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  1. It's part of the radio Broadcast event. You need it to restart broadcast the second time. You are actually using it and not even realizing it. :P
  2. I enjoyed the first Division, and Divison 2 is OK, but I am finding it harder than the first (and there is no way to decrease it from Story difficulty?) and I think aim assist is almost broken. I have to tap to aim, shoot, and tap to aim again to "zero-in" on the enemy again or the enemy just walks faster than aim assist moves... is this intentional? I am not that far into the game... maybe L.6, but I have literally died on every single mission/side quests/event and it sucks. If it comes down to me getting better at the game or walking away because it isn't fun... I am walking away. This is coming from a person who HATES griping about any game. The Story mode difficulty just seems like a "Hard" setting for me. Is there something that I can at least adjust to make aim assist work and follow the enemy better? I get that some enemies rush you, but when you are looking directly at them with aim assist on and you go to aim at them but you totally miss them with a shotgun then aim assist isn't working Sidenote: I do not have the chem launcher skill yet, but it is next.
  3. I ended up buying a GTX 1050ti and installing it after messing with the computer all night long. After installing the new card everything is fine.
  4. Hello all. I'm having an issue with my computer and I'm not sure if it is due to hardware or software. I'm now have white horizontal lines on the screen and I can't boot into windows. After the Windows 10 boot/splash screen my monitor sits there cycling though HDMI and Analog looking for a signal. I think Windows just did an update not long ago, maybe a few days, but I just used the computer yesterday and it wasnt like this. I have a GeForce 480 graphics card, and it is about 8 years old. Thinking it is either a graphics driver issue, a graphics card issue, or a Windows issue. I finally was able to get Win10 to start in Safe Mode but it is asking for a password and I don't ever remember putting a password on my computer other than a Pin# and that isn't working. I'm going to try and post a picture of what the screen looks like, but I'm on my phone and it might not work. If this is a card issue I might need suggestions for a new card that is around $200, since that is about all I can afford right now. http://
  5. I have played a few hours of the first Metro (I think? It was one of them that wasn't Last Light, but I own two "Redux" titles on PS4, but I think there was an earlier Redux that i don't have?) and I enjoyed it for what it was, but I stopped after getting to the first town/hub/whatever. I don't remember it being an open-world game, so I am guessing Exodus is either an open-world game or a semi-open-world game? Are only certain parts open-world? How does the story progress if only certain parts are open-world... does it go back and forth between linear and open-world? How does the game move on from the open-world sections if it does go back and forth? I saw something about the "Aurora" moving on for story progression? What is that? If this isn't like Fallout of Far Cry, then is it more like Halo with customizable weapons? When I play games like Fallout, Far Cry, and even Skyrim... I tend to play kinda stealthy until I am "found out" and then I just try to kill things as quickly as possible and then move on. The high reviews make me want to try the game out, but I sort of want to run through the previous games, but if the gameplay is different enough I am not sure if it will matter if I play the previous games.
  6. Yeah, direct deposit. Been using the same tax website since 1999. Website, so no mailing anything.
  7. I will also look at these. I didn't even think about Nolan's Batman Trilogy, Dracula, or BR 2049... I really liked the John Wick movies, so that's two more.
  8. Heh, I normally would agree, but I know of two people who have gotten their refunds within a week to a week and a half of them filing. I expect mine either this week or Tuesday after President's day.
  9. Thanks @Spork3245 That's a really nice TV, but I am hoping for a 65". I think I made up my mind on the P series Vizio 65". I would wait for the new models if i could, but I have a feeling that if i don't get a new TV when my taxes come in I won't be able to until two years from now. (I can only claim my son every two years because of being divorced.) On a related note... are there any 4k movies that are out that anyone would recommend? I will more than likely get the Star wars movies that was released recently The Force Awakens, Rogue One, The Last Jedi, and Solo if they are all on 4k... Plus, I haven't seen any of them. :O Might get Atomic Blonde too unless I can find a different "action" movie.
  10. I really like these games, but I always get really close to the top "floor" of each game and then start playing something else and never finish.
  11. I think the only thing that might hold me back from getting the P series 65" TV is not being able to find one. It seems that places have a hard time keeping them in stock. I think I have decided to not get a sound bar since I already have the surround system and haven't had any issues with it.
  12. Thanks guys. So I think I have narrowed it down to two TVs, maybe three, but I am not sure what the differences between the two Vizios are... if any? probably same TV? Here are the TV choices (found at rtings.com)... Vizio P65-F1 (I think this one and the next are the same TV, maybe? The review of this on the "Best 65" TVs" leads to the same page as the next review.) Vizio P Series 2018 (65") https://www.rtings.com/tv/reviews/vizio/p-series-2018 TCL 65R617 https://www.rtings.com/tv/reviews/tcl/6-series-2018-r617 From what I can tell, the Vizios are both around $1100 (TCL is about $1000) , but I couldn't find what the differences are, but maybe they are the same TV and just named differently on the reviews? I couldn't find any reviews that compared them against each other. I think my main concern with the Vizios is that I am not sure if I'll be able to find those models... Evidently it seems that both are hard to find, maybe? The Vizio P Series rates a little higher than the TCL one on the site. I think I may wait on the sound bar though. There is a Vizio one on the site that Twinlon linked to that I am curious about, mainly about the subwoofer being wireless and the satellite speakers can attached to the subwoofer, but I am worried about sound lag that is mentioned on the Walmart site for the item. I'd love to have wireless satellite speakers so wires wouldn't be all over the place, but i never even considered the sound might lag every so often. ...I do like the idea of using the sound bar's bluetooth capability with apps on my my phone though.
  13. Hello all. I am thinking about getting a new TV and maybe a sound bar. Right now I have a Sony 55" Bravia (non-4k/UHD) and a Yamaha surround system, and it has worked out for me for many years. I also have a PS4 Pro, and a Xbox One X. My goal is to upgrade to a TV that is at least 65" (or bigger) that is 4k and UHD, and I am not sure if a sound bar would sound better than my Yamaha or not so opinions on that are appreciated. Even though my Yamaha has surround speakers and a sub... everything is sitting on the TV shelf/cabinet anyway, so a sound bar might sound better? I have never had a sound bar so I don't know what to expect really. My goal would be to stay under $1000 for the TV and depending on if I need the sound bar (if the sound will be better than what I have) the soundbar could be $200-ish? I don't have the cash to go crazy so I am pretty firm with the $1000 or less on the TV, but if it goes a little over and it is worth it... I would consider it. What would be great is if there was a website that i could input my max dollar amount for each item, and the size/specs I want... and have the site spit back at me reviews of the products that compare like items. I tried to look at BestBuy.com and Walmart.com (I could probably get 10% off at the local store) for reviews and stuff, but knowing that there are people here at DayOnePatch that knows their stuff (or where to look for reviews) and hoping to hear reviews based on things like, "TV X is better than TV Y because ...." is better than just hearing why one TV is good and not comparing it to another TV. I know that Samsung QLED is really great, but I can't spend that much money on a TV right now... so that's why I am trying to stay under $1000 and get the best one (brand-wise and spec-wise) that will be good for Gaming, TV, movies, etc... Thank you for any help.
  14. Has anyone else noticed that a few PS3 digital games show up on the sale page of the PS4 PSN store? I have looked on the internet and I can't seem to find out why some of the PS Now PS3 titles are showing up like they are on sale there. When I first saw one that I wanted to see the price for I clicked on it and it said "Free with PS Now subscription" so I am just trying to figure out why they are showing on the Deals page... I looked around the internet to see if anyone else had commented on seeing it too, but I haven't found anything. Anyone know why?
  15. Eh, I am still playing it when I can. I don't like the load times, and the weight restriction on storage boxes is stupid, IMO. The storage box that holds your "banked" items shows 400 (as of this writing), but that isn't 400 items, that is 400 pounds. 400 pounds should be enough, but not when you are playing a game that kinda encourages you to loot things and store those items or crafting materials. Finding vendors that you can sell items to are few and far between, and I was easily at max carrying weight and storage weight before I found the first vendor that I could sell something like 15 items for about 50 caps. I still think if you have enjoyed any Fallout from the third game to now, you should enjoy this one.
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