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Michael Bay will blow stuff up on Netflix in 6 Underground


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I'm curious to see if we get "good" Bay (Bad Boys, The Rock, The Island, Transformers, Pain & Gain, 13 Hours), "bad" Bay (Pearl Harbor, Transformers 2 thru 5) or "so bad it's good" Bad (Armageddon, Bad Boys II). 


I'm hoping for "good" Bay, but I'll take "so bad it's good" Bay as well. "Bad" Bay is no bueno. 

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I'm kinda impressed that the trailer had Ryan Reynolds not playing deadpool.  He has seemed to be stuck in his deadpool character... even in his own social media since the first movie came out.  He was still being funny in the trailer, but it was his own voice and mannerisms which was nice to see.

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This movie was super fun. And actually conjured a few emotions by the end. It’s most definitely the most Bay-siest of Bay movies to date. Which, if you go in looking for lots of explosions, amazing set pieces, and gratuitous violence, then you’re in for a real treat!

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