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  1. I caught this in theaters a few weeks ago while it was still playing. I was busy with moving at the time so I forgot to post my thoughts. But I just wanted to say that this movie is a masterpiece and easily the best thing I've seen in theaters for at least a couple of years. I hadn't read the poem since college so unfortunately some of the deeper messages were lost on me at the moment, but damn, the movie just worked on a pure emotional level for me from start to finish. The alternate reality sequence at the end really got to me. This is a perfect example of a story with a simple message of morality being told effectively in a way that never feels cheesy or didactic. And on a sensory level this movie sent me on a trip and put my head in a very unique space. I'm really glad I saw it on a big screen because a few of those sequences really needed the big screen to pop as well as they did. I literally jumped when I first saw the giants. Such a great fucking movie. FUCK!
  2. Never saw him as the host so I don't have a strong opinion on his hosting abilities. But I never really bought the idea that he shouldn't host because he was the executive producer. Because wouldn't him being already heavily involved make him the most qualified? I'm sure he's more intimately aware of just why the show works as well as it doe than probably anyone else. Being a good host is more than just being knowledgable like Ken Jennings, it's about being keenly aware of timing, poise, etc. Definitely support him getting the boot because of his shitty behavior but it did seem like the knives were out for him before those details even surfaced.
  3. It’s one thing to keep up with a few movies a year, which I didn’t really mind before. But now to keep up with the MCU you have watch a handful of shows a year in addition to a few movies. That’s a significant more amount of time spent per year. I’m super busy and try to watch a variety of media and not devote too much time to any one thing. There’s already so little shows I can watch in a year. I sadly can’t fit in every Marvel show. I will say I did like Wandavision and Loki quite a bit though.
  4. oh damn, I forgot to post the interview itself. It’s been a crazy day, still process the whole thing. It doesn’t feel real. I was listening to it at the gym and it’s such a good, honest interview. He explains his rationale behind the style of comedy that he does and what he considers to be the perfect joke.
  5. Okay, after finally watching the trailer I admit this looks fun and much better than that mediocre Falcon and Winter Soldier show. But still, I gotta draw the line somewhere. I just can’t watch every Marvel show they release. It’s getting to be too much.
  6. I didn’t catch Tenet in theaters because of safety concerns and I just don’t have a good enough of a home setting to enjoy it on the sensory level that his newest movies seem to require these days. It’s a shame because if he had pushed it back a year I would have gladly gone to see it. The main reason why Dunkirk was such a memorable experience was because I caught it on 70mm IMAX. I would love for them to do a rerelease of Tenet for this reason.
  7. Never mind, it's already on Marc's youtube page. I highly recommend it - it really humanizes him. I'll be giving it another listen over the next few days.
  8. His interview on WTF years ago was really good. It was one of the few times he drops the persona and you see him as a real person. Marc Maron always reposts old interviews with anyone who has recently died, so when that one drops definitely give it a listen if you're a fan.
  9. He had been battling it for 9 years apparently but it was never announced publicly. Wow. He seemed to be more on the conservative side but he kept his views out of his comedy so it never really bothered me too much. And his comedy was truly some of the best. He was a consistently perfect guest on Conan.
  10. They are really trying hard to get us to watch the Hawkeye show, aren’t they?
  11. I don’t see how it’s any different than what Raimi did with The Evil Dead. Maybe intentional camp just isn’t your thing I dunno. I personally had a blast! I think most longtime horror fans knew what the twist would be to some extent but I don’t think anyone saw it playing out the way it did. That’s why it was so surprising for people.
  12. Honestly, same. I kept hearing that the movie’s greatness is held up completely by the last 30 minutes, but even then I wasn’t expecting it to go as hard as it did. I was full of glee.
  13. Update: I ended up keeping them. I am able to keep them in a small box in the corner of our storage shed. I guess I could always throw them out eventually, but for now they don't take up much space.
  14. Today's episode had a lot of great moments that are sure to get the fans talking. Holy shit, talk about payoff after payoff.
  15. Yeah I was thinking with the success of Floor is Lava there must be something I'm just not getting. But also, I don't have kids! I totally how these would be great to watch as a family. I mostly watch Netflix alone (a single tear rolls down cheek as I type this) but I can see how these would be fun with others.
  16. It’s weird to put these kind of dumb fun shows on a streaming service. This is the very definition of something you only watch because you’re flipping channels and the weirdness catches your eye. I can’t imagine actually sitting down and choosing to watch this out of a long list of programs.
  17. I missed out on The Matrix in theaters because I was only 11. A couple years later I finally convinced my dad to let me rent it but we still had a VHS player. I somehow went into it knowing nothing about what the Matrix was and my 13 year old mind was blown. After we returned the tape my friend let me borrow his VHS and I would watch it literally every day for like 2 weeks before giving it back to him. Something about it just captivated me. I rewatched the trilogy earlier this summer and feel like it was overall a fun trip. The first is still a masterpiece, but it also is so influential on so many movies after it, both in style and structure, that it doesn't feel AS fresh but it still incredibly watchable. Reloaded is a very interesting "make everything bigger" sequel that was unfortunately underappreciated at the time, but today stands out for being still utterly weird for a sequel. Revolutions is... well, I admire it for trying to be different than the other two but it's ultimately a whiff of a conclusion.
  18. I watched it for the first time a few years ago and I went worried it would be one of those "you just had to be there" moments in television history but was surprised by how well it still holds up. I'm sure there were moments that were shocking 20 years ago that aren't shocking now, but the show never relies on shocks or twists the way so many other modern prestige dramas do. It's all about the characters, and even decades later there are few characters as nuanced and complicated as Tony Soprano. The show is dripping with subtext, symbolism, and themes - you could easily teach a college course on this show alone. A lot of millennial and gen Z-ers are discovering the show for the first time too thanks to HBO Max - David Chase talks about it in the interview I posted above. The show is about how the mafia in in decline and not in the same shape it was back in this heyday, and a lot of people my age or younger really respond to that because it's a metaphor for capitalism. As for it having no redeemable characters, well, it depends on how you define that. All of the characters are very complicated. Nobody is purely good and few are purely bad. Even Tony, for all of his faults, truly loves his kids and does what he can to ensure that they don't follow in his footsteps because he's truly unhappy with the lifestyle that he was born into. Even if you don't "root" for him, he is still compelling to watch because I think most people recognize that they may have turned out similar if they grew up in the same situation.
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