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  1. Pro Muscle and 100% Shredded

    lol I love how these things keys have after pictures where the person got a tan in the process. and also are sucking their stomach in. It's only second for me to the penis enlargement pics that just shows one picture further away and then the improvement one closer.
  2. Forza 6: Apex "open beta" coming May 5th

      People hear of Blizzard games?
  3. That actually looks good. IW hasn't done it for me with their last two releases but I think I'll give it a shot with the legacy.
  4. Quantum Break PC Patch Released!

  5. Quantum Break PC Patch Released!

    No I don't think it will work with just "open" unless you had your PC up and it auto installed which I don't think it does. Maybe it's a setting tho, dunno. I just know I had to manually do the update and it did a full reinstall for me.
  6. Quantum Break PC Patch Released!

    Go to the windows store page and it will say patch available. Download it there then launch. It redownloads the game of course, because you know, Windows 10 store. But it's worth it!   With upscaling off it still runs better than it did before and actually I forgot I turned off my high oc I used before too!
  7. Quantum Break PC Patch Released!

    They fixed it holy shit. Seriously it looks incredible now and runs great on my oc 980ti.   @Spork3245 If you are still selling since you already beat it I'll pick it up and do a contest. People need to play this incredible game.
  8. Quantum Break PC Patch Released!

    Wait wait. You can turn off the upscaling now wtf. I thought they said they couldn't do it..   Man that makes a difference. This might be just the best looking game now.
  9. House broken into. All video games / systems stolen. Advice?

    Yeah chances aren't high but I wish you good luck and I'm sorry that happened. Fucking people suck.
  10. Forza 6: Apex "open beta" coming May 5th

    Nice. I'll check it out just to see how pretty it is. The new nfs game on PC is very pretty curious how this compares.
  11. Quantum Break PC Patch Released!

    Gonna have to try it later today now, though I already beat it now. The game is so damn good though, don't see it being surpassed as my GOTY. Highly recommend picking it up at $30.   also lol at the fight in the thread
  12. Rachet and Clank?

    Sent - enjoy - it's so damn fun and beautiful. Side note, despite the bad reviews I wanted to see the movie tonight but it's not playing here
  13. Rachet and Clank?

      Im feeling lazy so I'll allow it as orange is the new black. Digital or physical?
  14. Rachet and Clank?

  15. I'm actually one of the weird people who buy it every year just to play the sp campaign