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  1. Yeah but Marvel cares about if nerds discuss this shit or not. We are the ones who drive the hype and buy the merchandise. These genre franchise stuff thrives on the base being invested in it. Also find it funny that everyone is ignoring my Avatar comparison. Nobody defends that movie when users say it had no cultural staying power, but somehow me saying the same about Captain Marvel isn’t true lol
  2. Just because it made a lot of money and an A CinemaScore doesn’t guarantee that it will stick around in the public consciousness. Avatar made way more money and also had an A CinemaScore, and is a widely accepted as having little cultural impact. Mad Max Fury Road didn’t do as well as it could have and received a B+ score, yet is still talked about to this day.
  3. WandaVision memes and discussion was widespread and a lot of that discussion was coming from women. That show was HUGE amongst women and queer people. It made an impact in a way that Captain Marvel didn’t. I think you underestimate how many women are into Marvel and it’s not like they aren’t part of the online discourse either. Maybe you’re mostly aware of the male side of pop culture discourse I dunno.
  4. I don't agree. It's not like only one female superhero movie can make an impact lol. Most Marvel movies make some sort of cultural impact, and Captain Marvel couldn't even clear that average baseline of impact. The movie made over a billion dollars and was one of the most successful of the first solo Marvel films, yet nobody really talks about it anymore. There are no memes circulating social media, no girls running around with Captain Marvel shirts. Ideally fans were supposed to walk out of the movie in love with the character of Carol Danvers, and even those who generally liked the movie wer
  5. True. I guess so. I will still say that this generation does see children more as a responsibility than older generation, who seemed to view reproduction as some sort of duty. Which I think explains why there was a baby boom even during the Cold War.
  6. I’m not even saying those are my views, I’m literally just recounting things I’ve been hearing more and more in recent years. How am I being pessimistic by relaying what I observe? lol
  7. It is interesting that they are already moving away from the Captain Marvel brand and are making this a reboot of sorts. Even though Captain Marvel was a financial success, it didn’t have much of a cultural impact. You would think the first female led marvel movie would have stick around more than it actually did. Which stinks, really.
  8. There’s a lot of factors that probably go into this. The shitty economy is one of them, but maybe not the sole reason either. We are the therapy generation. More of us are becoming aware of our own traumas that were passed on to us from our parents - trauma that are parents were simply not aware they had. So we are fully aware how easy it is to screw kids up, thus this generation views child rearing as a huge responsibility rather than an obligation. Plus, there are a growing amount of people my age that question the ethics of brining a child into a world where fascism and climate change are i
  9. Yeah, all of it. Sexually, physically, emotionally. I’ve let go of the anger I used to have towards my parents but it doesn’t change the fact that how they raised me really screwed me up, especially because I’m autistic and already way more prone to being traumatized. I never feel like myself when I’m around them. I don’t think I’ll ever cut them out of my life completely but once I’m finally financially stable I plan to visit them a lot less.
  10. I deactivated my profile over a month and a half ago and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made for my mental health. I’m very close to just completely deleting my account but some of my close friends still use messenger, so that would be a harder leap for me to make.
  11. Wakanda Forever is a fire title but I almost wish they would have saved it for the final film of BP series. But then again, they’ll probably never stop making these movies if they had their way.
  12. I've been to therapy in the past but unfortunately I'm not in a financial situation to be receiving regular treatment. But the therapy I did receive was very helpful for helping me to determine when I was experiencing a flashback and how to properly ground. It does get better gradually over time, but progress isn't always a straight line. I used to use CBD to help take the edge off but I now do everything without any substances or help. It's a personal decision, but I certainly have had an issue with overly self-medicating before in the past. Sober living is the way to go for me.
  13. Yes. I was sexually and physically abused as a child and I have a severe form of it known as CPTSD (complex post-traumatic stress disorder). I’m trying to move on from it, but sometimes it can be very debilitating.
  14. As a former smoker it’s always puzzling to me that libertarian chose cigarette restrictions as a 0hill to die on. If it weren’t for the ridiculously high taxes in cigarettes I wouldn’t have quit as soon as I did, and perhaps never would have. Funny that you generally don’t see libertarians concerned about all of the anti-trans bills that are currently going around. And by funny I mean completely expected.
  15. The big set pieces in Ready Player One were a lot of fun and a real thrill to see on the big screen, even if the rest of the movie was just okay. Spielberg hasn’t fully lost it yet, but his heart hasn’t been in it for the latter years of his career. However, West Side Story is a passion project of his and something he’s been trying to get made for years. So I’m hoping his enthusiasm translates on screen and maybe we can get something special from him in a way we haven’t in quite some time. If not, then maybe it’s a lost cause to wish for another classic from him.
  16. Watch the opening action scene of the first episode. It’s super expensive, features real stunts, and kinda hard to believe it was shot for television. They clearly blew the whole show’s budget on that scene because the rest of the show feels kinda small. Lots of scenes in back alleyways and empty warehouses. I dipped out halfway through.
  17. Love seeing all of the actions scene that are in wide shots and clearly showing their full bodies. This is not just a movie featuring kung fu, but a movie clearly influenced by kung fu cinema. Excellent direction to take this in.
  18. I first saw this on twitter and the ideal way to experience this clip is to go into it completely cold. What a wild video.
  19. I didn’t realize they announced a Fast 11, but right on. This series works best when Lin is directing. 7 and 8 were fun but they didn’t quite have that same magic as 5 and 6.
  20. I’m getting real Baby Driver vibes from this. Why can’t more action scenes be choreographed to music?
  21. I’m getting the first dose of Moderna after work today. Pretty stoked.
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