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Congresswoman tears up, says child came out as nonbinary while speaking in support of Equality Act (LGBTQ protections in Civil Rights Act)

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“My beautiful, now 22-year-old child told me last year that they were gender nonconforming,” she said. “The only thought I wake up with every day is: My child is free. My child is free to be who they are, and in that freedom comes a responsibility for us as legislators to protect that freedom.”



Before Jayapal’s heartfelt comments, several GOP lawmakers and Republican-invited witnesses shared concerns about the Equality Act. One witness, Julia Beck, a self-described radical feminist and vocal opponent of transgender rights, testified that women’s sports could be irrevocably changed by the bill because men might pretend to be transgender women in order to win competitions.


Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., even posed an outlandish hypothetical, asking what would happen if President Donald Trump were to declare himself “the first female president.” He then asked, “Who would celebrate that?”



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21 minutes ago, Chairslinger said:

Guaranteed Gaetz and Trump have had a late night talk discussing whether or not he should announce at a rally he identified as a woman so he could 75% own the libs and 25% have the honorific of being the first female president.

Trans female president at that



He should transition to female while in office. You know, to own the libs

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