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  1. If the Bond films have shown anything, it's that 007, M, Moneypenny, Q, Felix, etc. all change. It's always a different person under the same designation.
  2. And this Bond retired according to the rumor. 007 has an opening.
  3. Strangely, this originated from the Daily Mail, and everyone's picked up on it. So either they're talking to their own sources, or they could be jumping the gun because DM is suspect. Unconfirmed for now.
  4. But Warren's not the old guard, nor is she an establishment candidate. The only things Hillary and Warren have in economy are not having a Y chromosome and being smart. I feel like you've never listened to her. I have for a long time, and her view of the country is one that put together safeguards to prevent boom-and-bust economies via the New Deal and then slowly removed one little strand from the ball until it blew up in 2008, in large part because wealth was concentrated in so few hands that it only took greed from a few to bring down the economy for the many. Like, this is just who she is and what she believed as a professor. She actually seems like someone who was passionate about these issues in the 90s and 00s and did what she could as a private citizen to protect consumers and then wanted to get into public service to make a bigger difference. This is the first time I ever heard anyone say she's establishment, and she's not. She's just not.
  5. An establishment candidate who goes with the wind is the opposite of Warren. You, like, partially described Biden, honestly.
  6. I'm honestly not seeing what puts Gabbard above the rest? Gabbard/Biden seem like a strange Top 2, but maybe it'll make sense if I hear the reasoning.
  7. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/victim-compensation-fund-house-votes-to-permanently-reauthorize-911-victims-compensation-fund-after-outcry
  8. I just realized this is the same episode as the soup with Bania. Damn fine episode.
  9. There was something really cool about her changing her hair to the early seasons again considering this dry heave to music was in the last couple of seasons.
  10. Yes, I believe it was one guy in NBC who had confidence, IIRC. Regardless, the pilot was so bland lol. I remember buying the first few seasons years ago, watching the pilot and thinking, "It does get better than this, right? Is this not as good as I remember?"
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