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  1. So I got this the other day and finally got to put some time in and it's tons of fun. Some of the most fun I've had in VR in awhile. Free flight mode is almost meditative and the missions are a lot of fun. It does everything it's trying to do perfectly, no complaints. Except that nobody is playing the completely awesome looking multiplayer mode   Id still buy it if that weren't included but it needs bots asap. Maybe if it could just need one other person and bots for the other three it would. e's a shame because it looks so damn fun. I'll try waiting longer when I have more time.
  2. Games with Gold - November 2016

    Anyone who hasn't played Murdered Soul Suspect NEEDS to play this game. It's really unique and fantastic. One of my favorite experiences this gen. @Xbob42
  3. I've been getting pretty deep into it lately and it's a hell of a good time. Too bad the optimization is shit, I shouldn't have to run at 1080p to get 60fps. And a 1080 is the minimum card to do even that!   Besides that I enjoy the scenery, it has the best sound track of any game ever, and the story is gripping and keeps me wanting to play more. I like the gameplay well enough, the stealth is cheap but fun and the guns have a nice feel to them. Nothing special to say about the driving beyond it's there.
  4. Shadow Warrior 2 PC Performance Thread

      After the novelty of how damn bright it is, might want to look at the hdr brightness setting  Especially make sure the gamma check looks good, I turned mine down a notch eventually so I had the right set of 6 grey bars.   Side note: Watching Mad Max UHD HDR right now - looks so good.
  5. Shadow Warrior 2 PC Performance Thread

      Yay!!! It's astonishing! In the right scene when the effects are flying looks unlike anything else out there. The future, we have seen it! 
  6. Shadow Warrior 2 PC Performance Thread

      Its a Sony actually, 900c
  7. I got the Xbox One S and I absolutely love it, such a nicer system and UHD movies are astonishing, very happy with it. I have my ps4pro preordered and can't wait to play improved psvr and to play improved versions of the exclusives with HDR which is a real game changer. The only one I'm not sure about is Scorpio since I already have one basicially since all Xbox exclusives come to pc now and now I already have a uhd player too. It will depend on the price I guess. Don't tell me what to do, bitch.
  8. Shadow Warrior 2 PC Performance Thread

      lol I played for awhile today and yeah it really does take you a bit to adjust back. Everything needs to be hdr right meow! Hopefully with Xbox and soon Sony pushing it hard it will fast track it!
  9. Breitbart hires a pedophile

    What's funny is she didn't even ask him to go into it in the first interview, he was so passionate about ogling young girls that he just HAD to address the matter. 
  10. Shadow Warrior 2 PC Performance Thread

    lol yeah you can't tell on a regular screen. It's kind of like vr where you have to see it in person.
  11. Shadow Warrior 2 PC Performance Thread

    That is why I wasn't going to bother but then pugs got his working and I felt it wasn't fair. In truth it hardly takes any time. Finding info and figuring out wtf is going on is what took the longest.    I feel feel a little silly spending so much time when it's not even a game I'm that interested in  I just wanted to see what a 4k hdr game looks like! I'll check it out of course. Main thing is what a game comes out with support I really am hyped for I won't have to deal with it and can hdr away!   I realize that windows store games didn't support full screen (needed for hdr) and by the time it was patched in Forza and Gears were probably too far into development to work it in - but damnit patch that shit in now!    
  12. Shadow Warrior 2 PC Performance Thread

    Fucking FINALLY. Had to do a bunch of annoying steps as shown here: But I have glorious 4k/60hz HDR! It really is a site to see. But damn that was a pain in the ass (well back in this case)!   @Mr.Vic20 Just a FYI if you still have issues when the cable arrives. Yours sounds more like my issue. I'm finding that the cable itself doesn't matter much especially if it already supports 4k..
  13. Shadow Warrior 2 PC Performance Thread

      You do anything special beyond what we already talked about or is your tv just one of those that let you set it with no effort?