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FOUNDATION renewed for second season

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Apple has decided to renew Foundation for a second season, ahead of its Season 1 premiere.



Also I never even knew there was a full trailer:



The only thing I'm really worried about is that it's going to be based on the prequels more than the first book.

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12 hours ago, Commissar SFLUFAN said:

I'm willing to bet that this series won't resemble the novels at all save for names.


There are many contradicting things going on with this show. On the one hand, they said that being able to tell the story over 80 episodes will allow them to be truer to the story. On the other...do we actually believe there is a chance they get rid of all the actors every season (or half-season?). There is no real way to tell this story without making massive jumps in time. Now, Hari Seldon (Jared Harris' character) can be in all times since he will be dead and can show up as a hologram...but no one else can. 


This story would work best as an anthology of sorts, with each season representing a different time period/event...and I doubt that Apple or Goyer have the guts. Something like:


Season 1: Prelude/forming the Foundation (basically a bit of backstory and the start of Foundation novel). Maybe a bit about the struggles on Terminus.

Season 2: Terminus expanding into the Kingdoms around them

Season 3: The Traders period

Season 4: The Mule

Season 5: The Second Foundation mystery


Another issue is that even the books don't get more than 10% into the actual dark ages, they just leave the reader to assume that everything will work out (well there are the two sequels, which are okay).

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11 minutes ago, Jason said:

@CitizenVectron doesn't The Crown change cast every season? And Altered Carbon was doing that. 


The Haunting Series on Netflix does that too... So does the American Crime  show on NBC. Changing casts every season for an ambitious show, especially one being produced by a company with as deep pockets as Apple shouldn't be much of a problem. We'll see...

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