. Windows 10 won't reactivate via the normal method, and when I choose that I recently upgraded hardware, the reactivation window shows me my PC name that it has listed, but when I click the box and hit reactivate it tells me that this PC can't be reactivated. The next method I have tried is typing "SLUI 4" in the Run window or in the Command Prompt window, but doing that doesn't do anything... no new window, nothing. I know if i could run SLUI 4 that I could either try to reactivate over the phone with Microsoft or via Chat, but I need the product ID that SLUI 4 gives me to do that. The only other thing that I can think of is ... I am in the process of trying right now, is to download a Windows 10 ISO file from Microsoft and try to do a "Repair Upgrade" and maybe that will "fix" whatever is keeping SLUI 4 from opening up. I am sure I can find my Windows 7 key somewhere but I am not sure if that will do anything at this point. Anyone have any ideas?
  8. Merry Memorial day! I just got my PC back up and running, and upgraded most of everything from a build that was 10+ years old. Been playing a ton of Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark on the PS4 and can't really think of a console game that I'd like soon (other than Trails of Cold Steel 2, but haven't finished the first one yet) so I would probably ask for the upcoming Warhammer: Chaosbane for my PC. Good luck everyone!
  9. Thanks @Spork3245 I ended up ordering the below items after I saw that first combo had expired. I think I did OK? I also used a promo code and got 15% off the mobo. Is there a big difference between the mobo in that combo you linked last and the one I ordered? I think the CPU is the same... CPU: https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16819113496 Mobo: https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813144177 I have to wait until next Friday to get the RAM though.
  10. Hello all. My motherboard or CPU of 10+ years has decided it was time to take a long walk off of a short pier and I am needing some help in finding a new motherboard, CPU, and RAM that I can use in my PC case that I already have... but I need it to relatively inexpensive (the best bang for the buck). I am on my old Dell XPS 410 right now and it's about 15 years old... I'm trying to do schoolwork for my online university and the Dell is struggling. The motherboard that I am replacing is an Asus P6X58D Premium. It is and LGA 1336 X58. The CPU is something like an Intel i7 3600 or something... I can never keep track of the actual specs. I also have 3 sticks of RAM that are DDR3 1300 which adds up to 12GB, I think. Here are the other components that I have that I will be using with the new MB, CPU, and RAM: 4-5 SATA HDDs, a brand new RM Corsair 850X PSU (or a EVGA 850w PSU that i thought was bad, but wasn't), GeForce GTX 1050ti card (PCIe), and a BD reader/burner. I need to reuse as many components as I can without spending extra money right now, so I need the new motherboard to fit into the same case I already have... but i don't remember what model number of Cooler Master case I have... so as long as the new motherboard is the same "style" as my old motherboard above, i think it will be OK? The worst week in a long time... First, my car gets rammed while it is parked and then I come home to a dead PC two days before homework is due. :'( I am asking for help because I honestly do know what is good in terms of PC parts anymore, or what CPU is needed for what motherboard. I also don't want the cheapest of the cheap, but parts that are good for their price. I posted on the following link to get help with why my computer wouldn't turn on, and I think it comes down to me needing a new motherboard or CPU... but since I have to upgrade the other when getting a new other PLUS having to get more/different RAM... i don't think it matters which one is toast. https://forums.tomshardware.com/threads/pc-wont-power-on-even-after-new-psu-troubleshooted-a-bit.3479331/ I know it is a longshot, but if there is a "good" motherboard and CPU combo for less than $300, and then I'm able to get some RAM relatively cheap that would be awesome.... Any higher than that and I might have to buy a piece at a time over the next month or so. Thank you for the help.
  11. It's part of the radio Broadcast event. You need it to restart broadcast the second time. You are actually using it and not even realizing it. :P
  12. I enjoyed the first Division, and Divison 2 is OK, but I am finding it harder than the first (and there is no way to decrease it from Story difficulty?) and I think aim assist is almost broken. I have to tap to aim, shoot, and tap to aim again to "zero-in" on the enemy again or the enemy just walks faster than aim assist moves... is this intentional? I am not that far into the game... maybe L.6, but I have literally died on every single mission/side quests/event and it sucks. If it comes down to me getting better at the game or walking away because it isn't fun... I am walking away. This is coming from a person who HATES griping about any game. The Story mode difficulty just seems like a "Hard" setting for me. Is there something that I can at least adjust to make aim assist work and follow the enemy better? I get that some enemies rush you, but when you are looking directly at them with aim assist on and you go to aim at them but you totally miss them with a shotgun then aim assist isn't working Sidenote: I do not have the chem launcher skill yet, but it is next.
  13. I ended up buying a GTX 1050ti and installing it after messing with the computer all night long. After installing the new card everything is fine.
  14. Hello all. I'm having an issue with my computer and I'm not sure if it is due to hardware or software. I'm now have white horizontal lines on the screen and I can't boot into windows. After the Windows 10 boot/splash screen my monitor sits there cycling though HDMI and Analog looking for a signal. I think Windows just did an update not long ago, maybe a few days, but I just used the computer yesterday and it wasnt like this. I have a GeForce 480 graphics card, and it is about 8 years old. Thinking it is either a graphics driver issue, a graphics card issue, or a Windows issue. I finally was able to get Win10 to start in Safe Mode but it is asking for a password and I don't ever remember putting a password on my computer other than a Pin# and that isn't working. I'm going to try and post a picture of what the screen looks like, but I'm on my phone and it might not work. If this is a card issue I might need suggestions for a new card that is around $200, since that is about all I can afford right now. http://
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