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Anyone have an old graphics card lying around? (Don't need it anymore)

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Before I run off to eBay and get something used from questionable sources, I figured I'd ask around here. I'm building my son his first gaming PC to keep him entertained over the summer while his sisters are off in summer school. I promised him a bunch of gaming hours for every one of his summer books he read...and then he read through all over them over a furious day of reading on his first day of summer vacation. Yay. I'll get him more books, but at this rate, I think Gamepass is the right choice for him.


Anyway, I've already got all the other parts I need from my previous build, but I am missing a graphics card since that's the only piece that made it into my current PC. Anyone got something they'd be up for selling me? I was hoping to get him something around an RX 6600 or equivalent.

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9 hours ago, Keyser_Soze said:

Be a good father and take the one out of your computer and put it in his








... then buy yourself a 4090 :sickos:


Ha! I don't even have the room in my PC for a 4090. That would be such an obnoxious rebuild. New case, new PSU. Just more than I want to deal with.

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  • Ghost_MH changed the title to Anyone have an old graphics card lying around? (Don't need it anymore)
22 hours ago, Fizzzzle said:

I have like a gtx 970 or something lying around. I don't remember, I've been using that tower as a bedside table for the last year or two. I'm sure it will works, probably.


No worries. I grabbed an RX 6600 off eBay from $150. Not a bad deal. Should make for a great little gaming PC matched with the old i7 I had before I swapped over to my R9.

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