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Oakland A's might move to Vegas!


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19 minutes ago, johnny said:

if you spent any amount of time learning about this you would know this wasn’t true and manfred is a piece of shit 


6 minutes ago, thewhyteboar said:

Manfred is the worst commissioner in American sports and if you believe the bs story that he is spinning than I’ve got some beach-front property you might be interested in purchasing. 

I actually haven't been following this. I'm lazy and don't wanna read a bunch. What's the cliff's notes version?

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14 minutes ago, CastlevaniaNut18 said:


I actually haven't been following this. I'm lazy and don't wanna read a bunch. What's the cliff's notes version?


- when fisher bought the team (in 04 i think) he spent about a decade trying to build a stadium in nearby cities like fremont and san jose. those didn’t work out. he also didn’t put any money into the team and constantly traded away good young players. how would most of you feel if every time you had a good young player your team traded them away for prospects that may or may not be good? 


- when they decided to look at oakland in like 2014 fisher was focused on rebuilding at the current coliseum site but he ended up not wanting to do that (raiders btw wanted to build here with the a’s and the a’s saying no is one of the reasons the raiders left)


- like 5 years ago the a’s and the city started focusing on Howard Terminal as the new site. a waterfront ballpark! 


- a’s asked for 360 million to help develop the site. the city of oakland has been able to secure 425 million in funding through things like state grants. oakland did not want to use oakland taxpayer money for this bc they’ve had money issues for a long time and they are still paying for mount davis (that monstrosity in center field)


-oakland completed a lot of environmental impact stuff and even stomped out a lawsuit or two to clear the way for building the stadium. covid definitely slowed this stuff down but i don’t think there’s anything they could have done to go faster with the state of the world at the time. 


- at some point in the last year and a half talks with the a’s slowed down and the city was trying to get a deal done with them but in april the a’s said they were bouncing to vegas when things in oakland were really close to getting done. and then the city and fans get blamed by assholes like manfred. could things have been easier if oakland just threw a bunch of money at them immediately and raised tf out of taxes screwing over their citizens? yes, but fuck that. 



oakland’s mayor even flew to seattle to meet with manfred. the city of oakland wants to keep the a’s, but fisher is only interested in bending over a city in the process. 



Equipped with a small pulley cart loaded with 31 thick documents, Mayor Thao wheeled Oakland's plans to keep the A's into a private meeting room and proceeded to clear the air with MLB's...




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Sounds like excuses. You can’t get a stadium deal done in a decade? I think all parties are to blame but like I said it mostly comes down to money. The city of Oakland has none. Every sports franchise has left not just the A’s. The city didn’t want to throw money at them and raise taxes? Look around that’s how stadiums deals get done. 

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