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Anyone do a kitchen reno?


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Thinking about knocking out a wall and redoing all the cabinets in the kitchen and floor on our main level.  Anyone live without a kitchen while it was under construction?  Paper plats and take out, or just use a electric pot and live off oatmeal and coffee for a while? Hoping to make enough this month, and maybe next month, to pay for this outright...but damn I don't know that I want to work that m much.  Send me your tots and pears. 

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2 minutes ago, gamer.tv said:

Can you stagger works so the oven is the last part to come out and be moved. Then for the changeover period, I’d go with a gas camping cooker so you can still make a load of one pot stuff

Yea, the oven won't be relocated so it will be able to stay for most of the work. I know I'll lose the sink for a bit, but it should also be last to be done. 

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When were re-doing our kitchen I used a portable induction burner and our rice cooker for most everything and it went surprisingly well. Our makeshift kitchen was set up in the garage. We had our full size fridge, a sink, and those two appliances. I also did a decent amount of sous vide, which worked out because I could set up the sous vide pot on another circuit, and the food that came out would only need to be seared for a minute or two. BBQs also prove very worthwhile. 


Dishes were a real pain, even with a large sink available, and we definitely ordered in more than at any other point. Still, once we found a good few meals that worked out well on our limited setup and created few dishes, we still cooked more often than not. 

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We redid our kitchen just over 4 years ago, after my father passed. A few months after his passing my uncle was over and asked if their was he could do for us. Mom jokingly said a new kitchen would be amazing. We had rented a trash bin for clearing out some junk in the house. My uncle went into our kitchen looked and said “what do want done?” next thing we know he is ripping off the countertop, drawers and cabinets and ripped apart our kitchen in 40min. So we were without a working kitchen for roughly 2 months. He had removed the sink as well. So it was a lot of take out and simple oven bakes that would we could still eat easily on styrofoam plates and plastic utensils. We got all our new cabinets and sink material from Ikea for roughly $6.5k for everything and roughly another $5k for the granite countertop. We doubled our countertop space, double the cabinets but sadly couldn’t make it open concept (that would of been a shit load of cash to do)

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