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  1. Get your Ryse, get your Ryse here!

    I quite enjoyed it. It's a fun play through and quite beautiful. I got it on PC after beating the Xbox version at launch and look forward to seeing how purty it is there.
  2. I wasn't impressed at all by the multiplayer beta (wasn't bad just kind of average) but that campaign trailer looks damn fun.
  3. I don't get the joke either. Some ok to good games and one random game nobody has heard of..anyway I voted for The Order as I actually really enjoyed my time with it.
  4. The Witness -- Reviews are coming in

    How many beams are there being in this here game?
  5. All my parts arrived now and the build started so I should get it sometime between wed-sat sooooo excited. Haven't been this excited for something in awhile. Already told my boss that sometime next week I'm probably going to have to take a day off once it arrives. 
  6. Thinking about buying an X1 Update

    Well if you don't own a WiiU you don't own all the consoles you just own a ps4 and Xbone   In response to the thread title the updates for the Xbox One are free, but if you mean you need help installing I'll offer remote support for $65/HR. 
  7. Could someone please fix the spelling in the topic?
  8. ugh no option for knack or kill zone? canceling my subscription. or voting for broforce, one of the two.
  9. Oculus Rift inbound!

      What was so hard to get to work properly? The devkit1 was pretty much plug and play for me.
  10. Awesome! This will certainly my be a new franchise now. Such a great and unique game.
  11. I'll have to check this out, completely missed it somehow. Also didn't realize he wrote Enslaved, loved that game.
  12.   The guy who does Elmo is black.   But yeah this sorta thing is normally annoying but this doesn't bother me. Seems like people are making a big deal of it just because other recent events that actually are annoying.
  13. Dishonored 2! And didn't realize Doom came out before then.
  14. Well they have FO4 dlc, Dishonored 2, and Doom to show, not sure if they really need a new ES game for their conference but I suppose a teaser for a 2017 release wouldn't be out of the question.
  15.   I'm 90% sure I'm getting all of these. Some others like Dishonored and Doom I'll see.