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  1. 2015's winter sale, I suppose I should have made that more clear.
  2. Occasionally games will go on sale towards the end. During the 2015 winter sale Fallout 4 wasn't on sale day one but it went on sale the last day or so. But I've never seen an existing deal get better.
  3. Mothetfucker, I earn my chicken dinner by climbing atop a hill of 99 corpses, don't diminish my accomplishment by giving it away for easy guesses.
  4. No need to get angry. I'd argue that claiming religion can be separated from art is a tad bit disingenuous when we're talking about art depicting a Christ like figure, but either way. Jesus isn't even the most obvious comparison. You know who else faced imminent death as an infant, was put in a basket, sent out into the wild, and adopted by a strange family? Moses.
  5. ...are you really arguing that two Jewish dudes made their comic book creation a Christ figure?
  6. So weird that this is right around the same time as the health care bill.
  7. See I don't get shit like this. I went to a bad doctor when I broke my ankle. The ER doctor didn't do the temporary cast correctly and the orthopedist told me so when I got to their office. It never occurred to me to say "fuck white women doctors forever!"
  8. She is incredibly educated in some ways and totally ignorant in others. Like I mentioned before, she can speak dozens of languages like French and Mandarin, yet she had no idea what Germany is. Presumably she's speaking German at some point as I doubt the German army was actually speaking English. She understands what a chemical formula is and what hydrogen is, yet she's somehow baffled by the concept of a clock. The amazons had incredible knowledge of the outside world, but were also completely stupid about it as well in ways that just don't make any logical sense. Again this is super anal about details, none of this matters or detracts from the whole, but it doesn't add up if you're looking at it closely.
  9. I've seen several in the wild since release, all the grey variety. I have a bunch of Amazon money so waiting for them to restock as opposed to just buying it off the shelf. I too debated being the guy who flips one, but I decided against it. If they were going for 3-4x resale like an NES Classic then sure it's hard to turn down that much cash but that's a lot of effort for an extra hundred dollars or so.
  10. I don't think you could say she comes off as dumb, but if you're being incredibly nit-picky you could say that she's conveniently ignorant in ways that don't make sense.
  11. Novelty wears off over time. The Steam Sale has gone from this "holy god damn shit I can get so many games for so little money!" event to "oh right, this thing again." It's not exciting when you factor it in your gaming budget. You know how many games I look at and go "man, I can't wait to pick that up during a Steam sale?" If you're not a multiplayer game where I'm worried I'll miss the boat for the community, you're going to wait for the next 50% off. Now because it's expected, people just get salty over there being no meaningless game or trick to getting the best deals and they get pissed when things aren't as cheap as they want them to be. I'm just bitter because I bought Fallout 4 for %20 off and Bethesda should have paid me for that experience.
  12. Solo Chicken Dinner #2 tonight. The last circle was tight, like ten meters tight, and for some reason the other guy either decided to play chicken with his healthbar or was a moron because he died outside the area. I knew relatively where he was and he couldn't have been more than a foot outside of the circle.
  13. Other than RE7 I can't think of a ton of games I'm looking to pick up. There are a bunch of games on my list that I'll pick up if the price drop is too irresistible, but this will be a light year for me.
  14. The fact that there wasn't a black guy named Doctor White working at that time is proof that there is no just and loving god.