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AEW Fyter Fest - Sat. June 29th

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Just in case people want to check out the product, AEW is airing Fyter Fest streaming for free on B/R Live stateside & also on Fite TV in the UK.


Matches for the show are as follows:

  • Michael Nakazawa v. Alex Jebailey in a Hardcore Match
  • Cody Rhodes v. Darby Allin in a Singles Match
  • The Elite (Young Bucks & Kenny Omega) v. The Lucha Bros (Penta & Fenix) w/ the Laredo Kid in a 6 Man Tag Match
  • Jon Moxley (Dean Ambrose to some) v. Joey Janela in a Singles Match
  • MJF v. Adam "Hangman" Page v. Jimmy Havoc v. Jungle Boy in a 4 Way Match
  • Christopher Daniels v. Cima in a Singles Match
  • Nyla Rose v. Riho v. Yuka Sakazaki in a Triple Threat Match
  • Best Friends v. SCU v. Private Party in a 3 Way Tag Match
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5 minutes ago, Spork3245 said:


Is there an app or would I have to stream on my PC? Also, what time does this start tonight?

I did some looking around but I didn't see one on my XB1 however since there is the browser, you can stream it that way (that's at least what I intend to do). Smart TVs typically have a browser too so same thing. The pre-card begins at 7:30p EST.

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Best Friends win the triple tag match allowing them a "bye" week for the tag title tourny once AEW hits TV.


Allie (looking amazing) v. The Librarian resulting in Allie winning! Her next match will be against the Chief Brand Officer Brandi Rhodes at Fight for the Fallen in a couple weeks!

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19 hours ago, Mercury33 said:


Meh just look up the couple highlights there were. Wasn’t a great show. 


Also if they think unprotected chair shots to the head are the way to go in 2019...smh dumb

It was a good show and free. You can watch the replay on Bleacher Report app. It's definitely some of the best wrestling you're gonna see this month. 


If all you took from the Cody vs Darby match was the chair shot incident I'm not sure you were watching the rest of the match. They did an amazing job at building up Darby Allen who I have never heard of before this match. Cody beat the crap out of Darby without burying him. Setting him up as a dude who won't go down so easily. I like that they actually put time limits in the matches and this was a great example on how it can be used to build future story lines. The match put Darby on my wrestlers to watch. I'm sure even after the chair shot accident and Cody being ok with no concussion they will use that as story for the upcoming rivalry with Shawn Spears which I am looking forward to. This will make him look like a major heel.


The Riho, Nylia Rose and Yuka was a fun match. Had a smile the whole time watching the match. Plenty of spots that I thought were pretty awesome. They are building future stories with Yuka and Riho here which I thought was pretty great.


MJF. This guys can do a promo. He is such a fun heel to boo. It's like a Miz 2.0. The MJF vs Adam Page vs Jimmy Havoc and JUNGLE BOY! This was a solid match which really did 2 things. Give Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus a time to shine on the big stage and build up a rivalry with MJF and Adam Page. Plenty of good wrestling here and lots of good interactions between the different personalities. 


What can be said about The Elite vs Lucha Bros with Loredo Kid. This was a 5 star match across the board. The chemistry and trust that the Lucha Bros have with the Young bucks have with their bodies is insane. Never a dull moment watching these guys go at it. Love the crowd energy during the match.


Moxly vs Janela. I'm not a fan of hardcore matches but this one kept me entertained. So many moments that made me flinch. It was just refreshing seeing Mox having a great time wrestling again especially after hearing his interview with Jericho. These guys put on a show. 


Even though this wasn't a Pay Per View quality event it was a really good show to watch for free. It feels like this is what their TV stuff will more less be like as far as presentation goes and if that's the case that's ok with me cuz it entertaining to watch.


On a side note the commentary for the show was great. Excalibur did an excellent job on the play by play and Jim Ross adding color was always fun to hear. Goldenboy as a guest commentator adding to the mix and by picking his spots to chime in was appreciated. 


So in other words if you have 2 and half hours to watch wrestling this week make it Fyter Fest @Dodger.

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9 hours ago, The def star said:

It's definitely some of the best wrestling you're gonna see this month. 


What?!? You mean to tell me that The Undertaker & Roman Reigns vs Drew McIntyre & THE BEST PROFESSIONAL WRESTLER IN THE WORLD won’t be a 5-star match?!?!?!?!?

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