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Is Mario Tennis worth it for the SP?


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I was looking forward to Mario Tennis, but I was disappointed that the SP is apparently so short. Is it only worth it if you plan to play online, or do you think it's still worth a buy regardless.


I'll probably cave and get it anyway for something relaxing to play before bed, but I thought I'd ask anyway.

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3 hours ago, Biggie said:

Honestly no. But it’s really not worth $60 just for the multiplayer side either. 



It's a good game, but this is no Rocket League, and that shit was free for some and $20 for others at launch. This at $60 is madness. Maybe if it had a really expansive single or multiplayer, but both are pretty simple. The core gameplay's really good... but yo, so was Rocket League. If you're looking for single-player, look elsewhere.

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The story mode is 5 hours, and that's 100%.


The full price has been worth it for me for local and online multiplayer, but I won't deny it's pretty bare bones. That said, it is a blast as the core gameplay is great. And I've never really played a tennis game before.

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9 minutes ago, legend said:

Fuck. I'm waffling on this so much. If this were a steam game the decision would be easy: wait for a sale. But does Nintendo eshop have much in the ways of sales? If so, I haven't see them yet.


eShop has good sales. Nintendo games not so much. You might see a $20 discount for this game by Christmas. Just a guess though.

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