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  1. You assume that they'll accept blame or that their voting base will punish them for it. I already see a bunch of "grrrrr libruls" so things should go swimmingly.
  2. For as long as it remains a thankless job whose holders envy the dead.
  3. Yeah, it's not like judges get papers in advance or anything, and they clearly don't read them before a hearing. It's not like the papers were filed and reviewed a full week before the hearing, I mean that would be insane and absolutely impossible to verify unless you did about 15 seconds worth of research into the matter or had any concept about how courts work in general. You might want to take a shower, the intellectual honesty is just dripping off of you.
  4. Hey, remember that Obama Hawaii judge tweet? How does that rank on the scale of intellectual honesty?
  5. @heyyoudvd Why is Obama eating Thai food in Hawaii proof he met with a judge, and how is pictures of him with restaurant staff meaningful to that?
  6. In this version, Batman will tattoo his logo onto people who commit aggravated assault so they will receive a smaller portion of lunch in prison.
  7. Honestly though, I'd love you @heyyoudvd to explain what is odd about Obama being in his home state and what Thai food has to do with judges.
  8. Socialism, his vague answers about how to break up the big banks, plenty of dog whistling about his religion or lack thereof, more socialism, his "bro" fanbase, that rape story thing, giving away free things for votes, the list goes on. You know how much shit Obama caught for being in the same solar system as something that appeared vaguely socialist? Magnify that 1000x times over.
  9. How can anyone doubt the efficiency of the Republican smear machine at this point? If nothing else, the Trump presidency has proven to be an almost comical example of the pot calling the kettle black. Has there been a single thing that they criticized Clinton for during the election that they haven't done themselves? Botched military operation? Check. Conflicts of interest from foreign money? Check. Inappropriate and improper political discussions with foreign governments? Check. Perjury? Check. Unsecured electronic devices? Check. Private email servers? Check. Pay to play politics? Check. Handing out political positions like candy to donors and allies? Check. At this point I half expect Trump to pass out trying to get into a van to bring things full circle. Republicans never took Sanders seriously so they never even bothered to gear up against him. He was a convenient thorn in Clintons side and they were more than happy to fan those flames. The moment he became the nominee they would have turned all their attention to him and he would go down in flames.
  10. 1. Posts a random twitter post from someone else without commentary 2. Twitter post claims Obama met with a Judge, then provides photos of Obama hanging out with a restaurant staff as proof 3. Questions why a Hawaiian native is in Hawaii I think we've reached peak heyyoudvd.
  11. I don't disagree, I just don't have any real confidence that Sanders would have been able to flip the table like people keep saying he would. Also saying he was ahead in the polls when the polls were so off this time around always seemed suspect.
  12. Who knows how the Republican hate machine would have geared up for Sanders.
  13. Been plugging away at The Witness, might throw down on some Overwatch.