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Trump is threatening to sue CNN for defamation.

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I like how Trump always acts so put out by how much scrutiny he gets. Dude, you're the fucking president. Dude, do you remember what you did to Obama? Fuck You. Do you remember how one of your core messages is shitting all over every journalist in the country? How do you think they'll respond when you poke them in the eye? Guess what, every journalist in the country hates your fucking guts. And you're the fucking president. And you fucking throw garbage trolls out every fucking day. How do you think that's going to go for you? Fucking stupid ass whiney diaper baby bitch boy. God I fucking hate this man and every single one of his supporters. Fuck you all.


If you're a Trump supporter and you're reading this you are a moron and I think you suck. Shots fired. Fuck you too.

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