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  1. He has said - Trans women shouldn’t be viewed as women - Has been critical of trans activists going after JK Rowling - That trans children are being pressured to take hormones I assure you I’m not making this up. As a trans person I’m seeing things that cis users here aren’t seeing, and I assure you he has bigoted views. It’s no surprise he has those beliefs while also talking to me like I’m an idiot. I’m just done with this. I experienced a very upsetting instance of transphobia in my personal life earlier this week and I just don’t have the patience to deal with it on here anymore. I’m not gonna read this thread because its too painful for me, but DMs will go to my email. But it is curious to reflexively defend a cis person rather than take a silenced minority (trans person) at their word.
  2. I am so upset and disappointed in this board, but particularly @sblfilms He knows I am autistic. He knows I am trans. I have heard him express anti trans positions: And he always talks to me like I’m an idiot. When I call him out on it he lashes back because he probably because he doesn’t like being when a trans woman speaks her mind. I am done with this board until I can be reassured that it will be less hostile towards me. This is my final word. Message me if you really care anymore. I get so much disrespect already as a trans comic in Florida so I’m not gonna deal with a on a message board to used to make me feel safe.
  3. This board is not friendly towards trans people. I am the only woman comic on here yet I keep getting talked down too. I’ve fucking had it with y’all. I need my cis allies to speak out against how Sbl films is talking down to a trans woman on here.
  4. I am so over being talked down by you. You have expressed transphobic ideals before in the past. Your mask is off because you are talking to me with such disrespect. The audacity of you.
  5. Okay, I understand where you are coming from. Sorry for misunderstanding. I just thought it was a weird angle of addressing that. The way I would word it personally is that it takes a lot of a strength to be a woman working in comedy. None of the accusers have brittle ass spirits. You gotta be tough to be putting yourself out there in this comedy boy’s club. Ask any other female comedian and they’ll back me up.
  6. It was easy to interpret that he was conceding that maybe some women were like that. He shouldn't be doing that. Period. And please watch your tone. How is it "clearly" if I misunderstood? Unless you're implying that I must be stupid for not understanding something that is so "clear".
  7. Big yikes. Maybe we should be talking about victims in a more respectful manner here. Attitudes like this are why women are afraid to speak out.
  8. And because this is a Chappelle thread, it should be stated that he openly defends Louis CK and even attacked one of his accusers. It's attitudes like this from male comics like him which helps continue to make the world of comedy feel unsafe for women. Look at how few prominent male comics have spoke out against Louis CK winning a Grammy where he lies about his assault. It's shameful. Dave Chappelle Jokes That Louis C.K. Accuser Has a “Brittle Ass Spirit” in Netflix Special WWW.HOLLYWOODREPORTER.COM “You don’t know how to hang up a phone?” he said of a woman who claimed that the ‘Louie’ creator masturbated while on a phone call with her...
  9. Also there is a lot of presumption by assuming cocaine was involved. On Jen Kirkman's newest album she actually tells about how CK approached her with this question from how she framed the story it didn't come across as drug-fueled at all. They had just sat down in a separate room at a bar when he asked the question. She thought the question was absurd so she misunderstood it as him testing out material on her, which is something comedians to to their peers all of the time. He seemed bothered that she wasn't picking up on the situation at all. She believes her naïveté at the time helped her because CK gets off on disgusting people and scaring people with his behavior. And then directly after a mutual friends walks up to them and he quickly pretends that he was just showing her pictures of his kids. And all of this happened when he was still married. Really disgusting and sick individual here. I think those outside of comedy don't fully understand the dynamics here. These weren't just women who looked up to him. These were women who were opening for his on the road. When you an opener the headliner is basically your boss. They chose to have you there, and they could also choose to let you go as well. Being a working comic is hard, and being a female comic, even harder. You have to take any work you can. They weren't allowing him to jerk just because he was a hero, they were allowing him to do it because they didn't want to lose any work.
  10. If you have any trans friends in your life right now please let them know how much they mean to you. We are hurting and scared right now.
  11. My mental health has really taken a hit this week from the accumulation of all the anti trans news in the last few weeks. I may have to take a break. It’s just all too much for me and I don’t always feel strong enough to handle it all. There are members of Congress literally labeling me and anyone who supports me a pedophile. What the fuck. I am so disgusted with the world the world right now. I try my best to be a good person and make the world a more accepting place and this is the shit I have to deal with in return? This is just all too much for me to handle.
  12. Twitter has been invaluable for other queer and trans people to connect to each other in a world where we often feel alone and isolated. Destroying Twitter would be hard for a lot of marginalized groups.
  13. This is why I actually respect him for stepping down from the Academy and don’t think it was just for show. There is, like, no incentive anymore to do the right thing and apologize. So much of our society are vindictive little brats who will never forgive under any circumstances. And another sizes me segment will look down at anyone who apologizes as weak. It’s actually a better career move at this point to never apologize and always double down.
  14. Grant Gustin works for television, but does he have that movie star aura that will make him pop on the big screen? Mike Faist from West Side Story would make an excellent Flash.
  15. I will only be okay with an edit button if they also include an easy to access edit history. And edited tweets need to be marked as edited.
  16. Bruce has been joking about a cameo appearance too much for it to not actually happen. It will likely be something we weren't expecting, though.
  17. You think a boss shouldn't be fired for asking their coworkers if he can masturbate in front of them? And that it's virtual signaling to think otherwise? I just wanna make sure I understand you correctly here.
  18. I’m posting additional information about CK for those who haven’t come to that conclusion yet.
  19. That's why I'm getting deja vu! I honestly had to double check to see if this wasn't a late April Fool's joke or some shit.
  20. Always closed. Sometimes if my roommate is gone I'll have it crack but it's never wide open. I feel weird doing that I dunno.
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