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  1. The official bring DGH back poll.

    I forgot what Dallas did. I remember him being kinda cool and then going insane or something.
  2.   Well I can't @ him because he isn't on d1p YET.
  3. The official bring DGH back poll.

      Back then I posted like 100 posts instead of like 10 as well. And dgh posted a lot. And Anahema as well. So traffic might have been higher but I don't know about active users..   And Bomb was kind of part of their drama so I don't really count him as a casualty.
  4. Stop trying to appropriate queer leather subculture you cis scum!
  5. @[email protected]@[email protected]
  6. Man I cannot wait until the weekend to be able to really dive in again. It's one of those games that I think about while at work just anticipating playing more.    Is it just me though or are the character models pretty bad and the lip syncing just terrible? It really stands out next to the goegeous environments.
  7. I love how Deus Ex side quests are just as good as the main ones.
  8. The Wolfe - an external GPU for your laptop

    Yeah, I thought other companies were already doing this and with better cards. Also with laptops coming with the 10 series now this seems less needed. 
  9. Wut

    dude u fucking got in that shot bro