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  1. When this was an issue, didn’t someone on here argue this was impossible? Am I making that up?
  2. Part of the problem is online systems crashing and burning on release which isn’t an issue pre-release. A bigger problem isn’t devs are now holding features back until after reviews are up and done. Lots of games with loot boxes and paid currency don’t turn them on right away specifically to avoid being dinged in reviews.
  3. I don't think you're going to find many liberals on here who think this merger is a good idea at all, but you can certainly kill a bad idea in a terrible way or for a terrible reason.
  4. Goofus picks up teenagers at the high school football game. Gallant respects the age of consent.
  5. "I was extremely concerned about the amount of control Clinton had over the DNC... I was terrified of an unsolved murder and that she might have a sniper blow my brains out if they could see me through an unclosed blind. Her power was so absolute and so concentrated it was terrifying. Therefor I contemplated swapping her out with Biden."
  6. ONLY going to BUY 1 shooter this holiday season

    Korea and Vietnam. I think CoD has only done some Vietnam in Black Ops and I don't believe they've ever touched Korea.
  7. Bowe Bergdahl will receive no prison time, judge rules

    Someone with actual military legal experience can correct me, but I was under the impression that dishonorable discharges are automatically appealed.
  8. I used to be a defense secretary... Then I put a hand to the knee.
  9. "You don't choose to talk about domestic abuse. It's not like I was like 'oh, let's write a scene about domestic abuse'. It's not how it works." Guys I don't think David Cage understands how writing works...
  10. Another Chance to Win Mario Odyssey

    I really enjoy this community because it's got tons of people I've been posting with for years, and it's manageable enough that I'm familiar with more or less everyone.