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  1. I feel like Gohan won't get "killed", even though this one will seemingly be using lethal force, but Gohan will lose, it'll be close though. I can't imagine that the 3rd wolf is stronger than Goku (who is likely almost as strong as Beerus at this point), and I just don't see U7 sweeping in this.
  2. People literally ruined their lives by attempting to steal and sell a console early.
  3. Checked out an Alfa Romeo Giulia Ti yesterday... great interior, best steering wheel I've ever felt... buuuut the lag fron the turbo was just awful. No clue how the 0-60 is 5.1 seconds, even had it in sports mode. Checked out an AWD Q60S Red Sport too, that thing was a fun drive. I have about 16 months left on my lease for my 2016 Mustang GT and am just checking all the options in my price range. Doing it early is great as the dealers don't seem to press me as hard to buy/lease while I'm there, though the Alfa Romeo dealer did try to buy me out of my lease and even buy the Mustang at the residual value and put extra towards the Giulia (enough that the manager said I could probably finance it at a better price than the lease special ). May wind up going with the updated 2018 Mustang GT (major engine changes, digital dash, active quad exhaust, active magnetic ride dampers, active adjustable suspension, 10-speed transmission, etc) hopefully a convertible this time, but I just really want to check out and test drive everything this time before committing. Still going to look at a C-class, Jaguar XE, Audi A4/A5 and a Lexus in the next week, maybe a Genesis too.
  4. Suckers edition, amirite?
  5. Eh? It's out?
  6. SOMEONE CHECK ON @NextGen!!!
  7. What a bunch of bad hombres
  8. Should we count pre-crazy Mel Gibson too? I mean, Lethal Weapon.
  9. My joke post was to imply that they're claiming that because they don't want kb/m users owning controller users
  10. I assume it's a reviewer's model that was stolen.