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  1. Upvoted and sent! Oh hey, you doubled your goal What is this game you are playing tho lol I could go for a t-shirt tho...
  2. 36 Fragments of Midnight

  3. Wait, that is officially anounced 4k comes in on the 5th? I just bought it cuz of the sale assuming it would come out eventually but not that soon! Edit: Nm I just googled it so it is confirmed and hdr too, yay!
  4. It’s kind of fun getting patches incoming now, like little random presents.
  5. Recore has been patched for X now. It’s unfortunately only 1440p though, but at least it has hdr. Also if you bought it earlier you get upgraded to definitive edition automatically.
  6. Question for Switch Rocket League Owners

    Actually reading into it and you can’t play against other players in a private match? It’s just you and your friend vs AI with them planning to expand that next year to allow full cross platform.
  7. Question for Switch Rocket League Owners

    I can’t confirm for sure because I don’t have it on xbox/pc to test but looking at it there is a private party creation option that uses a name/pw which i assume is global.
  8. Skyrim Switch Discussion

    I’m pretty impressed with the job they did here, I wasn’t expecting it to be such a solid 30fps for some reason. Between this and LA Noire both running great on the switch I don’t get why the shield tv has such shitty last gen ports when it’s the same gpu.
  9. 36 Fragments of Midnight

  10. Rivals/Most wanted were good if not great games. NFS was really corny but it was pretty fun and looked amazing at the time on pc. I’m pretty lenient on NFS games because I like arcade style racers and there aren’t a ton of them. I played the trial of this one and man it’s bad. Bad setting, bad hook, oddly bag cinematics even considering my standard for them is so low in a racer, and just not a fun game to play. I imagine this will bomb, maybe Criterion (yes I know this was ghost games) can do a new Burnout game finally if so.. It doesn’t help that last year saw Forza Horizon 3 which is one of the best if not objectively the best arcadey racer of all time.
  11. Should also mention Rocket League runs perfect as well, I guess it’s not too surprising, but cool to have in the switch for sure. On a related note with this and my Skyrim and Xenoblade Chronicles 2 preloads in place I finally am just about tapped out on storage on my 200gb card at 62 games installed. I think that’s a pretty fair amount for one card though, I’ll probably ask for a 256gb card for next years games for xmas.
  12. Playing some LA Noire and I’m impressed by how smooth it is! It looks great on the switch screen, native res, and the frame rate is super smooth driving around in the city. Sometimes I forget the switch is a decent amount more powerful than last gen but remembering how this chugged on ps3 and seeing it on a portable running perfectly is sweet.
  13. For $25 might as well get a new controller really, amazon has the model with headset jack for $45, though I saw it for $35 last week and I’m sure it’ll hit that again.