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  1. Biden's mental capacity should be questioned at this stage.
  2. I'm boycotting in solidarity with striking Amazon warehouse workers.
  3. I have definitely seen a significant decline in the number of projects as well as the successfully funded projects barely clearing their minimum funding goal. I can only imagine that the recent charlie-foxtrots involving Phoenix Point will have a negative impact going forward.
  4. You should definitely "buy it". Both Russia and China have invested heavily in "area denial" weapons systems that are intended to blunt the US advantage in aerial and naval assets by making it extremely risky to operate those assets in areas protected by systems like the S-400.
  5. To remove a Speaker, a motion to vacate the Chair must be approved by a majority vote of the entire House.
  6. JLD actually looks better now than she did during Seinfeld's run.
  7. The S-400 is nothing to scoff at. The S-400 is literally designed to kill our stealth aircraft.
  8. This is one show I was totally and completely indifferent to. At one point I'm sure that I must've asked if I needed to be Jewish to appreciate it.
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