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Squirrel Obstacle Course


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18 hours ago, Emperor Diocletian II said:

I once refused to give a piece of bread from a sandwich I was eating to a squirrel, so the jerk went up a tree and started to drop acorns on me.

I was on a break having a bagel in Central Park before and they're brazen little jerks there. Two of them actually climbed up my pant leg so quickly, I didn't even know what was going on and before I knew it they knocked the bagel out of my hand and onto the bench. To add insult to injury, seeing how I jumped up in total surprise, I forfeited even the bench to them so basically I stood there now watching two squirrels eat my bagel on my bench.


It's a shame they're so insanely cute...

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I was reminded today of a year or two ago when I walked by a squirrel running back and forth across the road. I continued a few meters to cross and heard somebody say something like "oh he didn't make it" but didn't really think about as I was watching for traffic and crossing. On the other side I looked back and saw the squirrel on his back, feet in the air and not moving. I guess Frogger isn't a game for squirrels.

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