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      D1Pcast Episode 24 - Stuff has Ryzen (featuring NextGen and Lucian04)   03/01/2017

      On this episode we talk about the latest news that has...Ryzen from the tech world. Microsoft announces games as a service, @NextGen helps us talk about AMD and their new CPU and somewhere in here we have @Lucian04 talking to us about the salt mining business. We try to keep out Nintendo talk to a minimum but don't worry, we got lots of Nintendo talk on the next podcast! So join us as we have lots of stuffs to talk about in the latest edition of the D1Pcast!  Join us in this thread to discuss the show!   http://www.dayonepatch.com/index.php?/topic/141114-d1pcast-episode-24-stuff-has-ryzenft-nextgen-lucian04/  


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  1. Yes, but he only needs to be knocked off the platform from being a dumbass. This isn't about raw power or knockouts, it's about skill.
  2. Ryse isn't a bad game, just repetitive. Open up and flesh-out the gameplay, open the level design into quasi-open world (ie: Crysis 1, Far Cry 1 - open levels as opposed to open world), and allow a squad/legion mechanic where you're not just "super-soldiering" every level solo. That could be a damn fine game.
  3. They won't unless it looks like a blood bath will occur in the mid-term elections. If it's looking bad for GOP seats, expect the same turn that many Dems did on Obama in the 2010 mid-terms.
  4. This 2012 tweet from Melissa McCarthy has aged incredibly well
  5. So, this ep answered some of my previous questions: -Kaioshin is going to travel the universe to find if there are any high level fighters capable of entering. -Goku said no to Trunks/Goten because they're "too straight forward" (I guess he means young and brash as they don't plan out enough before engaging)... which is kinda BS because, ya know, Boo is on the team -Yamcha is an idiot
  6. Dearest Blizzard, do this for WarCraft III, please.
  7. Huh. Anyone here familiar with the Volvo S60 T6 Polestar? I... didn't realize Volvo had a procharged performance model.
  8. God damnit. They named her Bulla in Japanese.
  9. If (BIG if) the GOP winds up splitting due to the rift that's seemingly being realized between the traditional Republicans and the Tea-Party Republicans, it could cause a split in votes on the GOP-side of things which could be a boon for the Democrats.
  10. He's not. I thought you updated your sarcasm software?
  11. The WiiU must have surprised you then