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Let's see if we can see the future. Predict one thing that will be announced this year from each console manufacturer.


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As mentioned in the somewhat long thread title, for Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo (I'm aware there are countless consoles out now, from repro's to that weird one with the crank - but there's no sense being silly now) try and predict one likely thing that will be announced this year. You can go with rumours that are almost certain to happen, or just take an educated guess. If your prediction ends up being correct, all other posters must upvote it to sign off on your deity status. 


Nintendo: Zelda 35 to be an online version of Zelda (NES) where you play in teams of 5, against 6 other teams to complete the game as quickly as possible.  

Sony: Bloodborne 2 to be released on the 22nd of September (the 10 year anniversary of Dark Souls) for PS5 and Windows. 

Microsoft: To buy Remedy entertainment - Control 2 and Alan Wake remaster to be exclusives for 2022/2023. 

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Microsoft buying Sega would be amazing, and might make sense given Sega's adoption of the first Xbox when they got out of the hardware business.  If MS did that, then all of those amazing games could hopefully be added via back compat.  Stuff like JSRF (still unlikely due to music licensing, unfortunately), Outrun 2, Gunvalkyrie, Otogi, etc.


I'd say Nintendo announces new docked-only switch model (this is what the "Pro" is).


Sony releases a new stand and differently colored plates for PS5.


MS announces some sort of VR support to capitalize on the lack of clarity on the future of PSVR.

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