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Amazon in talks to purchase AMC. EDIT - Maybe not.

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AMC stocks surged 56% on news that Amazon is in talks to take over the company.


@sblfilms as someone inside the theatre industry, what kind of effect would this have? This seems to me to be the start of studios owning distribution systems again. Would Disney be next?


EDIT - Wait, the source was the Daily Mail, and Deadline is saying there are no talks. So this sounds like it might be bunk. Why would any news source trust the Mail?

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It's terrible. There is a good reason that vertical integration was broken up in the distribution chain, it's bad for consumers, it stifles competition. Honestly, an AMC bankruptcy would be great because they would divest a LOT of locations which would see those sites move into the hands of new operators.

I say this as somebody who just got Amazon to pay him $8k to screen their movie Vast of Night this weekend. They are already using their ridiculous sums of money to buy up screen capacity on films that otherwise wouldn't warrant it!

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