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  1. Eh, I am still playing it when I can. I don't like the load times, and the weight restriction on storage boxes is stupid, IMO. The storage box that holds your "banked" items shows 400 (as of this writing), but that isn't 400 items, that is 400 pounds. 400 pounds should be enough, but not when you are playing a game that kinda encourages you to loot things and store those items or crafting materials. Finding vendors that you can sell items to are few and far between, and I was easily at max carrying weight and storage weight before I found the first vendor that I could sell something like 15 items for about 50 caps. I still think if you have enjoyed any Fallout from the third game to now, you should enjoy this one.
  2. Ehh... I like it. I have 100% (not counting DLC on FO4) the last few Fallout games, and so far FO76 is more of the same. Maybe I just went into it a lot blinder than others and was just expecting a Fallout game? /shrug Oh! I will tell you that the load times suck, and moving things from inventory to chests can get kinda choppy... This is with a PS4 Pro too.
  3. Pent

    PC Who has the worst GPU on the forum?

    Here is mine. GTX 480.
  4. Ehh, accidentally running into someone while I am on my horse and they are on their house has only happened to me once. I got off the ground expecting to be able to apologize to the guy and be on my way... well, the other guy got up and started shooting at me so I ran at him and punched him. Evidently, I killed him with one punch and there was a witness so instead of going after the witness I just ran and got on my horse and took off. Few minutes later, I went and paid my $10 bounty. ...and I have never needed to buy horse food as of yet in the game and I would venture to guess that I am pretty far into Chapter 2. My only high bounty right now is $300 in a certain town that seemed like things kept getting worse as the mission went on... no spoilers. In regards to people seemingly not enjoying the game... I heard that it's OK for others to have different opinions. You be you.
  5. So... maybe... https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Support/Nintendo-64/Nintendo-64-manual-and-additional-documents/Nintendo-64-games-manuals/Nintendo-64-games-manuals-990819.html
  6. Pent

    General Gaming Mega Man 11 demo

    Demo is out on the Switch and the PS4... not sure about the XB1
  7. Out of four Best Buys within a 30min driving area only one had the game, but it wasn't until 11:30am today that their inventory online went from None Available to Pick Up in Store. GCU + $10 Reward Coupon so got it for about $40-ish. Don't tell Best Buy this, but I would have paid full price for it. Was only able to play it for 30min so far tonight because of the girlfriend wanting to watch TV, but now she is laying on the couch watching Primus videos on her phone... so... maybe I'll be a man and ask her if I can have the TV back, heh.
  8. Pent

    Nintendo Octopath Traveler

    I read the GameFAQ thread that you linked to, but I might be confused a little... I get how you can boost the Steal %, and I think I know what save scumming or whatever is... so is that what you mean when you said "if I wanted to reload saves a bunch of times" meaning there were townspeople that you could steal from and if you failed you would just reload a save and try to steal from them again? Can the items that you can steal from people change if you reload a save, or does the actual item stay the same no matter what?
  9. Pent

    Nintendo Octopath Traveler

    Are you guys doing secondary jobs? I have Cyrus with Ophelia's job as his second job. Tressa with the hunter job as her second, Olberic with the Thief job as his second, and then I switch the first person out as needed. I like Therion, but right now he is around L.25 and he doesn't really hit that hard. i use him mostly because he can unlock chests and has a dagger. I really wish that characters could use their second job Y commands too. Anyone know if there is a way to raise the percentage of Scrutinize (or whatever it's called) or Stealing? Does the percentage get higher than more you level? I just don't like having to pay 10,000 leaves once I fail at something and my town rep goes down... I do apologize for not remembering character names, skill names, etc...
  10. Uh... Einhander isn't even showing up on the PSN store at all. Does Sony even have PS1 games on the store?
  11. Maybe I missed a line or something, but nothing she said is anything that I consider to be "bad". I am thinking I missed a line though after reading this thread. People (both sides) need to just let things go sometimes, and not try to make a mountain out of a mole hill. I guess a lot of people nowadays think they deserve to make a news story out of something that is really nothing.
  12. Pent

    Nintendo Octopath Traveler

    I enjoyed the first demo. I played the hunter on the second demo and the Olde English was really off-putting, but it's not enough to keep me from getting the game. My plan is to buy it from Best Buy and use my Gamer's Club discount while I can.