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  1. tbh, it's the way I prefer as well, but sometimes work schedules make it so difficult. Like, my g/f and I would never have crossed paths otherwise.
  2. This is from Obama's speech when he announced his presidency: And even when talking about the ethics bill he sponsored and helped get passed: Now, I know that he also made clear that we're the change we were waiting for, that we must take responsibility to make change and not just the government. But he clearly was talking about sweeping changes and an audacity to overcome the cynics and naysayers to do what needs to be done.
  3. Obama was attacked for having the most liberal voting record in the Senate. He was also to the left on flag burning and the legality of it. Obama's full quote isn't as dismissive as the snippet suggests. However, I don't think "Yes we can, but," is what he was thinking when he first recited that phrase.
  4. I still remember this great little exchange I had with one of my best friends who was a huge Chrono Trigger fan and talked to me while I played it for the first time. I forget the name of some of the creatures in this game, but there was this shop where the shopkeeper thing charges you an obscene, unaffordable amount of money for everything. I messaged my friend, "Dude, wtf, this guy is charging, like, a million dollars for every item, what a ripoff! Why's he charging so much?" and he goes, "Then fix it." "Uh... sure, dude." He never elaborated what he meant by fix it. But I eventually fixed it. Then I learned that anything wrong in the world can be made right.
  5. Let's try compromising from the left, eh? We already tried, "Voting for the Iraq War with a frowny face," as a compromise.
  6. Yeah, I wish I had that experience. From what I understand, OKCupid was bought by Match, so maybe they just want to drive people to the stuff you have to pay for. Which would be SHOCKING!
  7. Oh, you bet. The thing with sending messages whenever is that someone may have otherwise skipped past you, or never encountered you on their search, but could like your message and consider it better than some of the other weird shit they see. When I used it before meeting my current g/f, it didn't last long since I was no longer having conversations with anyone. For many people now, they'll get a notification that someone messaged them but they'll have to scroll through a list of people in hopes that they see the message, which is really just an added paragraph on their bio. Plus, the way it works now, the other person has to actively use the app. You could send a message to someone who wasn't swiping a ton and get noticed. It just removed what made it unique.
  8. OKCupid used to be good, but they changed the messaging system and made it shitty. You can no longer directly message someone as there's no inbox, and if someone does send you a "message," you'll only see it if you come across them while swiping, which removed its uniqueness. I actually had success with Bumble if you're interested in using apps.
  9. Mina Chang resigned Monday, 6 days after an NBC News report about her resume inflation and hours after NBC asked her about newly discovered false claims.
  10. It literally serves as a touchpad and two separate buttons. In Bloodborne, you can access two different inventories using the left and right part of the touchpad. Aiming in something like Astro Bot is more fun with the touchpad. And it's in a more convenient position to do things like access maps than the old Select button.
  11. Iowa's an interesting state because it can fuck things up royally for leading candidates (Giuliani, Romney in 2008, Clinton in 2008, Dean and Gephardt in 2004).
  12. Great, now I have to reach the transcript of this speech to see wtf this is about.
  13. Launch game pricing: Stadia Launch Games Pricing Assassin's Creed Odyssey - $59.99 $30.00 Stadia Pro Deal Gylt - $29.99 Just Dance 2020 - $49.99 Kine - $19.99 Mortal Kombat 11 - $59.99 $41.99 Stadia Pro Deal Red Dead Redemption 2 - Launch Edition - $59.99 Samurai Showdown - $59.99 Thumper - $19.99 Shadow of the Tomb Raider - $59.99 Rise of the Tomb Raider - $29.99 Tomb Raider 2013 - $19.99 $10.00 Stadia Pro Deal Final Fantasy XV - $39.99 $29.99 Stadia Pro Deal Special Editions: Assassin's Creed Odyssey Stadia Ultimate Edition - $119.99 - $60.00 Stadia Pro Deal Mortal Kombat 11 Premium Edition - $89.99 $62.99 Stadia Pro Deal Red Dead Redemption 2 Special Edition - $79.99 Red Dead Redemption 2 Ultimate Edition - $99.99 I get the feeling that some will confused react this post.
  14. Anyway, apparently this is a Chrono Cross thread I made.
  15. Well, it's more that she's the only one left. But Bea Arthur was one hell of a talent!
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