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  1. The fire looks so good with hdr! Anyway, person playing on a shitty pc can only play a game on low and says it doesn’t look impressive ITT. Also yeah I figured you were playing on a monitor, yeah that’s gonna be bit rough so close at 1080p.
  2. On a technical level, you’re just being crazy. It’s simply pushing a lot of taxing effects and lighting while sporting high quality textures, etc. Just watch the digital foundry video, there is a lot going on. Maybe some of it isn’t as noticeable playing at a low resolution and without hdr (you are indeed missing a pretty big part of what makes it look so good) but even still it should be obvious. As far as the general look, I guess that’s just a preference thing, though, getting a bit further today, you might not want to write that off just yet.
  3. I thought I would miss jumping more than I do. I just got to spoiler from about 3-4 hours in:
  4. SNK Releasing a Mini-Console

    It depends on the price I think. 10 of those Neogeo downloads is like $80, if it’s that price but offers like 30 games ala the snes classic then it would be a pretty good value. And just for the novelty of whatever the machine itself is like.
  5. Anyone playing Labo yet? Impressions?

    I haven’t opened it yet but it did arrive today. It’s all about God of War for me right now but I’m interested to play around with it. I actually really like the house from what I’ve seen. Edit: So my only impression so far is that the box is surprisingly large and heavy.
  6. That was one hell of an opening. Just beat the first major boss. I hadn’t actually been paying too much attention to previews so I was pleasantly surprised that with the new direction it still was crazy epic. The combat simply feels brutal and it’s absolutely stunning, another great hdr showcase and the checkerboard is very well done.
  7. Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice Coming April 11th

    Man, this game is INTENSE with surround sound headphones. This is one of the coolest second playthoughs I’ve done because it adds so much (and it’s one of my all time favorites). Game looks great on X, hdr is a great addition, playing in 4k mode since last time I played in 1440p/60, still a stunning game.
  8. https://kotaku.com/shenmue-i-and-ii-are-coming-to-the-playstation-4-xbox-1825257803 I never actually got around to playing these besides a bit of 1, I might finally give it s chance!
  9. I’m ready for more Bioshock, though at this point I kind of hope they just skip this gen and make it an early next gen title.
  10. 95 meta now, I really didn’t expect it to review THIS well.
  11. Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice Coming April 11th

    I prefer to be able to just pm codes but thx.
  12. Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice Coming April 11th

    Awesome! I’ll send the code over once I get it from Amazon. Also got myself some rubber switch stick caps, but that’s besides the point. Everyone really needs to play this game so...anyone else? Giving out two more copies. Edit: And gone
  13. Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice Coming April 11th

    Yes, but for Xbox owners - I want to contribute towards their Xbox sales goal as well! If you want it for Xbox, it’s yours.