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  1. Tonight's recipient is @KupoBitches - let me know which game and for what system!
  2. Why the hell would you ever need to "reboot" a Call of Du...Y'know what? Nevermind - video games really are absurd.
  3. We haven't had one of these in a while, so I figured why not make this holiday weekend the one for the first game giveaway of 2019? Rules are easy: just post in this thread over the course of the weekend and you're eligible to be selected! Note: if you're interested in the PlayStation version of a game, remember that in its infinite wisdom, Sony is no longer providing digital keys to third-party retailers like Amazon, Gamestop, Best Buy, etc. so if you're selected and you want a Sony game, you'll receive a PlayStation Store gift card code instead.
  4. It's a quite a different game than the first in the sense that it's essentially a loot-based game with procedurally-generated levels (the VERY limited tileset used to generate those levels means that you'll get sick and tired of seeing them over and over again) that really was intended as a 4-player co-op game primarily rather than a purely single-player game like the first. I played the hell out of it and considered it to be the second best FPS of 2016 (after DOOM, of course), but it's definitely an inferior game to the original.
  5. I will actually pay cash money for another film in this franchise to NEVER be made again. Same goes for the Aliens and Predator franchises.
  6. Vanity Fair has done these large behind-the-scenes previews for the films since The Phantom Menace so it's time for the The Rise of Skywalker edition.
  7. I think the "traditional" eSports genres like fighting games and LoL/Dota 2 will be fine, but newcomers like the Overwatch League will be toast. “I feel like esports is almost running a Ponzi scheme at this point,” Frank Fields, Corsair’s sponsorship manager, told an audience at San Francisco’s Game Developers Conference last March. He smirked. The crowd laughed uncomfortably. The smile dropped from Fields’ face as he continued. “Everyone I talk to in this industry kind of acknowledges the fact that there is value in esports, but it is not nearly the value that is getting hyped these days.” Later, Fields would clarify that this value, and future value, “as of now, is optimistic at best and fraudulent at worst.”
  8. Spring 2020 release, exactly 5 years after the release of The Witcher 3.
  9. I've only played Lords of Shadow - does that count?
  10. I've put about 8 hours into the game so far and it's DEFINITELY an FPS version of Avalanche's Mad Max.
  11. The contrast between the light-hearted, international flirtation of "Ausländer" and the sheer psychoticness of "Puppe" is quite something.
  12. Congratulations on Prime Minister Boris Johnson @JosephManderley
  13. I absolutely love this album, especially Tattoo!
  14. A detailed investigation into where China's PC games industry is coming from, where it's headed, and what stands in the way. There are 312 million PC gamers in China. By 2023, analysts predict that number will reach 354 million, surpassing the total population of the United States and generating an estimated $16 billion in revenue. That alone is greater than the GDP of 90 different countries. But despite having the highest concentration of gamers worldwide, China's PC gaming scene is often misunderstood or treated as isolated from PC gaming everywhere else. But it's not.
  15. All existence is subjective.
  16. Indian PM Narendra Modi has secured another five-year term after winning a landslide general election victory. Partial and declared results show Mr Modi's BJP is projected to win 300 seats on its own, and combined with the party's allies, this number reaches nearly 350. India's lower house has a total of 543 seats.
  17. Venture clan introduction The second-to-last of the vampire clans in Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2 has been revealed. Weekly updates so far have covered the Thinblood background alongside the Brujah, Tremere, and Toreador clans -- next on the list is the Clan of Kings, the Ventrue.
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