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  1. There was a rumor that he was one of the surprise entrants this year. However, now that he's announced to be headlining the HoF this year, the RR rumor seems unlikely.
  2. No. It's sold out due to Nintendo simply not being prepared for the spike in sales this season. Pokémon Go got more people into Pokémon, Pokémon Sun/Moon come out, those new fans buy a 3DS for the new game, now you have a shortage because Nintendo didn't think their ~6 year old console would suddenly be in high demand again.
  3. Remember when Titanfall 1 came out and the lead designer for the game said "oh, it's coming to PS4 in the future" and then he found out during the interview that it's 100% an MS exclusive and not a timed exclusive? Good times.
  4. Would've gotten DMC HD collection, but it's PS3 not PS4
  5. Well, that makes more sense now
  6. You mean since launch day is March 3rd for the Switch?
  7. It's not a launch day game Or did that change?
  8. Can you pre-order the pro-controller anywhere?
  9. I don't think Obama hates Jews... Maybe Israelis... but... come on, that's understandable
  10. Seriously. There's zero chance I'll buy it on release day at $59.99 since I already own it for WiiU and it's the same damn game without any new tracks (just the re-added battle mode).
  11. If MK8:D drops to like $30-40 I'll buy it day one
  12. Depends. I mean, like, she'll be wearing depends.