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  1. A Storm of Spoilers - Game of Thrones: Season 7

    Come on now. I don't care how fluid the time on this show is, but saying it's only been a couple of weeks? Jon was made king after the news of winter had arrived, and we just heard Sansa saying she hasn't heard from Jon in weeks. Unless Jon got crowned and then immediately bailed, it has easily been months. Besides think of everything else that's happened since hardhome, the last time we saw the army of the dead. Even if we assumed they didn't move until winter, Jamie has sacked the Tyrells and come back, Euron has sailed across the entire continent, and Jon has gone from winterfell to dragonstone then past winterfell north of the wall. There is absolutely no way that it's been 20 days or so for all of this.
  2. A Storm of Spoilers - Game of Thrones: Season 7

    So what, they're just marching around aimlessly really hoping someone has a dragon and ventures north? A lot of time has passed since the end of last season and now. They seem to be biding their time. I'm not saying we can't get the information somehow, I was just hoping we'd have some more at this point.
  3. A Storm of Spoilers - Game of Thrones: Season 7

    Yeah the lack of any real knowledge on the army of the dead is kind of frustrating. I had hoped Sam would provide some necessary insight, but all we got out of that whole expedition was dragonstone has dragon glass. Unless he happened upon white walkers for dummies when he was stealing stuff, basically everyone is still in the dark about how they work. My biggest question about them isn't about archers or giant chains, it's what the hell have they been doing this whole time. I can understand them waiting for winter before they make their move, but winter has been here for a while now. They're an army of the dead that doesn't eat, sleep, or even rest. Are they walking around in circles or something? There can't be enough wildlings left to make it worth expanding their forces at this point, so what are they waiting for?
  4. A Storm of Spoilers - Game of Thrones: Season 7

    I don't know if they ever spelled out the line of bastards, but couldn't that also apply to Gendry?
  5. Fear Effect Reinvented Coming To Switch

    I really hope they fix the gameplay. I beat the original way back in the day and still have it somewhere, but holy hell was it obtuse and frustrating. You almost feel like someone looked at Resident Evil and said "we can make this play way worse."
  6. Bannon the Barbarian is ready to crush lbrlz

    Bannon the Barbarian better watch out for Cirrhosis to Conquerer.
  7. A Storm of Spoilers - Game of Thrones: Season 7

    I fully concede to the herp of my derp. I misremembered 340m/s as mph.
  8. A Storm of Spoilers - Game of Thrones: Season 7

    Ok, ready? Dragonstone and Winterfell are, per the show itself, thousands of miles away. Winterfell is south of the wall, meaning that Jon and his merry band are even further than that. Let's be generous, and say the bare minimum distance to be thousands is literally 2,000 miles and just ignore for a moment that Jon is even further. To make the trip in 12 hours, which seems like a decent guess, the raven and the dragon would have to average 333 miles per hour, or just *about half the speed of sound. This is with zero stops to eat, sleep, drink, whatever. To make it in 24 hours, they'd have to average 166 miles per hour. To make it in two days, they'd have to average 83 miles per hour. There's no raven, anywhere, that could pull it off. *This derp provided to you by science.
  9. A Storm of Spoilers - Game of Thrones: Season 7

    Writers can fuck up and do stupid things, it doesn't suddenly make the writing better because you can't point to a perfect parallel that has already happened for a direct contradiction. Look, in a different show with a different perspective, I would ignore these things. I loved Hannibal when it was on but holy god damn did that show not make even the slightest hint of sense. You don't go into that show for the tight plotting but for the overall experience of the acting, the spectacle, and the cinematography. GoT on the other hand is a show that, until recently, rewarded extremely close attention to detail. They were working off of Martin's blueprint, and he laid a dense groundwork that you could make deductions off of and read between the lines to find tons of added depth and detail. When the show was using his story as a foundation, it rewarded viewers in the same way. Now that the writers are on their own, they've dumbed everything way the fuck down in favor of nothing but spectacle. It would be fine if that was what the show was about from day one, but it isn't. It's gone from a show about minute details mattering to "fuck it man, dragons WOOOOOO!" In the past, characters in this show made bad decisions for understandable reasons, and it was tragic to watch it play out. Now characters make stupid decisions for no reason at all and the whole of Westeros is reduced to the size of a small parking lot. You used to get a sense of things because when Robert showed up in Winterfell they had weeks to prepare and he came with a huge parade of supplies. Now Dany can travel even farther by herself on a whim. The problem isn't small moments like this, but what it means as we move into the final season. If the writers are just brushing these things off the table without any care at all, that doesn't inspire confidence for their endgame.
  10. A Storm of Spoilers - Game of Thrones: Season 7

    It's not a matter of establishing time, I don't care about it not showing or implying the days or weeks between events, it's a matter of them ignoring how long things should take. It would be impossible for someone to make the trip Dany makes in the same amount of time it takes for a lake to freeze over. At the same time, it's impossible that they all stood on that island together for days on end with no heat or protection from the elements and didn't all die. Either one impossible thing happened, or a different one did.
  11. A Storm of Spoilers - Game of Thrones: Season 7

    There is a point where you have to obey the rules of your own story, and once you start ignoring them the whole thing goes off of the rails. It's why you accept Superman falling to his knees when someone waves a glowing green rock in has face but you would be annoyed to see Superman deflect a kryptonite bullet off of his chest. When a raven and a dragon make a 4000 mile round trip in a single afternoon, the writers aren't doing a very good job.