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If You Haven't Seen "Watcher" You're Missing Out on Great TV

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Ok boys be sure to listen to this song while you read this thread, because they finally made a show to accompany it.




Disclaimer: Don't actually listen to this song while you read the thread because it's hard to concentrate on the thread.




Watcher is a Korean crime drama from a couple years back. If all cops are bad, what about the police that police the police? The show is about an internal affairs detective that other cops love to hate by virtue of his job alone. His main target is Jang Hae-ryong, so dirty that he's clean. Now if you enjoyed (loathed?) Heo Sung-tae in Squid Game he plays the dirty cop on this show.


This detective isn't working alone, however, at the beginning of the show he gets stuck with a female partner and later a traffic officer joins on as he had unknowingly become a target as a fall guy for a deeper conspiracy. Finally a former prosecutor turned lawyer joins in on the fun. As @Greatoneshere can tell you, lawyers have some dirty tricks up their sleeves and that's where a lot of the appeal of the show comes in. These three have a connection to the case in some way but even though they are a group they don't necessarily work together so it creates a dual tension of the primary drama of the investigation and then it is further intensified because perhaps the slimy lawyer has a different way of going about things.


In any case thoroughly gripping. I'm about halfway through it right now but I can give it a solid recommendation. If you enjoyed reading this thread please like and subscribe and be sure to catch my full review later in the "Rate the TV Show" thread. ✌

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