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  1. Super Troopers 2 trailer

    The first Super Troopers came out `17 years ago...
  2. Well, if someone is ordering a dozen plus of the same video card, they're probably not trying to run PUBG real good.
  3. Uh... ... ... Really? I mean I loved The Fall, but the first thing we're going with is murderous hooker bot?
  4. Suuuuuure it is. I'm sure they reduced the amount in a box over time but kept the same dimensions purely for eye catching purposes. Do you have any interest in bridges?
  5. Yes, because so many people are familiar with the weight, in ounces, of the snacks they buy. Bullshit. They leave the box the same size on purpose, and that's to create the impression you're getting the same amount of stuff. They know people aren't reading the weight, and that's why they do it. There is only one reason to not shrink the box too, and it's to fool people. Why should the onus be on the average consumer to keep a rolling knowledge of the weight of the food they're buying? Should Oreo be allowed to sell one cookie per box and fill the rest with gravel so it weighs the same as long as the label it one cookie?
  6. I also can't conceive of why anyone would defend business tactics they admit are deceiving. If you're making choices that are designed to not be clear to the person buying your stuff, you're being an asshole. Maybe not an illegal asshole, but fuck you either way. Also the chip argument doesn't work here because chips are delicate and actually do need some sort of padding to stop from being a pile of dust when they arrive at the store. Junior Mints? Nah.
  7. Master and Commander is a fantastic movie and a true showpiece of Russell Crowe's acting ability as he plays a man who handles conflict with reason, thought, and measured action.
  8. About Time is a really, really weird movie. It's fun and charming right up until the moment you actually think about it. First of all it's creepy as fuck that this dude keeps reliving the same moment over and over again so he can get better at fucking Rachel McCadams. Second of all, they make a point in that movie that you can't really dick around in the past too much because you might suddenly have a different kid. Then he proceeds to time travel back and forth all the damn time while his wife is pregnant with their second child, but stops and says farewell to his dad because the baby is about the be born and he won't be able to visit him anymore. That means he just remixed the fetus inside of his wife countless times but didn't care because he never met the kid.
  9. It's even worse than that. Oh, you think that my workplace is a racist, homophobic hell hole? Well why don't you ask two people who don't work in my office then!
  10. Circuit City is coming back, whether you like it or not

    All of these fly by night retailers are going to fail when the once and future king returns. As it was told in prophecy... nobody beats the Wiz.
  11. What Movies Got Better/Worse After Another Viewing?

    Better: Fight Club - It's one of the rare movies where the reveal actually improves follow up viewings. It's not just a bunch of shitty red herrings. the whole movie pops into a different perspective and it all works even better. Get Out - There's so much detail and nuance that you miss the first time around. You can begin tracing back people's motivations about what they're doing and why they're doing it. Robocop - Somebody give Paul Verhoeven a trophy for being a modern day nostradamus, albeit through pulp media. Worse: Rogue One - It's still entertaining, but the more I watch Rogue One, the more it's obvious that it's been savagely edited down and changed. It's about a dozen interesting characters and ideas that they ruthlessly whittle away to keep the movie from being four hours, and the end result is you feel like everyone's story is half told at best. District 9 - Every time I watch the movie shift from weird documentary metaphor for apartheid into generic pew pew pew, I get a little bit sadder.
  12. Anyone wanna talk Giant Bomb’s GOTY pods?

    No, Dan’s point isn’t valid at all. The list is chock full of games that don’t do anything different from other games in the genre, they just come together better which is the entire point Abby and Vinny were making. Night in the Woods doesn’t do anything mechanically more significant than other games in the genre, it just tells a story very well which is the entire point, yet no one blinked when it was put on the list. I’ve not played Nier and I skipped the discussion on it by and large, but people constantly were talking about how the game part of Nier sucked but the story was great, so it got on the list. If Dan was arguing that the story wasn’t great, then fine, but that’s not what he does. He kept harping on “why is this better than other dating sims” and when he was told because the story and characters were very compelling, he just asked the same question again as if it hadn’t been answered. Of course you’re going to repeat yourself when someone asks the same thing a dozen times over. I see a bunch of hate for Abby around, and I seriously wonder if she had been harping for PUBG instead of the dating game about gay dads if it would be anywhere near as bad. No one says a single word about how much some of them slobbered half-baked praise all over Skyrim until it won GOTY, and that year the number of times someone says something vague about “the world” approaches infinity. Would I have preferred more nuance and discussion from her other than saying “it’s so good?” Sure, but I also would have liked more discussion about most of it from all of them. More than any other year, this one seemed to be the one where the argument boiled down to “BUT I LIKE THING” over and over again. In short, they all have annoying quirks that people seem to overlook when they’re rooting for the home team, and most importantly Saints Row the Third was fucking robbed and their opinions are all invalid anyway so who cares?