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  1. Hmm, still not seeing it there, partly because you had ruby red states like Alabama where Democrats ran an attorney in Doug Jones, or in Arizona (since we mentioned Mark Kelly in 2020) where Democrats ran someone who was LGBT and a former Nader supporter, or Beto in Texas, or minority candidates who ran more left in Georgia and Florida. In the case of Mark Kelly in Arizona, he's also a former astronaut like former Senator John Glenn and he's well-known for his gun control advocacy. Doesn't seem to be a consistent pattern over the past few years. Just seems like sometimes, you're a veteran and that can be a strength.
  2. Kentucky Democratic Senate candidate Amy McGrath raised more than $2.5 million in the first 24 hours of her campaign against Mitch McConnell — over $1 million of it coming in just the first five and a half hours after she announced, according to her campaign. This is the most ever raised in 24 hours in a Senate campaign. Democrats hate Mitch even more than in 08 and 14 lol. Mitch McConnell's last challenge was not against a veteran. It was against a lawyer and the Kentucky Secretary of State.
  3. Toejam & Earl: Back In the Groove If you liked the Genesis version of 1, you'll like this. It's a charming game, it DOES have Level 0, and it gets better as you get more permanent presents that stay with you for multiple playthroughs. There are some downsides: many times, you have to just run from the enemies and hope your next present will let you take care of enemies or hide, and sometimes it's kind of annoying that there's no way to run quicker than you can. But it's short, it's fun co-op, and it's just a good time and not that expensive. Astro Bot: Rescue Mission Detroit: Become Human Resident Evil 2 Remake Moss Yakuza Kiwami Yakuza 0 Tetris Effect Dead Cells (one or two runs) Days Gone Dead Cells (completed all runs, true final boss, true ending) Toejam & Earl: Back in the Groove
  4. I mean, he was Trump before Trump. He was in a nicer package, though.
  5. You are a bad-faith poster. You are implying that I'm the bad guy for "forcing" you to dishonestly characterize my posts with one of the most overused techniques in the book. You're also very antagonistic. I don't think you understood the point of the post. THE [insert name here] not watching something has nothing to do with its quality. What I watch is irrelevant to how good it is. What you watch is irrelevant to how good something is. You either can grasp this or you can continue making an ass out of yourself.
  6. https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/democrat-amy-mcgrath-launches-bid-kentucky-senate-hopes/story?id=64215679 This is trending big time. Anyone have decent info on her? She lost her 2018 race against an incumbent, 51-48, so she has some experience running in a red area and doing well. McConnell's always very difficult to defeat with his massive war chest.
  7. /thread That was hilarious. When we had that thread where we all made rage comics about d1p, I made one with a big troll face that said, "I look like GigersAlien, I sound like GigersAlien, I taste like GigersAlien, but I'm actually stepee." He liked the comic, which was a badge of honor, man.
  8. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/07/09/us/politics/trump-twitter-first-amendment.html
  9. tbh, all I do is print out a picture of a cow's face and tape it to my face. Works every year.
  10. The best line was when he was asked about his 50 cent gas tax. I've timestamped it, but it begins at 26:00 and ends at 26:11.
  11. His free trade deals and self-funded campaign, in my eyes, was Trump before Trump (plus at that time, Trump was more socially liberal as was Perot's ticket).
  12. https://www.cnbc.com/2019/07/09/billionaire-and-former-presidential-candidate-ross-perot-is-dead-at-89.html
  13. You know what I like about you? We can be going at each other in one thread and it never transfers to another. I'm not because you're not doing it; I'm to help with the torture.
  14. I can remove it, but fyi: glass houses. You're kind of being full-on hardcore douchey here, especially ITT where I'm apparently the bad guy for "forcing" you to be a bad-faith poster. You're also gonna need the entire board cleansed of everyone who's ever quoted you for the past year because your name is littered throughout the board.
  15. I wouldn't know whether the old one is scarier or not, but I DO know that many RE2 veterans were shocked at how Mr. X operated. In the first game, he "followed" you through a couple rooms, and his presence was scripted. Here, he followed you through the whole damn place, STOMP STOMP STOMP STOMP and freaked you the fuck out. And his introduction in the B campaign is LULZ.
  16. A rich CIO doesn't care. Shocking. This part stuck out: "Is bowling that interesting? Is fishing that interesting?" Putting aside the amount of people who do that and watch Fox (God knows I've befriended plenty), who cares what someone else likes? I love video games, but some people don't get why. I don't get fishing, but some people are in paradise sitting on a boat with friends. If you like fishing, bowling, tennis, dancing, video games, movie/show binging, writing, traveling, exploring, arts, escape rooms, reading, snorkeling, sailing, climbing, working out, editing videos, collecting, going to the beach, and that's what makes you happy, then it's interesting to you and no one else should judge you for it. I get the idea of loving your work to the point that you keep doing it, but he's a rich cat who can afford to choose what he does and doesn't get the negative reason why many people are never planning on retiring.
  17. OLO You went from, "Can't be good if you don't watch it!" to "Women's sports are bad." You saw, "It's different, not worse. They're playing at the highest level," and thought, "So you're saying the skill level doesn't affect enjoyment." No one forced you to be dishonest; it's just something you're doing because you're one of those posters. Everyone besides the sexually frustrated Trump supporter and you are following along easily. If how someone watches something determines how good it is, then there are many plays, movies, shows, video games, and sports that apparently aren't good because you're not watching. People's obsessions with how much sports someone watches and their level of fandom is always humorous.
  18. For the first time, Miners' union invites Democratic candidates to court coal workers
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