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Madden 15 Connected Franchise: New System, New Faces, Same Old EA

20 August 2014 - 09:08 AM

Welcome back to a new season of Madden.  We're on a new system, have some new faces, and a new commish (yikes!).  Most of you know the rules already but I'll blatantly copy/paste most of them from older threads.  Good luck, and let's have some fun!

  • This is a sim-style league.
  • 4th downs -- If a real coach would punt/kick a FG the majority of the time in the situation, you need to.  Unless down big in the 4th quarter, you should never go for it on 4th from your side of the 50.  4th and 1 or 4th and inches when just out of FG range, not a problem.  4th and 5 in that situation, punt the ball.
  • Mix up your offense and defense -- you don't need to run 50 different plays, but you need to run more than the same 5 or 6 all game.
  • Glitching / Nano-Blitzing / etc -- If you are found to be using an exploit, you will be booted from the league.
  • Communicate in this thread, via PM or on XBL to work with any user opponents to schedule your game.
  • You need to be active with playing games -- the plan is to roll 1 week every 3-4 days (if not quicker).
  • Don't play like a dick -- if you are up huge late, kill the clock and end the game.  DO NOT throw bombs or try to run no-huddle when up 3+ scores and the clock running out.  Have some class.
  • 2-Point Conversions should only be attempted if they make sense with how the scoring has played out.  For example it's in the 4th Quarter and going for 2 will cut the score to 3 points, wheras kicking the extra point would make it a 4 point game.  Realistically, you should never be going for 2 in the 1st half.
  • Be Active, Be Active, Be Active! -- The more active you are and the more you participate in the thread, the better the league will be for it.  If you are not active for extended periods of time it may lead to booting.
  • DO NOT run up the score or stats in games versus the CPU.
Trades / Free Agency / Salary Cap
  • Free Agency will be locked until an announcement is made that it is open.  Free Agency rules will be posted at that time.
  • Trading can only be done with human opponents.
  • All trades need to be posted in this thread.
  • Research your trades before they are completed.  Pay attention to the cap penalties involved.  You cannot accumulate more than $20 million in penalties against your cap.  If you are unsure, ask in the thread before processing the trade.
  • There is no demo this year.  If you want to play the game 5 days early (starting tomorrow) for 6 whole hours you can buy EA Access subscription.
  • If you hate Madden and EA Sports, that's great, but please keep it out of this thread...except Checo, he can stay.
  • Pre-existing injuries will be OFF.
  • Quarter length will be 8 mins with accelerated clock ON.
  • Difficulty will be set to All-Pro, but I am open to a vote on All-Madden.
  • The start of the franchise will be dependent on how the rosters look at launch.
Teams / Players

AFC East
Posted Image
User: @easy_e65

Posted Image
User: the ghost of @jergrah :pray:

Posted Image
User: @Cane
XBL: txcane88

Posted Image
User: @Checo24X
XBL: Checo 24X

AFC North
Posted Image
User: sixbyfive
XBL: sixbyfive

Posted Image
User: @Wolfman93011
XBL: Wolfman93011

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User: @polamalupunisher43
XBL: THOPokerKing