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The "All-Drug Olympics" SNL skit could soon (hopefully!) become a reality!

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Enhanced Games athletes will also earn a salary unlike their Olympic counterparts




An Olympics-style competition in which there is no drug testing is expected to launch in December 2024. The Enhanced Games will allow athletes who use performance-enhancing drugs to compete with the goal of breaking world records.


So far, the sports included in the competition include track and field, swimming, gymnastics, combat sports and weightlifting.


"Fundamentally, the Olympics are broken," Enhanced Games founder and president Aron D'Souza told the New York post. "The Olympics are bloated and over-bureaucratized. The many layers of organizations and committees and subcommittees and federations are an alphabet soup that has created an unbridgeable gulf between the athletes and the Olympic apparatus that is meant to sustain them."




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8 minutes ago, Kal-El814 said:

Aren’t some PEDs straight up illegal, not just illegal for competition? 

Everything i take is schedule 2 so yes. 

also good, athletes  are already on anyway. It may make them manage it healthier.

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Anything about Trans athletes? 

I only ask because if we’re gonna a bunch of male athletes compete all roided out now, could potentially compete later as a woman with the bitch tits they will develop and the shrinking of the privates. 

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