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  1. Getting banned by @SFLUFAN takes a LOT of work. You need to be the biggest piece of shit that makes normal shit smell and taste like 5-star cuisine to get the
  2. Here is where the candidates stand now as far as making the third debates (they need 2% support from FOUR qualifying polls and at least 130,000 unique donors): They have until late August to meet the poll and donor threshold. I have to think that some of these guys will try to make waves in the July debates to improve their August poll numbers. Booker and Klobuchar are doing well in the polls but need to up their donor count. Beto, Castro and Yang all have the donor count but need to improve their poll numbers. I hope Inslee improves; I like his presence.
  3. I don't think we're gonna have time to travel there and do it. We're staying reallllly close to Seattle and are gonna be there two days before going to Portland. We have the Space Needle booked for Monday evening, a possible ferry ride, and apparently this really great Chinese place that has a long line all the time. What do you know about this list? Seattle Recommendations Pike Place Market/ Downtown ⁃ first Starbucks isn’t really worth it unless you are really into that kind of stuff haha ⁃ gum wall: gross but also, you can’t look away ⁃ The market itself is a big labyrinth basically. Lots of different levels with tons of different little shops inside. The farmers market is great, and the flowers are gorgeous and CHEAP! ⁃ The pink door restaurant is a great Italian place, good for dinner. They have live entertainment usually, and on certain nights they have a trapeze show sort of thing. ⁃ Purple Wine Bar has really good food and a huge wine selection. Seattle Center ⁃ MoPop is a super cool museum with music and pop culture stuff. I think they have a Marvel exhibit right now. ⁃ Space Needle. They have a new glass floor observation deck. If you really want to go up, I would go to the restaurant for brunch instead of paying to do the observation deck. I think it opened back up after the construction. ⁃ International fountain is behind the space needle right by the Amway center. ⁃ Chihuly Museum - skip it if you’ve seen the sculptures at Fairchild. ⁃ Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation does free guided tours, but I think they’re closed on Sundays. ⁃ Amazon Spheres. These are a brand new green space addition to amazon. I think they’re open to the public? Capitol Hill ⁃ Starbucks Reserve Roasting Room is about a 15-20 minute walk from pike place market. ⁃ Elliot Bay Book Company is a really awesome book store. ⁃ Lots of bars and restaurants here! Bainbridge Island ⁃ About a 30 minute ferry ride from Seattle. Really cute to walk around, lots of little wine tasting places, and THE BEST ICE CREAM EVER at Mora. Woodland Park Zoo ⁃ I used to volunteer here in the family farm with the goats. It’s a great zoo!! This is north of downtown in the Phinney Ridge neighborhood. ⁃ The Rose Garden is right next to the zoo. It’s free to the public and also where Alex proposed to me!! ⁃ Right down the street is A la mode which is a really delicious pie shop. Fremont ⁃ Theo Chocolate!!! Reserve a factory tour on their website! $10 for an hour long tour, tons of sample, and the best chocolate. ⁃ Fremont Troll ⁃ Fremont Brewing ⁃ Caffe Vita has great coffee Ballard ⁃ Our old stomping grounds! You can see our old apartment, AVA. And also the firestone across the street where I found a homeless man sleeping in my car 😂 ⁃ Ballard Coffee Works is our favorite coffee place in Seattle! ⁃ Ballard Locks is really cool to watch the boats go through, and they have the salmon ladder too. ⁃ Market Street has a bunch of shops and is just a nice place to walk around. ⁃ Pie Bar is Alex’s favorite place. They serve pie, and pie themed cocktails. They’re only open at night. ⁃ Monkey Bridge has awesome Vietnamese food! ⁃ Portage Bay Cafe is a great brunch spot. They take reservations on Yelp. If you go, make sure it’s the Ballard one, not U district. ⁃ Peddler is a great local brewery! Wallingford ⁃ Also our old stomping grounds! We lived at Prescott. ⁃ A muddy cup, also one of our favorite coffee shops! ⁃ 45th stop and shop, best poke!! ⁃ Seattle pops, yummy popsicles! ⁃ Molly Moons has good ice cream. There is usually a line. ⁃ Djan’s has the best Thai food!! U District ⁃ University of Washington has a gorgeous campus. ⁃ UVillage is a really nice outdoor mall. They have an amazon bookstore too which is pretty cool! ⁃ Din tai Fung amazing dim sum, and soup dumplings!! There is always a long wait.
  4. On Wednesday, I'm going into @thewhyteboar's home turf as I visit Washington State, Oregon and @Scott's home turf in Montana. I'm so flippin' excited because I've never been to the Pacific Northwest, and the weather looks lovely. I'll be escaping the Florida humidity for so long that it's gonna hit me like a mountain of bricks when I return. I ain't gonna be posting as much, so this board better not explode while I'm gone. I'll be the judge of when this board goes under. But seriously, the west is undiscovered territory for me, save for Colorado which I've visited. I'm gone for 7 days but I've been planning the damn thing for 7 months, doing a little bit here, buying one ticket or reservation there to space out how much I'm paying at once, and looking up all possible things to do and when we should just slow down and explore.
  5. I wonder how many people are following him just for the lulz. He seems like he's just trying to be Joe Pesci without any of the actual humor, not realizing that people thought the outburst and situation were funny, and bringing up "women in general" "on dating sites" as a defense for himself, rather than his normal demeanor being funny. Plus, he looks like he's trying to make love to the table and laptop in this video.
  6. Also, third party candidates are typically worse than the main parties.
  7. I've no doubt plenty of reluctant Trump voters are now firm Trump voters. We've also seen stories of ones who were Trump voters and turned away from him. Considering he's stayed in the low 40s with this economy (which most people understand isn't benefiting them), it hasn't led to a noticeable change in his approval. He needs to turn things around because someone like Clinton, who had similar infidelity issues and was mired in scandals like Whitewater, coasted to reelection with a strong economy. Obama killing Osama Bin Laden helped give him a bump for a little while, but the improving economy in 2012 helped him when he surpassed 50% approval. Trump's biggest concern besides his personality is if we see more signs of an economic downturn or if the economy sustaining itself doesn't win him more voters. Or if there's more to this Epstein scandal that involves Trump or someone close to him. Or maybe just things we aren't currently appreciating/haven't yet happened. The latter applies to whichever Democrat wins as well, and I'd say the biggest hurdle for Democrats is bringing more people to the polls since under-performance in Democratic areas were the death knell in the rust belt. The quality of the candidates/campaign matter.
  8. I love how the last few seasons of Seinfeld showcased this theme of Elaine's life going downhill. I mean compare the stuff she was doing in the last few seasons and where she stood compared to the first few seasons; she was a mess. Some Elaine gifs:
  9. And it's not even relevant to the conversation! The logic is, "Trump gets away with everything, while Republicans [just Fox News] went after Obama for wearing a tan suit!" wat? Now I want to know what Obama didn't get away with and what the consequence was.
  10. This may be the dumbest thing I've read on the board for the past week, and Dodger couldn't understand dripping sarcasm in my Paul Ryan thread. Nobody wins by just their party. There weren't 60 million Republicans voting for him, and there weren't 60 million coming out in 2018 (there were 60 million coming out voting Dem in presidential turnout style). You have no idea what you're talking about. Obama faced no consequences for wearing a tan suit, so why did you bring that up? What do you mean "gotten away with?" Has a president gone to jail recently that I'm unaware of? He's consistently unpopular and his party got their teeth kicked in during the 2017 and 2018 elections; that means he's not invincible. Democrats won big in 2006. They also won in 2008. Republicans won big in 2014. They then won in 2016. Midterms are not necessarily indicative of the following election; that doesn't mean, "herp derp, the opposite gonna happen every time." Nobody should think Trump is gonna win. Nobody should think he has no chance. Republicans had an easier Senate map in 2010 (they weren't defending seats in Connecticut, Vermont, Maine, and California, which would be comparable to 2018 when Democrats had to defend Missouri, Montana and Indiana), and the House was less gerrymandered against them as well, and the economy was still in shambles. What does that have to do with their massive losses in 2018 in an economy that's supposed to be good? It was one of the worst losses in the House in recent memory, up there with 1994 and 2010 and Watergate 1974. That's not including the 10-point Democratic win in the Virginia legislature, and losing an Alabama Senate seat, the court seats that had been Republican for decades in Texas that flipped blue, and the massive gubernatorial wins, and the Orange County California Republicans who were uniformly unseated after decades of Republican domination. You have already retreated from the idea that 2018 wasn't Democratic domination, and now you're incapable of admitting you were wrong about it. Your point was originally, "It wasn't a Democratic win he's not scaring anyone!" Now it's, "Well, yeah, they kicked ass, but 2010 was better and Obama won." You're changing goal posts in the span of 20 minutes with absolutely no historical literacy of US midterm elections.
  11. Low 40s. Republicans were "fighting among themselves" as well in 2016. Democrats were "fighting amongst themselves" as well in 2008. By admitting that 2018 isn't an indicator of 2020, you're already getting off the notion that 2018 wasn't Democratic domination because that's the only way your point works. If you thought that little about 2018, I don't know why you're making bold declarations about 2020. He needs more than his base. He didn't win with just his base in 2016. Your last statement shows me you're not really listening to what I'm saying, especially since I've already said that on the board lol. You're simply subscribing to the low-thought notion that he's made of teflon, which requires Olympic leaps so extraordinary that you'll hurt yourself on the landing.
  12. This comes in addition to the arrest of two former officials and accusations of impropriety. A couple things nestled in the 900 pages I'm impressed that "grab them by the pussy" has made this seem tame to me.
  13. It certainly doesn't help, not hurt, or else huge gains would have been made nationwide as Republicans solidified their grip in 2017 and 2018, which didn't happen.
  14. Gains in an extremely red Senate map where everything in play was in a red state, which also came with two losses including Arizona, and an Alabama Senate loss in 2017, plus many special election wins and a thumping in Virginia and New Jersey in 2017. On the other hand, this was the worst Republican thumping since Watergate with gerrymandering in place, plus hundreds of state legislative seats and over half a dozen governors' mansions and a 10 point national vote win. It was Democratic domination. Trump scares many people away or else he'd be considerably more popular. He needed more than "his voters," who were outnumbered by 10 million on election day 2018. He has a strong chance of winning reelection; that doesn't mean this somehow helps his chances.
  15. His base couldn't save massive 2018 losses despite gerrymandering (even if they did help in places like Wisconsin). He needs to not scare off others heading into 2020.
  16. I hate when people speak badly about our country and say that everything sucks and nothing's great.
  17. I think a 007 movie where a woman takes the mantle and the old 007 comes out of retirement and meets her could provide a story untouched in 60+ years and really cement that the designations are the only constant in the spy world. That's my take. I don't think you're sexist at all.
  18. You didn't; you just phrased it differently. James Bond still exists in this sequel according to the rumor; the 007 designation isn't his. You just said a new character could be 006 since the old one died; that means once the character is gone, the three digits are up for grabs.
  19. You didn't say anything different than I did. All of them change. M switched genders in the 90s. 007 is a designation, not something necessarily exclusive to James Bond.
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