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  1. This thread is gay.
  2. PSP

    I still have my psp go custom firmware, love how portable it is and tons of great games and emus you can use on it. It's a nice easy mp3 player to throw mp3s on too.
  3. Ya, in. Not sure if I want it for switch for portable or pc for 4k, multi platform switch games are going to be difficult for me to pick in this regard.
  4. Na, I just usually only feel inclined to talk about games if it's positive. I play so many games if I don't like one that much I just forget about it instead of ranting on the boards idk. It was my second favorite game of 2016 tho.
  5. Walmart preorder of grey switch Thats all. I'll get a 256gb card close to launch and all the games I will get digitally. Zelda of course, then maybe Super Bomberman R, dunno what else is actually launch. I'll get Puyo Puyo Tetris if that is launch window. Curious what third party games will be launch windowish, they can probably get me for some easy money on games I normally wouldn't buy. For instance, I may consider Steep depending on how good the port is and if it's offline on switch, seems like it could be a fun portable game.
  6. I can see a cheaper, smaller portable only one in 2018, ya. I hope they do it even though I'll be happy with the regular, I just want the teams merged and all on one system. Edit: If it was a really good size and did play 3DS games so I could have my huge 3DS digital library on it in addition to my switch games I would probably get that to go with my main switch.
  7. Saying people considered Last Gaurdian is just ok is somewhere between vastly underselling it and wrong. A lot of people including myself consider it a damn fantastic game and it reviewed really well.
  8. I don't think I ever played it because it was expensive but I watched it and it was pretty awesome to my already anxious for VR younger self. Actually, Sega, port to VR!
  9. Yeah, not going to be excited for any new 3DS games at this point unless they are hand drawn. So 2D Metroid please.
  10. It's not much of a game of course, but it was a neat gimmick to watch when it came out and I don't mind playing it now and then.
  11. I guess though, a lot of us are talking from a high end pc experience which of course is way way further out. But attacking mainstream xbox one and base ps4 owners? Doesn't seem that far off to be able to have them content with it if the service was right.
  12. Hopefully not. It's going to be a long time before there won't be a huge dip in quality from native 4k maxed out on pc and we will eventually want 16k 120fps for VR which is even way further out especially since you really can't have any latency there or you'll get sick.
  13. My gut feeling after watching the conference and them not hitting $250 is that it will flop. So since I always get it completely wrong with Nintendo, it will probably be a success.
  14. I told my group today in process what you guys did and they all dawwwww.