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  1. True, i mean besides the Clan bounty, prime engrams are the key to leveling up.. so just playing will net you the most LL I guess.
  2. The community already figured what LL drops from each activity if you want to maximize your time:
  3. That's it bois.. we've seen enough, time to pack it up and move on to something else! Yeeehaaw!
  4. What system? I went with PS4, which i could do it for multiple systems.. would love to try out PC as well.
  5. Yeah what @Biggie said, went all digital myself. I might buy an occasional box game if the deal is too hard to pass but I have a feeling with BFV digital sales will be a plenty in the months to come.
  6. Nah, Deal probably just ended quick. It was probably in response to Gamestop's same deal that popped up late last night.
  7. bladimir2k

    General Gaming What are you playing today?

    Nah, I haven't bought it. I think I will wait until summer 2019 like I did with BF1. Still playing D2 and started RDR2 last night.
  8. bladimir2k

    General Gaming What are you playing today?

    What system are you playing it on?
  9. **subscription renews until cancelled** = subscription renews until cancelled - fine print...
  10. I haven't placed a disc in my xbox in like 2 years and maybe 1 or 2 in my PS4 in the same time frame. I get everything digital now a days. I wouldn't do this as I have an S already but would definitely trade that in if they offered an X at a lower cost without a disc drive. Also I will probably take advantage of the trade-in program. I have so many physical games that I will eventually sell of for cheap or just get rid of them that this would be better option for me to be honest.
  11. bladimir2k

    Sony External drive for PS 4 suggestions?

    Just bought the below this morning as it's on special ($79), picking it up later today. FYI the below link is a BF deal apparently and comes with a 32gb USB stick. If you want to check out the actual HD page with reviews here is the LINK. Has good reviews and lot's of people are using is as external storage for PS4 or XBox. - 4TB WD External HD, USB 3.0 Also if anyone is looking for a cheap SSD, best buy has the below 512gb for a good price. ($69) - Sandisk 512GB SSD
  12. I think this has been BF downfall since it started releasing on console. Chasing COD coat tails... maybe if they kept doing their own thing and appeal to what they were always good at they would be at a different point right now.
  13. @Spawn_of_Apathy is correct, don't worry about the fable rank until the end. Get all the quest steps leading to fable rank before really concentrating on leveling up your ranks up to fable. If you concentrate on them they shouldn't take you that long. I think it took me around 3-4 days, playing around 3 hours each day, to get all the steps before reaching the fable rank step. The higher you rank up on glory the harder the teams you will be facing with "meta weapons" (bygones, telestos, warcliff coil etc.) At those ranks you want to be using those weapons as well to compete. Good luck my friend!
  14. PvPvE patrol zones. Gambit is a PvPvE "comp" mode. Only game that I can recently think that had something similar to a PvPvE patrol zone is The Division after that big update, you had PvE enemies and objectives you could do in a "Dark Zone Area" but also other people can come in and kill you to steal your loot, etc.
  15. I think in every expansion there's a little story tidbit about those damn pyramid ships. I honestly think that they will save that storyline to conclude Destiny when bungie's 10 year contract is up with activision.