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Light No Fire | New Game From Hello Games (No Man's Sky) Set on a Planet the Size of Earth [Release Date and Platforms TBC]


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Light No Fire is a game about adventure, building, survival and exploration together. Set on a fantasy planet the size of Earth, it brings the depth of a role playing game to the freedom of a survival sandbox.




A Multiplayer Earth
Carve a life together. Meet players from across the globe, build a life, explore and survive together. Construct persistent buildings and communities, or strike out alone to discover the world for others.


A Procedural Earth
A truly open world, with no boundaries, at a scale never attempted before. A massively varied and dense planet filled with immersive biomes, unique enemies and valuable resources to discover.


A Fantasy Earth
Light No Fire presents you with an ancient earth to uncover. One where you're not the hero. Thick with lore, mystery and a constant fight for survival. Inspired by the adventure, charm and imagination that we love from classic fantasy.


An Unexplored Earth
Every mountain can be climbed, and below them lie endless vistas, oceans and continents perhaps no others have seen. Who will climb the tallest mountains, who will find the deepest sea? Set sail across vast oceans and rivers, ride wild beasts through fantastical landscapes, fly dragons over undiscovered landscapes.

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If they can pull it off it's a really great idea, and could be a massive time sink for me. 


Every time I see footage of NMS I want to start a new game, but the moment to moment gameplay of that game doesn't do it more me. I really want it to though, I really love the vibe of it. 

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Looks cool. I still never got around to playing No Man's Sky but it looks like they've learned a lot turning it into the game it is now, and this game looks like the perfect project for them. 


The survival/crafting genre is interesting in that it's basically been the exclusive property of small indie devs, and I'm excited to see what teams with real money and time behind them can accomplish with it.

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