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  1. Solution: reserve your burger n' fries consumption for locations where beer is served!
  2. I think the only time I have soda now is to accompany popcorn when I go to the movies.
  3. I've pretty much phased it out of my diet at this point.
  4. "Now, our friendly HR people will be around shortly to discuss your futures!"
  5. I'm going to support Gravel if only to confront US foreign policy.
  6. Epic announced today that Ubisoft will continue its relationship with the Epic Games Store. Apparently, the publisher was happy with its decision to release The Division 2 on Epic's client (and not Steam), and will be releasing "several" more games that way—though which ones, Epic can't say yet. Ubisoft will announce that in the near future.
  7. All of Quantic Dream's more recent games are coming to PC, and will be distributed though the Epic Games Store. Soon, we'll not only be able to press F to pay respects, but also press X to Jason.
  8. I've done a pretty good job of attaining an "Atlantic neutral" accent.
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