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  1. Oh, I guess it's now time for white liberals to call for "civility" or some other such nonsense.
  2. Now, if/when a compromise bill ends up in the Senate, will Sanders PLEASE SHOW UP TO VOTE AGAINST IT! IT'S NOT LIKE YOU'RE TERRIBLY BUSY DOING ANYTHING ELSE, BERNARD!
  3. "Break"?!? These companies are overwhelmingly dominated by caucasian techno-libertarians who more than likely share a HELLUVA LOT of the ideology of the Republican Party. They'll sooner kowtow to whatever inane "Social Media Fair Use Doctrine" they come up with than "break".
  4. WarnerMedia Strikes Eleventh Hour HBO Max Distribution Deal With Comcast
  5. OLOLOLOLOLOLO The Imbecile flew in to watch the launch - I can only imagine his reaction to a scrub!
  6. What the devil @ the bloody Harry Potter films?!? Actually, that explains a HELLUVA lot about the #Resistance. It might actually explain EVERYTHING about it!
  7. Would it have killed Antony Dapiran to actually write out the word "Beijing" instead of using such a nonsensical abbreviation?
  8. Speaking of drive-in movie theaters... Miami Dolphins to turn Hard Rock Stadium into drive-in movie theater As as a Dolphins fan, this is a VASTLY better use of the stadium than actually watching the team attempt to play football.
  9. I once refused to give a piece of bread from a sandwich I was eating to a squirrel, so the jerk went up a tree and started to drop acorns on me.
  10. Kind of - they at least provided the fig-leaf of perception that Beijing at least was pretending to respect Hong Kong's special status which was "guaranteed" under treaty. Now that the illusion has been shredded, Beijing should be wary of the broader economic consequences for mainland Chinese interests.
  11. Honestly? Considering the governments involved, let them fight. Realistically? Lots of diplomatic hand-wringing at the UN by the powerless Europeans, a fairly pro-India posture by the US, and not a word from Japan. Personally, I would love nothing more than seeing Modi's Hindu-chauvanist government be dealt such a humiliating military defeat that it's decisively toppled from power. The downside is that it would come at the hands of the odious regime in Beijing.
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