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  1. Somewhere out there, Vince McMahon is slowly squeezing a brand new XFL ball until it bursts.
  2. I hope part of the update makes all the characters black just to piss off the community.
  3. 9 dead in Texas high school shooting, suspect in custody

    The self defense argument had always been a snake eating its own tail to me. I need a gun. What for? Self defense. From what? Some other mothetfucker with a gun. The thing that annoys me the most about the whole bad guys with guns argument is that people just dismiss the notion of getting rid of guns out of hand like it's some fantastic impossibility, yet their preferred solution is that every shooting is stopped by a well trained, we'll armed, competent, willing, and conveniently located counter-shooter. Somehow getting rid of guns is LESS plausible than John Wick being exactly where you need him at all times.
  4. Imagine there were two different court systems, one where people like you generally win and one where people like you generally lose. Now imagine that in order to get a job, your employer requires you to sign a contract forcing you to resultant disputes against them in the court where you generally lose. Now add to that the fact that you aren't allowed to file as a member of a class. That means you will always have to hire your own private attorney or represent yourself. You have no collective bargaining potential, and your issue must be heard in a vacuum. Also, you have no potential for a jury and your appeal process is extremely limited and very expensive. That's why it's a big deal.
  5. 9 dead in Texas high school shooting, suspect in custody

    Can't shoot anyone if you've got ants in your eyes.
  6. 9 dead in Texas high school shooting, suspect in custody

    But if more people were playing video games they wouldn't have enough time to be having unplanned pregnancies. Someone should do a study on the teen birthrate and the rise of Fortnite.
  7. Deadpool 2: Official "Suck on This, MCU!" Thread

    Deadpool marketing has hit a saturation point where I’m so tired of seeing his face I lost all desire to see this movie and I’m actively questioning how much I liked the first. The marketing budget for this thing has to have been more than the production budget by an obscene amount.
  8. Yes, the well known marketing technique of releasing a product and constraining demand over an entire holiday season to garner tons of bad press and negative attention only to re-release it two years later to no fanfare. It doesn't even make sense from a money perspective. Releasing games on the Switch would mean that Nintendo sold you a $300 console and then paid a pittance to send a few bits through the ether. The profit on digital NES games is damn near 100%. If anything it would make more sense to kill the classic line entirely to drive people to buy the Switch.
  9. Anybody who thinks Nintendo is doing this to boost the sales of the classic consoles needs to invest in some tin foil. You don't refuse to sell digital copies to increase sales of an item that's not even on shelves. It's the same nonsense when people were bitching that Nintendo was keeping he NES classic super rare to drive up interest and increase sales, which is a plan that only works if they actually made enough of them at some point.
  10. I stopped watching Last Man on Earth halfway through the first season, and just started watching it again out of curiosity when I heard it was being cancelled. It got better in season 2, but I still find it weird how shitty everyone is to Tandy and how relatively normal everyone else is. Of course he's crazy and doesn't realize how insane he's behaving, he's been entirely alone on a dead planet for years.
  11. Most americans are shitty, most americans are fat. By the transitive power of deduction...
  12. Wine given to you is supposed to be a gift. If you want to open it and serve it so be it, but the intent is you enjoy it on your own time. If someone wants to bring wine to serve, they should specify. If I bring alcohol for the group, I tell the host immediately that I brought wine or beer for everyone, as opposed to "this is for you."
  13. Best Pre-Built Gaming Desktop Brands

    I can also vouch for ibuypower. I got a custom built gaming pc from them ages ago and it was a good deal in the grand scheme. It arrived quickly, and worked like a dream for years.