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  1. I did too. Leaving this thread disappointed.
  2. So in the same thread you are criticizing him for not doing anything and then forward criticizing him for doing something. So basicially you don't care one way or the other and just want to stir shit for fun?
  3. Terrible name lol.
  4. Is it running ok for you guys in 4k? The frame rate seems to be ass for me on a 1080 despite many other better looking games running ok. This is before and after the HD texture add on..
  5. pics of gf pls
  6. Mostly just helping out the citizens with mundane problems. I'm a REALLY nice guy.
  7. Fifa probably looks great as well, it's also 4k native 60fps hdr which is why NBA 2K17 looks so damn good too.
  8. Just was thinking I let everyone know on discord but didn't reply here. I got the first two games on release date - thank you again! Right now Yakuza 0 is taking all my time, so many side missions keep popping up and I'm hooked on the story big time. Probably would have waited on this one otherwise too but I am now in love with this series. thank youuuuu
  9. I'm confused by this thread. Is this something we are actually doing, or is it a joke, or is it a fail, or all of the above?
  10. I have a big penis so probably Yazuka 0 with some RE7/Gravity Rush 2/Shin Megami 4/Persona 4 Golden..maybe some Watch Dogs 2.
  11. I have it preordered and I'm a little excited, but not that excited for a new console launch. I love the concept of the device and I'm sure I'll love it but the launch is still kinda meh to me. Zelda being on wiiu also takes some of the thunder there even though obviously I'm getting it on Switch, and man the rest of that launch lineup is so meh. Normally I'm ok with a few b games, but there isn't even much there for me. I'll probably end up getting bomberman so we will see if that's enough to be exciting when i get it all.
  12. Oh shit. Best update EVER.
  13. Fuck yeah! I think this is the first system update for any system ever I'm actually excited about. So happy I don't have to delete games anymore, my 2tb is already almost full. Also excited for 3D blu-ray in vr, can't wait to see what that looks like, I always thought that would be cool but wasn't sure if someone would do that.