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fffuuu, the D1p curse of finger injuries continues, somehow managed to rip a chunk of nail off the nailbed


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Was just reaching around in my bag for something and then bam, decent chunk of my right index finger nail came off. It doesn't even really hurt but it's gonna be super annoying keeping this covered while it grows back (and hopefully it grows back normal). Especially with beach season starting. Thankfully, based on reading that a fully removed fingernail takes 6 months to grow back, it should at least be a lot less time than that for mine to sort itself out since it didn't go THAT far down.

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I've done something similar before, it is super annoying. My baseline got moved ages ago when I had an infected hangnail on my thumb that looked like some of the gnarlier results you get when you search for "torn hangnail" or "hangnail disaster" which I sincerely suggest you never, ever do.

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Oh boo hoo you ripped a piece of your own nail grow the fuck up you pussy :|




And here I was expecting CMack levels of injury.  Fucking attention whore.

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