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  1. Warriors statement was pretty good: http://www.nba.com/warriors/news/statement-20170923 While we intended to meet as a team at the first opportunity we had this morning to collaboratively discuss a potential visit to the White House, we accept that President Trump has made it clear that we are not invited. We believe there is nothing more American than our citizens having the right to express themselves freely on matters important to them. We’re disappointed that we did not have an opportunity during this process to share our views or have open dialogue on issues impacting our communities that we felt would be important to raise. In lieu of a visit to the White House, we have decided that we’ll constructively use our trip to the nation’s capital in February to celebrate equality, diversity and inclusion — the values that we embrace as an organization.
  2. Trump vs Goodell...

    edit: nm missed the thread
  3. PlayerUnknown made that too tho. Apparently licensing the concept from him as well.
  4. I can't think of a ps4 exclusive that could realistically release this gen besides Monster Hunter World that knocks switch off top in Japan. Maybe a couple weeks of ps4 around MHW, but I'm sure Switch ends up getting a MH game that outperforms that, whatever it is.
  5. NBA 2K18 Cavs vs Celtics Handheld mode

    It's a really impressive game to have on a handheld that's for sure. I'm enjoying it but still trying to learn the actual game. I've been getting it more as a tech demo recently (looked great around ps4 launch and then on pro was a great 4k/60/hdr showcase) but the actual gameplay has scared me off. I'm hopeing that having it on a portable and especially just trying to figure out the timings and what not while watching tv will finally make it something I can jump into!
  6. Steamworld Dig 2 is out. Anyone else get it?

    I think the best thing about it I can say so far is I don't see any faults, nothing that makes me think oh man I wish they didn't do this or wish they added such and such. It's a really tight game. The only thing I could think of is people who like more difficult experiences, but even then there are options that I'm sure will work for that.
  7. Steamworld Dig 2 is out. Anyone else get it?

    I've been playing for 3.5 hours (trying to find all the mines and what not) and feel like I'm nowhere near the end, I doubt it's about to end in an hour or so..8 seems like it's about right. Probably more with going after all the treasure.
  8. The world as we know it will end September 23rd, 2017

    LOL i have a big penis and like games on switch something about tofurkey or dgh remember them oh days it's good I'm stepee I like game Editor: How about we all enjoy a nice cold pizza to warm our palettes?
  9. The world as we know it will end September 23rd, 2017

    To be fair, I'm not sure if this date is that far off!
  10. The world as we know it will end September 23rd, 2017

    Checking in. Everyone OK out there?
  11. Steamworld Dig 2 is out. Anyone else get it?

    Yeah, I actually went to the first one on vita to see what it was like and don't know what I was reading. Maybe they mean it's better? Either way, it's lovely and fun game!
  12. Steamworld Dig 2 is out. Anyone else get it?

    Actually from reading the reviews I guess the Metroidvania/Platforming elements are new here so that's probably why I'm loving it this time. It really is beautiful though.
  13. Steamworld Dig 2 is out. Anyone else get it?

    Really fun/addictive so far! I never got into the first, not sure why. But the colorful graphics now and just playing it on the switch screw (it looks great!) the mechanics are hooking me in here.
  14. ~*Official 2017 Hurricane Season Thread*~

    So uhh..was that it for Orlando last night??
  15. Special Hurricane Giveaway!

    BAM. The number I picked was 23. What game and what system?