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If you use monitor arms, do you keep the original stand?


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I recently moved, and in an effort to reduce clutter I was thinking I might just toss my old monitor stands that were included with the monitors. I'd been hanging on to them on the off chance that I ever needed to go back to them, but I can't imagine why I would, especially considering how much I love the monitor arms. The only thing I could think of was that maybe if I upgraded down the line and wanted to sell the current monitors, someone may want the original stands. 


So my question: Has anyone here ever gone back to using the default stands after having monitor arms? Any other reason(s) anyone can think of to keep them?

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I've only recently switched to monitor arms (which are great, playing FFXVI on my 4k monitor an inch from my face!) and I'm definitely keeping the stand. Never know if I'll get a different desk, get a new monitor and want to sell/give away the old, etc.

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