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Yoga, anyone do it, anyone like it?


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I'm looking to blend my exercise more (and ensuring that I'm actually taking care of parts of my body that I'll need later down the line) and Yoga is something that I'm interesting in trying on a weekly basis.  I've completed a one off session and really enjoyed it/hated the last 10 minutes of spirituality that came with it.  


The focus though on core, stretching and strength seem well worth mixing in with running/weight training that I currently do. 


Anyone a fan?  Any benefits that you've found off the back of it?

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2 hours ago, Jason said:

I felt really good when I did it a few years back. If you hunt around for instructors that focus on the body mechanics aspect of it you should be able to find someone who doesn't put the spirituality stuff into the class. 


I just need the buzzword for everything involved in Yoga, without actually being Yoga in name.  'Body Mechanics' would be a great term for what I want.  Aka, controlled stretching, position holding and core balance - without the need to feel any energy, listen or think about spirituality or focus myself.  I do that aspect on my own, personal way, usually with: running, playing music or writing

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Hi @gamer.tv ! I'm a yoga teacher so I'm happy to help with any questions you have. Given what you posted, I'd suggest a couple of options. If you want to go the yoga route, look for a power yoga studio. It's what I teach primarily. Focused more on the physical practice and less on the spiritual stuff. More of a flow with muscle action cues and drills, arm balances, inversions and then stretching. I still throw in the spiritual stuff but I think I do a good job of weaving into the practice without it being overbearing. I love it because it's a heck of a workout that compliments so much in our lives and other physical practice, like my martial arts and weightlifting.


I might also suggest a mobility/movement practice. I'm not sure if there's one near you but a lot are popping up all over the world. Places like Ido Portal are really popular.

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I used to do Vinyasa Yoga weekly but I stopped after the two teachers I liked left my gym for personal studios. I really like the flow you get in Vinyasa.  It is a great workout and a perfect exercise for recovery days. 


If you do start to do Yoga regularly, definitely invest in a yoga mat. 

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