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Anyone get an invite to the Battlefield V alpha?


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I got an invite for PC. Installed and fired it up. Runs like complete ass on my PC, which makes me sad (980ti, 4770k, 16G DDR3, SSD). I saw other people in the chat complain about performance as well. I’m sure they will optimize it soon. 


I played a round of conquest. It was the map in Norway which was getting a lot of press. 


Its tough to gauge due to performance, but it was definitely fun. The new bleedout mechanic is funny and cool. Guns feel good. TTK is super fast now, almost COD fast. 


Anyway, anyone else get an invite and want to play a few rounds LMK. Same username origin. 

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4 hours ago, SFLUFAN said:

No, i don’t Think so. You don’t have to call out for someone and it appears you’ll bleed out quicker if you don’t, but you can’t leave the phase. Its basically the same thing as the respawn timer from the other games, except instead of just lying there waiting to either be revived or respawn, you can look around and call out for help. I like it.  

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