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Sable [September 23, 2021] - stylized open-world exploration indie game, update: reviews from OpenCritic posted


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Game Information

Game Title: Sable


  • Xbox Series X/S (Sep 23, 2021)
  • PC (Sep 23, 2021)
  • Xbox One (Sep 23, 2021)

Developer: Shedworks

Publisher: Raw Fury
Review Aggregator

OpenCritic - 76 average - 69% recommended

Critic Reviews

PC Gamer - 93 / 100


Sable's lonely, heartfelt journey of self-discovery will sit with me for a lifetime.

But Why Tho? - 9 / 10


Playing Sable very well may be as close as one can get to a meditative experience while playing a game. Few games feel as good to simply exist within as Sable. The game’s gorgeous visuals, warm and comforting music, and intuitive game design all come together to create a unique experience about trying to find one’s place in the world through an expression of an individual’s freedom.

Checkpoint Gaming - 9 / 10


The occasional bug and missing stamina upgrades are really the only negatives I can lodge at Sable. I can think of very few games that have presented such a beautiful harmony of its attributes. Everything supports everything else. The story implores you to go out into the world, to see all that there is to see. The gameplay ensures that the focus is always on the vistas that lay before you, and it’s all stylised beautifully. The game creates a view of which I cannot tire. This is truly one of the most well-conceived and executed games that I have seen in a very long time. It’s one of those games that truly is using everything to its maximum potential.

GameSpot - 9 / 10


Sable is a relaxing adventure with a satisfying focus on exploration and player freedom.

GamingTrend - 90 / 100


Sable is high on the list of game of the year contenders in one jam packed with them. It's a gorgeous, immersive coming of age story that happens organically and at your own pace - you can see as much or as little of the game as you like. While it certainly has its share of issues, Midden is just a place you have to visit.

Paste Magazine - 9 / 10


Sable may dwell in the ruins, but she is alive. She is well. I take great comfort in that.

Wccftech - 9 / 10


For those yearning to explore, Sable offers the chance to do it at your own speed, with your own goals, and without the need to exert violence or experience shocking twists. Sable is confident the world is interesting enough and is completely right in that regard.

Game Informer - 8.8 / 10


Self-guided exploration is bolstered by quests that give you an excuse to jump on a speeder, climb mountains, and float through unexplained ruins in a dazzling ecosystem

33bits - Spanish - 85 / 100


Sable is an exploration game, plain and simple. Everything revolves around this action, and everything we will do will be to that end. This seasoned with one of the best visuals that you will see this year. A marvel.

Hobby Consolas - Spanish - 84 / 100


Sable it's a wonderful adventure that, at first sight, can seem slow and with frustrating aspects (slow pace, world apparently empty...), but its universe will hook you up with lots of mysteries to unfold and the main character's journey. All that with an unique audiovisual and aesthetics that will leave you wanting more, even with evident faults.

GamesRadar+ - 4 / 5 stars


Sable is downright beautiful in its execution and storytelling, and captures an innate desire for exploration like few other open-world games.

PCGamesN - 8 / 10


A sweetly told tale of youth, travel, and self-discovery that's not afraid to wear its inspirations on its sleeve. In turbulent, inward-looking times, Sable is a true comfort.

Shacknews - 8 / 10


Sable is a beautiful story about self-discovery. It’s themes of solitude and what it means to be independent strongly resonated with me. The game is bolstered by a one-of-a-kind art style and an excellently crafted original soundtrack. If you can handle a slow burn and push some UI issues aside, Sable is an overwhelmingly pleasant experience.

Spaziogames - Italian - 7.5 / 10


Sable is a fascinating and unique journey that lets the player discover the world of Midden and face a poetic but pretty empty open world.

Xbox Achievements - 75 / 100


A thoroughly enjoyable and relaxing voyage of soul-searching self-discovery, Sable is also a rewarding jaunt across an otherworldly desert that involves climbing, hoverbiking, and gliding. And rather good it is, too.

XboxEra - 7.5 / 10


If a true voyage of discovery appeals to you, you will be in your element exploring Midden and it’s many mysteries, and with Day One Availablity on Xbox Game Pass, it should probably be at the top of your download queue.

I ended up as a Trader by the way – which Mask will you choose at your journeys end?

GameSpew - 7 / 10


If the idea of a game that offers you a true sense of freedom appeals to you, you’ll undoubtedly get a kick out of Sable. Its expertly-crafted narrative alone will inspire you to keep going, but repetitive quests and an often barren world may dampen your spirits a little. Still, there’s a lot to enjoy here, and if its art style resonates with you, you’ll find it easy to lose hour after hour in Sable‘s unique world.

IGN - 7 / 10


Sable is a beautiful, minimalist voyage that's hindered by bugs and bland puzzles.

Jump Dash Roll - 7 / 10


In a gaming landscape where everything has to be big, bold and brash, Sable stands out as a calm escape from the norm. Its relaxing, low-fi approach with an equally soothing soundtrack will be the perfect escape for those who wish to just kick back, relax and explore.‍

TheSixthAxis - 7 / 10


Sable is a truly wondrous and serene experience at times, but lift the mask and you find it's also one that has its flaws and inconveniences. If you can see past its weaknesses, this is a journey of pure and innocent discovery that's well worth taking.

Windows Central - 3.5 / 5 stars


With its striking art direction, haunting soundtrack and focus on exploration, Sable is a great journey about understanding yourself. Frequent stuttering and some bugs bring the experience down though.

Guide Fall - 6.5 / 10


Sable is a third-person exploration game about riding a hoverbike through a huge desert and looking for adventure. It gives you plenty of room for relaxing rides, and there are enough activities floating around to keep you busy.

GameSkinny - 6 / 10 stars


Sable is a game about self-discovery that unfortunately, doesn't live up to its potential.

Gameblog - French - 6 / 10


If Sable manages without difficulty to suck us into his universe quick to explore and meet thanks to a striking artistic direction and a soaring soundtrack of very high flight, the technical part beats so much of the wing that the caravan sometimes stalls to cross a simple bute. Quick to the most surprising collision bugs, Sable nevertheless offers a dreamlike and sensory adventure that invites you to take your time, to better let yourself be lulled by its charming but sometimes frustrating universe.

TrueAchievements - 6 / 10


There's no doubt in my mind that Sable is a game that will work best when experienced as a personal, non-thorough Gliding that comes to a natural end long before any rot has a chance to set in. But with so many incentives (both in and around the game) for trawling every sandy inch of the world in search of worms, badges, and whatever else, the mixed messages Sable sends are probably going to lead to a lot of people playing in a way that actually works to the game's detriment.

Twinfinite - 3 / 5


Sable will find an audience that truly adores its free-form exploration, stylistic visuals, engaging writing and chill soundtrack, but for me, these redeeming qualities were lost in a sandy sea of emptiness and repetition in its core mechanics. Its messages certainly resonated with me but its gameplay lacked the variety to truly keep me hooked for lengthier sessions. If you’re looking for a chill experience and can overlook any performance issues that aren’t quite resolved by the time you pick it up, then Sable will deliver. I just can’t help shake the feeling of missed potential here.

VGC - 3 / 5 stars


There’s nothing wrong with a game about doing simple things, and enjoying a relaxing journey in between, but in Sable, we could never relax.

MonsterVine - 2 / 5


Sable has good bones, and beautiful skin, but everything in between is broken and half formed. A few patches in, this game could easily become a cult classic. However, the issues in dialogue and quest design aren't likely to be patched away. Hopefully we'll see this concept tackled again, without all the bumps in the road launching it wildly off course.

Eurogamer - Recommended


Pick a direction and wander off to get the most out of this mesmerising game of exploration.

Skill Up - Unscored


Video Review - Quote not available




I loved the weird beauty of Sable, but there are a lot of small irritants piling up and - perhaps worst of all - your bike just isn't fun to drive.




Sable review - Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Serie S, and PC - How good is this free-roaming adventure game that focuses on exploration and not combat?



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  • Commissar SFLUFAN changed the title to Sable [September 23, 2021] - stylized open-world exploration indie game, update: first reviews from OpenCritic posted
  • Commissar SFLUFAN changed the title to Sable [September 23, 2021] - stylized open-world exploration indie game, update: reviews from OpenCritic posted

Finally tired this on Gamepass and am pleasantly surprised that, passed its horrific art style, there is a good gaming experience. For those on the fence, you need to build your first bike before most of the game elements come together. Everything before you sail through the great arch is just a tutorial. I genuinely looking forward to playing more of this, whatever it is. 

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45 minutes ago, Commissar SFLUFAN said:

I like the art style!


I just installed it and tried it out. I even like the choice to animated characters on something greater than twos. Ok, looked it up and it's on fives. I approve. This could be fun to play through as soon as I'm done with Kena.

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