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Global Helium shortage

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Helium is getting hard to find these days, and it’s ruining parties for people of all ages. No helium, of course, means no helium balloons, and what's a celebration without balloons?

Among moms who are trying to plan graduation parties and end of the year school events, the worldwide helium shortage has been a hot topic, especially on parent blogs and at PTA meetings.

"It’s definitely a bad thing," said Laurie Sigelko, who has been struggling to find helium-filled balloons for weeks. "As simple as balloons are, they are an absolute staple for parties of all different kinds, from little children’s parties to adult anniversary parties.”

Balloons make dull rooms come alive, said the 51-year-old Rochester Hills mother. They are colorful, festive, and — in comparison to flowers, cheap. And there's another party benefit: When the gas is inhaled, you sound like a "Wizard of Oz" Munchkin.

Still, scientists add, a helium shortage — which has been years in the making — is no laughing matter.


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1 hour ago, DarkStar189 said:

Maybe as a small toddler I thought balloons were cool but as a kid I never cared about them. Always seemed wasteful. 

As a kid I loved fireworks (the big ones like Canada day in Ottawa).  When I asked how much something like that costs I thought that money would be better spent on social programs and taking care of our homeless.  Obviously I was a stupid child, right guys???

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