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  1. The Amazon billionaire Jeff Bezos had his mobile phone “hacked” in 2018 after receiving a WhatsApp message that had apparently been sent from the personal account of the crown prince of Saudi Arabia, sources have told the Guardian. Jake Tapper kinda/sorta grew a spine today:
  2. What the hell is "Justice League Dark"? (goes to Wikipedia to look up Justice League Dark) I'm sorry I asked.
  3. He's supposedly working on an OMGWTFBBQ length project on The Witcher series. Edit: his last report is that it's 6 to 9 hours long
  4. As someone who genuinely enjoys watching/listening to the deconstruction/critical analysis of video games, I figured it was time we had a thread where we could post any channels that we subscribe to so that other posters will know about them. I'll post those that I'm familiar with along with a video as a sample of their style/content: Noclip (documentary) Matthewmatosis (commentary/analysis) MrBtongue (commentary/analysis) GVMERS (documentary) MisterCaption/Caption (analysis/critique) Super Bunnyhop (analysis/commentary) Gameumentary/Gameumentary on Escapist Magazine (documentary) Joseph Anderson (analysis/critique) Noah Caldwell-Gervais (analysis/critique) NeverKnowsBest (analysis/critique) hbomberguy (analysis/critique) Gaming Historian (documentary) Downward Thrust (commentary/analysis)
  5. Doom Eternal is like Evil Dead 2 made on an Avengers-sized budget (Polygon) Doom Eternal hands-on: can id's next game possibly live up to expectations? (Eurogamer/Digital Foundry) DOOM Eternal is anything but a "dumb shooter" (VGC) Doom Eternal: What We Think of the First 3 Hours (IGN) Doom Eternal: The First 3 Hours Throw More At You Than All Of Doom 2016 (Gamespot)
  6. I honestly could not get past the second episode because of how much every character grated on me.
  7. Furthermore, I firmly reject the premise that Trump is some type of historical/political aberration whose time will be over in January 2025 and we can go back to "normalcy" - a condition which will be neither possible or desirable.
  8. Pessimism in the face of insurmountable odds doesn't mean that one gives up or stops fighting. All it means is that you're now fighting for your own personal honor and self-worth rather than some larger hope of making things better. In other words, you do your damnedest to have a "good death"!
  9. CDC about to announce that the first US case has been identified. @Iculus
  10. Doom Eternal is a relentless assault of ferocious ultraviolence (PC Gamer) After playing Doom Eternal for three hours, here’s what we liked—and what we didn’t (PC Gamer)
  11. Optimism as a(n) ethical/moral/intellectual/psychological value amuses me greatly!
  12. I HIGHLY recommend this guy's channel for his very insightful analyses/critiques of RPGs.
  13. I would be severely pissed if I got Type 2 Diabetes because someone coughed.
  14. If true, that would be...ummmm...bad.

    Delete d1p

    I'd like to take this opportunity to point out just how much more stable the site has been since we moved to an entirely cloud-based server architecture.
  16. That CA poll is comprised of 35% self-identified Republicans and 60% non-Latin caucasians. Those demographics are a little...uhhhh..."off" for California.
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