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Raunchy, alcohol-fueled holiday party at Wade's favorite fast food establishment included open sex, lawsuit claims


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“Shocked, disgusted and outraged,” Bechiom alleges that she first ran out of the restaurant but then went back inside to retrieve her guacamole bowl – only to find that her manager and the other co-worker involved in the sexual encounter were vomiting.


One threw up in the trash while the other vomited in her guacamole bowl, according to the complaint.


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13 hours ago, Ominous said:

Damn, time to change my employer on Facebook back to Taco Bell. I've had it listed as Target since the trans / gay backlash, but I really get more trolls when I say I'm a Taco Taster at Taco Bell. 

Done. I've  moved up from Taco Taster to Burrito Stuffer. 


I was sitting at a gate in the Cincinnati airport waiting for boarding to start on a flight to Newark one weekday morning and some business traveler trying to make conversation asked who I was with.  I said I wrap burritos at Taco Bell, he didn't talk to me anymore.

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