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  1. Smoking some pork ribs out back

    Um are you going to post pics or what?
  2. Seriously Folks WTF

      Fuck you, I'll kill you in your sleep man.
  3. Opinion: I should get a title

    I said I wanted Boyle to pick it. FUCK.
  4.   Rev passed his on to you. What do you want?
  5.   Oh forgot about that lol. Well a win is a win you can pick something for yourself or pick something for someone else. Ball is in your court!
  6. I have one more to give so I'm going to pick you @Irrelevant79 - especially considering my woopsie  What you want!   Also just realized you are probably the most active member I never gifted anything to. I assume that is because we hated each other for so many years! 
  7.   No worries, just let me know what you decide and you got it!
  8. Three days off counting today! 
  9. @SFLUFAN - this seems to be as good of a place to ask as any - do you not have interest in VR? I mean you obviously have the money but you seem to be skipping it?
  10. I would probably take my dick out and end the confrontation right then and there.
  11. Opinion: I should get a title

      I agree with all of this.
  12. VIVE

    Windows should be fine, I think? Worst case scenario if they cause interference just put a sheet up to cover them. But just try it first before you bother doing anything. You probably will want windows open if you are playing for a few hours in a row, things do eventually get hot. Mostly though, I just wanted to say I love your pink gaming chair, very cute.
  13. I mean lets be realistic, I'm just a great person and everyone loves my penis. I should have a special title under my name so that people who are new to the site realize how sexually ambiguous I am. BUT and this is very important, I need @Boyle5150 to be the one who picks it.
  14. Kidding! I'm sure this is going to be the right date this time, surely! I mean we are talking about a year that fucking Last Gaurdian actually releases.
  15. first time in vegas!

    I love you Johnny, and I love this thread. Wait, did you visit @Marcelus?