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  1. Samsung announces "mass production" of GDDR6 memory

    Sooooo HBM2 is dead, huh?
  2. So... I'm guessing that Stormy Daniels realized that she could make a lot more money via interviews than that initial $130k check from Trump?
  3. Yea but that was like a week ago.
  4. We’re 20 min south of Trenton (Bordentown) and Cherry Hill.
  5. Correct. I own and operate two schools, we run civilian classes but make most of our profit from military and local/state/federal law enforcement contracts. Most Krav Maga in the US is terrible btw, we’re one (imo) of only two legitimate organizations. I’ve been to Israel multiple times and have also trained with IDF (Golani) instructors. I’m very honored and privileged to have taught the people and units that I have, as well as honored and privileged to have been taught by who I have been.
  6. Had a discussion with a female friend who runs and helps me run women self-defense seminars, I think she nailed it (for me at least): ”You know I've been thinking about this kind of stuff lately and I think that there are many men who have no idea or wrong ideas about how to express being attracted to a woman. Think about the cultural messages...movies, songs, etc....that say just keep after her until you get her. The messages are not good training for young men, and certainly their fathers are not doing a good job. I don't know about charges [in regards to it being sexual assault]. Don't date him again, definitely! Make your wishes better known, absolutely! But criminality? I think more just bad judgement on both sides. “
  7. They have very good brains, though, and use only the best words!
  8. ^^^ That’s actually interesting, for some reason I thought that charges would need to be pressed by someone
  9. Because nothing matters anymore. Words don’t matter. On the record public statements don’t matter. Welcome to the new America.
  10. So, those saying/implying that this was 100% unarguably a sexual assault - do you believe that if charges were to be pressed that he would be successfully prosecuted? Or are you speaking of some type of sexual assault that has no legal repercussions? I’m honestly asking btw - like, I see the “point” but I cannot imagine with the whole of the situation that it would fall into the legal aspects of a sexual assault. Morally, yea, sure.
  11. I’m kinda surprised Newark made it
  12. In hindsight “Backland for President” not such a bad idea @Hurdyb1 @Chairslinger @GuyWhoPredictsThings @MarSolo @The def star