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To attract young people, new Vermont program will pay you $10,000 to move there and work remotely

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This covers moving expenses, new computer equipment and co-working spaces.



“If you work remotely for an employer that's located outside of the state of Vermont, Vermont will help defray the expenses of relocating to the state, as well as any hardware and software expenses you need to do your job,” explains Joan Goldstein, commissioner of the Vermont Department of Economic Development, which is putting the Remote Worker Grant Program together.


“And if you have interest in joining up with a co-working space, it would help defray the expense of rent.”



“We are an older state for sure, and we just were looking at some of the in-state moving statistics, and it turns out the people who are moving to the state are older. We actually want to attract all kinds — we're not necessarily thinking about just one type of age. I moved to the state when I was middle-aged. So we [are] definitely welcoming to all ages.”



We already have applicants. … There's been tremendous activity already. The website has received about 10,000 hits just on that page alone, and we're getting inquiries that are legitimate inquiries, not just, 'Oh, pay me 10,000.' So we are quite enthused.


“Basically, [it’s] first come, first served. So as soon as somebody fills out a complete application, the application will require verification from the employer that this person is indeed an employee working remotely for them. They will need proof of residency in Vermont. So as soon as we get a fully complete application, we'll be able to issue a grant agreement.”


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