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Riot Games Announces CCG, Dungeon Crawler, Tactical Shooter, 2D Fighter, Mobile LoL, and Anime


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To celebrate League of Legends' 10th anniversary, Riot announced a whole slew of stuff. Some of it is farther along that others, but it was quite a blowout.


The one I'm personally most interested in is the new collectable card game called Legends of Runeterra. They seem to have gone the opposite direction from Artifact and made a card game that is much more instantly digestible and with a very kind free to play business model. The gameplay seems like something between Hearthstone and Magic, and from a very quick glance it seems pretty straightforward. If the execution is there, I can see it gaining a real following. There are a few ways to unlock cards, but most don't involve any kind of packs. You can earn or purchase "wildcards" that allow you to unlock whatever card you want of the appropriate rarity. This one feels pretty far along, with beta access already rolling out and a bunch of streams already on twitch.


They announced Project F, a game that looks to be a dungeon crawler of sorts that was only shown very briefly.


Project A is another game, early in development, which looks like a tactical shooter somewhere between Overwatch and CS.


Their 2D fighter is thus far called Project L. It's been in development "for some time" but "still has a long way to go."


Probably the biggest announcement for many is that League itself will be coming to mobile in a version called Wild Rift. It won't support crossplay with the desktop version, but there will be shared rewards with the desktop version.


Also announced is a League of Legends anime series called Arcane. The series will be streamed on an existing service which has yet to be announced.

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18 minutes ago, ManUtdRedDevils said:

Riot Games is reading the “how to become Blizzard 2.0?” strategy guide. 

Someone's gotta fill that cold void that Blizzard left after its gaping ass got penetrated by China's money dick. Riot's next into that gloryhole slot.

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