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  1. I agree that there will be confusion between the upcoming Series X model and current X model but to me it looks like there are falling in line with the Iphone naming convention. Main brand name will be XBOX, Series X is the high end model. Lots of speculation that there will be a Series S for the lower model which seems to be that disc-less version. Although I think the best thing they could do is completely stop production on the current xbox one X/S once the Series X is released so "casuals" and parents can't get confused. I think it was stupid on the marketing team to make it one word and thus confusing everyone... Should have made it where XBOX was in big bold letters and Series X was underneath in a smaller font. Emphasizing that moving forward XBOX is the main name with different iterations of it. I stand corrected, looking at the marketing pictures/vids they did do this. I guess now I'm thinking marketing team was even more stupid and should have come out with just The new xbox for the reveal and later on, maybe in E3 said oh yeah and we have 2 models.. Series X and Series S.
  2. It's a new ERA, where the PC overlords take over the world! Hope fallout's campaign is better than all of Destiny's campaign put together!
  3. Em! Dont come here as often as before, I messaged you through battle.net..... most of our PS4 clan is moving to PC either now or when Oct 1 hits. If you need a clan you can join us. Also we got a discord server for all our comms... I'll see you on PC!
  4. Bunch of us were on PS4 but are migrating to pc after today. A few are remain on PS4 so we are going to play back an forth between the 2.
  5. Good point as well.... forgot that streaming movies use buffering, basically pre-loading a few seconds/minutes of the video. This would not work with games.
  6. Did not know about the controllers, very interesting indeed. Also good point on devices, my smartTV sometimes couldn't handle keeping the Netflix fidelity, on the other hand AppleTV has always been smooth sailing.
  7. It's funny when you mention this because I been watching Netflix 4k HDR for a year now on my appleTV, and the fidelity looks great and never really had an issue with it as far as picture quality degrading . It's my norm now as far as netflix. But when I think of companies like xbox and now google offering a gaming streaming service I'm always skeptical. I guess because my mindset is stuck with hardware equals great graphics, but in reality 4k HDR streaming is already here and if I can watch a 2 hour 4k HDR movie on Netflix without any issues then gaming streaming is not so far fetch. Obviously the other part here is that your not only watching a video but interacting with it so that latency from your hands to the screen needs to be super good.
  8. Even if he has his own PS4, you can log into his PS4, activate it as your primary PS4. Every game that you own he can now play in his own account. Only downside to this is that your PS4 is not the primary one so if you lose internet connection you wont be able to play single player games, but that rarely happens at least in my experience doing "PS4 gamesharing." Beats having to buy 2 games tbh.
  9. @KupoBitches You are full of surprises man! First twitch and now a full on podcast you've had for a year.. now I see why you went completely dark! lol I know you got your reviews but i will definitely listen to the podcast! Keep on doing you man!
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