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  1. I was expecting Kaine's speech to be worse from the comments here. I didn't think it was bad at all, the problem I had with it was that he recycled half of it almost verbatim from his introduction as speech last week. If not for that I think it would have been quite solid and I think he did a good job in the second half and comes across as quite likeable. Might look worse though in comparison to some of the fantastic speeches around his though, hard to compete there. I'm curious how Clinton is going to follow some of these really. They are killing it.
  2. Fantastic speech. I'm going to miss him.
  3. I just found $30 in my wallet.

    I'll just add to this thread. I just found 1500 in my old laptop bag. Totally forgot about that reimbursement check lol. 
  4. Post your pic!

    ok ya sorry
  5. Post your pic!

    ok so Nm ya he was convicted for actual contact too 
  6. Does anyone get banned anymore?

    Their last two albums were good and the first I liked as a whole since Green.
  7. Post your pic!

      ya  We didn't get as far as diving in more than finding out he was a convicted child molestor but we also don't know the full story..but ya he just got chased off to not be heard from again, as far as I know.
  8. Oh we are posting the terrible incident for some weird agenda
  9. Kentucky Route Zero - Act III - Available Now

    Got the game this weekend for like $9 on steam sale, looks great so far..just not sure if I should wait a year to play it all.
  10. Post your OLDEST game

      Just the first game you had at your house that you could play any time, or if you want the first game you played. FUCKING SHIT RUNNY CALM THE FLYING FUCK DOWN.
  11. Aww the thread title got me excited then I saw the picture and realized what it was.  I would be totally down for a real nes classic style mini Genesis with only actual Genesis games no knock offs, but this isn't that. Maybe if the Nintendo one is as successful as I think it will be. Actually I hope they release one in line with a Nintendo SNES one, that way we can relive the console wars!
  12. Post your OLDEST game

    I just meant the first game you owned. Fuck runny.