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  1. I wonder if they will play it as the MCU and Sony's spider-verse are essentially two separate universes in the multi-verse. Perhaps in the next Spider-Man movie, we'll actually see Peter jump between multi-verses. So Venom and Morbius are taking place outside of the MCU, but Tom Holland can be in both. Also makes the poster of Spider-Man in the Morbius trailer make a little more sense too, since it doesn't look like the MCU version of Spider-Man.
  2. My personal theory, just because I want it documented:. Rey is a clone with part DNA of baby yoda. Would explain the "mary sue" complaint about being able to use the force without training (pretty sure baby Yoda has had no training). Would explain seeing multiple copies of herself in TLJ Would explain Kylo Ren stating "What girl?" in TFA Can't wait to see how ridiculously far off my theory is in a few weeks lol
  3. To be fair, Jon did see them and went after them, but was hit by the snow/ice storm.
  4. During the Q&A session before the trailer was dropped, Daisy just said that it "lives on", so I'm guessing she fixes it.
  5. My friend from high school is at JPL for the landing. She is a planetary scientist studying Mars, it's pretty cool following her on instagram.
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